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Ivarnia | TSBTS | Fate is Found in Faeryland | TBoGaH | Gift stories and Patreon rewards

Working Order:

Blood Contingency | Heretic's Reward | Communication Skill | Aku Soku Zan(za) | Castlevania | Of The Same Opinion Still | Heretic's Reward | Aku Soku Zan(za) | Sano and Kaoru's Phone Log | Blood Contingency | Miscellaneous fanfiction | Heretic's Reward | Forest of Death | Aku Soku Zan(za) | DC Faeryworld


Ivarnia | TSBTS | Fate is Found in Faeryland | TBoGaH | Gift stories and Patreon rewards

So it’s been a while, and then chemo started and it’s been even longer. But whatevs. Here we go!

Aku Soku Zan(za) — Fukami (who had a different, made-up name in the original) is supposed to be kinda cute and super nerdy. Sano thinks so, but does the reader? I don’t know XD Anyway, he’s also intended for Chou eventually; back in the days of the original version, I actually wrote some bits of a story about those two getting together, even though it was a hundred years later than the point I’d reached in the main fic. It’s still on the table, though we’ll see if I can’t work it into ASZz instead of a separate story.

Circle of Two — Sometimes I work really hard on something and, when it’s finished, think it’s turned out really good… and then, after a ridiculously short period, realize that there is some huge problem that I simply didn’t notice in production, as it were. That was the case with this story, and I haven’t reworked it yet.

I wanted to show Uhura’s strength and endurance, her ability to do what she considers her duty even in the face of something that’s not only horrible, but is specifically oppressive to her because of her race. She has every right to complain, or even just to mention how the situation differs for her from everyone else’s experience, especially when the men (except Spock, obviously) are playing a homophobic Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card… but I somehow thought it would be a better idea for her not to.

I also refrained from having the other characters recognize that specific oppression because the series indicates not just continued racism, but continued complete ignorance of that racism, in Starfleet and possibly the entire Federation. Since the story was from Christine’s perspective, it seemed inevitable that neither she nor anyone else would catch on to Uhura’s unique experience as a Black woman.

However, in writing it this way, I failed Uhura in not telling her story as a Black woman posing as a slave for a mission. I should have had at least one section from her POV to properly demonstrate those traits I mentioned above and to pay my respects to her feelings in the situation I put her in. Instead, she’s almost fridged for the sake of a white woman’s development and epiphany.

Zombie Girl recently said she thinks that, quite a lot of the time, the well-meaning that attempt to write inclusively do more harm than those that don’t try. I’m afraid I’ve fallen into that error, and I feel horrible, but when have white man’s tears ever done any good? The story needs rewriting, and I hope I can do Uhura more justice when I figure it out.

Other Patreon reward stories — First off, the one for OTPSaisa. I’ve written the first two scenes so far, and it’s really about time to work on the third already!! It’s the type of story where current scenes are interspersed with scenes set earlier, like Imaginary Moon (which, I find, has not been updated to the new story format, though it may be by the time anyone reads this post) and Inappropriate Methods (which… also has not?? I thought I’d hit just about every story on the site; what the hell is this??) Aaaaaanyway. I’m writing the scenes in chronological order first, and then I will mix ’em up (and make any needed edits for flow) when I’ve written them all.

And it’s looking like there’s going to be a stronger juxtaposition than I realized between the earlier scenes and the interspersed later scenes. The later scenes are going to be (or at least supposed to be) tense, worrisome, and poignant. The two earlier scenes I’ve written are already a good deal funnier than I had anticipated. If that doesn’t make the later stuff hit hard, I don’t know what will. OK, I do know. My writing will, if I can pull it off. But yeah.

The second story is plaidshirtjimkirk’s second request. Because I managed to get to a second request for them! Wow! And I think we’re all feeling a bit better about Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction these days, and the wounds have healed just enough for us to loosen up a little about writing, reading, and requesting it. It’ll never be the same, but it’s possible, at least for me, to write a little more RK fic than I have over the last few years. And psjk requested one! About the Glorious Grand Forever Pairing That Belongs To Me Now and possibly the ChouT3. I have been percolating ideas ever since we talked about it, but I don’t have an actual story summary just yet. Still, be on the lookout!

