A Beekn on his back on the bed.


Here’s one of those selfies that I probably took during a chat just for posting in the moment, and of which I can’t at all remember now what the circumstances were.

So close up, you can get a really good look at my facial hair the day after a shave XD


This one I obviously took ’cause I looked kinda cute in the outfit. I do always love to show off my pides.


Here Suki seems completely engrossed in Hiko doin’ himself a lick.


I saw these most adorable leggings at Target:

I surely wish I could have each pair! Only then I saw the price tag:

Seriously, what.

That same day, Hiko and Suki both did me a sunngle at the same time:


And the next day, I had ALL FOUR Little Animals on the bed with me AT THE SAME TIME:

I forget the circumstances, but for some reason, Galileo was comfort-seeking. He almost never sits on my bed, let alone on my legs. I always feel sad for him when he’s driven to me for comfort, since that means he’s really sad or stressed or scared, but I still loved this.

That same day, Piper and Hiko slept on my lap at the same time:

Also! Piper and Suki did each other a lick! Who knows how many videos exactly like this I will have accumulated by the time they stop doing this??


Looking back at pictures of food, I rarely remember why I took them. I just know that this mac’n’cheese with turkey hot dog slices makes me hungry all over again every time I see it.

And here’s Miss π in the little house on the cat tree:


Here’s the picture I sent out when I was awake enough to send an “all good” message after surgery:

I wasn’t looking too bad for a cancer patient just after a four-hour surgery! Next is the incision from about the same time — within hours of surgery.


But I looked much better the next day, when I was alternately sleeping, taking heavy meds, and watching movies and television on a tablet on my tray table:


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