Sometimes Suki just sits down on top of Piper.

Sometimes Piper puts up with it, but sometimes she just wants Suki to go away.


At my request, my mom gave me a preemptive chemo head-shave. It turned out to be weeks too early, but my previous haircut had gone un-touched-up for so long that I was getting horribly shaggy. Here’s some hair on the bathroom floor:

And here’s how I looked afterward!

I hadn’t completely shaved my head in over a decade, and even back then it wasn’t as close a shave as this! I think it looks good on me. Then mom figured out how to do a certain scarf wrap, and loaned me the scarf.

Honestly? I abhor this look. But I didn’t tell mom that.

That same day, Suki sat on my Awjakawa pillow as she sometimes does, and her legs were so cutely arranged:


Here’s some ice cream. Dunno why I took a picture of it.


A selfie. You can kinda see my figure shelf in the background:


One day Piper was lying on me when I needed to get up, so I petted her tail.


Another picture of food? What’s with this? Anyway this pizza was amazing.


Sherril dropped off a present for me at Easter.

The egg candy was a bit overwhelming, but not too bad.

The Napoleon from Marigold is probably my favorite pastry that exists.

And then I wore the ribbon.


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