Fate is Found in Faeryland chapter 17 — I feel like this was a really good chapter, and the reason for that is probably that it’s full of Saitou & Sano buildup. It’s not just that that’s my favorite thing (next to them actually getting and being together), but also because I’ve practiced writing that more than anything else XD

Then of course we got two more cameos — Michael Jackson from real life, and Nathaniel Kurtzberg from Miraculous Ladybug. I got to throw around lines from MJ songs and tease asexual Sano with the prospect of a faery trying to get in his pants (or, at that point, his lack thereof).

Next, I believe (I’m too lazy to check), is a Saitou-POV chapter, which should be interesting (to me, at least) because as a sword he’s blind. I mean, he’s had POV chapters before, but in this case, there are a lot of visuals that Sano’s going to have to report to him. That’s pretty soon on the list, too.

Come to the Valley — This is the working title for what I was previously calling “Untitled Valley Story.” I’ll probably keep it. Anyway, I finished writing all the warm-up stories to get used to writing the characters, and I did a couple of shorter prompt pieces as well, so I felt ready to start the main story. It’s meant for eventual publication as a novel, and as such I’m not posting it here. You can read it on Patreon, though, if you’re interested.

It’s chapterless, but posted anywhere online the scenes will have numbers for clarity. The first scene is almost a prologue more than anything, but I think it sets the tone, for Eltoba’s dilemma at least. I just hope it doesn’t come across as creepy re: Hyetheld and Kerth taking them in. Hyetheld is a total dad, whereas Kerth is more like the laid-back stoner uncle (which are weird comparisons when they’re orlya, but whatever XD).

I’ve come back around to Ivarnia in the working order, so I’m on the second scene now. It’s at linear completion except for a spell Eltoba casts, which is almost done. Then I can properly edit the whole thing. It may need some big changes made, since I’m not sure I’ve accomplished exactly what I wanted. We’ll see.

Sarthyn’s grouchiness, taciturnity, and harsh honesty, I think, have come across very well so far. Eltoba’s emotionality, perhaps less so, but it’s not like everyone’s full character needs to be revealed in the first two scenes XD At any rate, I’m pleased with a lot of what I’ve written so far, and I think it’s shaping up well.

TSBTS — I did work on this the last time it came up in the rotation, but I honestly can’t remember what-all I did. It may only have been transferring it to Scrivener and getting some stuff organized; I don’t know if I actually wrote anything XD It’s next after Ivarnia, though, and I’ll be sure to get some writing done then.

TBoGaH chapter 14 — This chapter had three letters in it, which is very taxing to write. I’ve been trying to give Helen a distinct letter-writing voice, but I’m not sure how well I’ve managed it so far. There are a number of things I intend to change throughout the book once it’s finished (each character’s individual dialogue style in particular), and this may be one of them. Anyway, she wrote to her brother and she wrote to Truelock, and then I ran out of energy for Regency correspondence language. So Caroline’s letter just got summarized. Will that change later too? Not sure. This is proving to be a letter-heavy book, but I don’t know that even the most devoted readers of Regency romance can handle three all written out in one chapter XD

Castlevania fic — This is a different one from Girl Talk, and has no title yet. You better believe it’s about getting the OT3 together, though! (Speaking of which, I really need to do an AEL about the last season and the series as a whole.) It’s also about Sypha fucking with her two mans manipulatively. I’m delighted with it thus far. I wrote the first scene of the four planned, and it’s from Trevor’s POV, and it’s just tragic. Tragic like angsty teenager tragic. This is gonna be great.

Of The Same Opinion Still — I successfully wrote the next scene of this as well. In my outline, this scene is labeled, “Lois realizes Clark is Superman,” which doubles as a short summary XD Batman’s influence is still present, though! Speaking of OT3’s getting together… Anyway, every time I work on this story, I get really excited about it. My scene summaries are quite detailed, and I think I’ve come up with a really cool adventurous story that also, um, gets the OT3 together.

On the same topic but not actually related to OTSOS, I came up with my own custom superhero for DC Faeryworld. She’s a Mary-Sue, as all original character superheroes in a canon full of superheroes must be, but I don’t think she’s any more Mary-Sue than a lot of the canon characters XD She won’t show up until pretty late in the game, though — after the OT3 is married and everything. I mean, I might write about her earlier than that, but the stories will be set at that time. Meanwhile, she’s doing her thing in the background without any interaction with the Bat-fam just yet. Did I mention she lives in Gotham? Well, she does. I think she may eventually get with Stephanie Brown. Also, what’s her metahuman power? She can turn into a SPIDER. Beat that, Marvel!

Some drawings — When chemo side effects get bad (not when they get really bad, when I can only lie down and watch BSSM and whatnot), I can sometimes draw when I’m too fuzzy-headed to write. (I’m getting a strange sense of deja vu about that sentence.) And during the month of May, I drew three pictures, even. I have this newish sketchbook that you’ll be able to see as soon as I post the TWIP that covers it. That’ll be backdated, of course, so sometime or other you’ll need to scroll down on the homepage or click the TWIP link in the top menu in order to see photos of the gorgeous sketchbook. Anyway, I drew a hummingbird for Mother’s Day, because mom loves hummingbirds soOoOo much, after which I decided that sketchbook would be entirely animal pictures. I took votes on Discord, and among my family members that responded to my texts in a timely fashion, as to what animal I should draw next, and BADGER won. So I drawed a badger.

And I realized that my animals of course must have a place in the book, and went all starry-eyed for a bit thinking of drawing my darlings. I drew Waybee once, a long time ago, and it wasn’t fair that nobody else had a portrait yet! So I drew Beeky Bean-Dog. And it turned out… I turned out so damn good. I mean, the hummingbird and the badger are, I think, pretty amazing too, but the picture of my very own dog is just…

And it’s largely because of the brown paper in this new sketchbook. It’s a light to medium tan, whereas I’ve always drawn on white paper before. The difference colored paper makes is astonishing. I’m working on a picture of some rainbow trout for Father’s Day now, and it’s blowing me away just as much. Like, did I actually draw these things?? I’ve always loved drawing animals, and I have come up with some remarkable (at least to me) pictures in the past (especially Joe), but I never realized how consistently awesome animals pictures could be when drawn on brown paper with Prismacolor. The light colors go down so well, and the tan is a sort of base that adds substance to all of it. I’m ecstatic about this.

This string of successes, and especially the picture of Hiko, have made me start thinking that I might go back on my word never to do commissions. Because not only do I feel like I draw animals pretty well, I’ve also discovered this miracle paper! XD And there is, I believe, a decent market for pet portraits. I’m still pondering, though, and I may not do it at all. I would have to figure out how much to charge, and what size to work in, and that sort of thing. I just got a pad of tan paper that’s 9″x12″, and I’ma experiment with that to see if I can get this process to work as well on a larger scale. That seems like a fairly optimal size for commissions, don’t you think? But if I can’t manage to cover a 9″x12″ paper with Prismas and have it turn out good, I might still be able to stick to smaller portraits. So we’ll see. Gotta get started testing the bigger paper soon!

Acknowledgment — I’ve actually been meaning to say this for a long time. I don’t even remember when it started (I think sometime last year?), but people have been leaving me regular kudos on my RK fic at AO3 far more than they ever did before. Very few comments, but it’s still incredibly delightful and encouraging to wake up to an AO3 email almost every day with a couple of kudos in it. And you know what? I’m not sure I even believe these are individual real people rather than some unbelievably amazing person pretending to be multiple real individuals for the sake of, I guess, making my life better. But in either case, I’m very, very grateful for these kudos. Whoever(s) you(s) are, I deeply appreciate this effort on my behalf. Especially now that my writing has slowed down more than ever thanks to having cancer. Love and hugs and tears of joy to you!


  1. Tsurezure

    You really draw animals very well. I loved how your badger turned out! Sorry I didn’t leave a comment there… I swear I really thought about it… XD
    (On the other hand I didn’t like at all how JK Rowling turned out to be. What a disappointment…-_____-)

    I am very sorry about your chemotherapy experience. I’m praying that it’ll be over soon and also that it gets less awful…

    And even so, you still manage to go on with your art!!! You are amazing!!!

    Anyway, hugs and love from Brazil.

    • kuroiyousei

      Thanks again, Tsure! I’m glad you like the animal drawings ^__^ And, yeah, J.K.R. had to go betray us just like some other people I could mention :( Chemo is another thing that sucks, but I’ll survive that just as I did the betrayals of authors I had previously respected XD I did have the platinum drug yesterday, and today I’m not feeling great, but it is better than last time, thank goodness. And, yes, I’m struggling on with art through the discomfort! It’s very important to me to do so, of course :)

      Hugs and love right back at you! Thank you for being my friend!


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