I got a hat that has the original Castlevania text on it.

It didn’t at all match that outfit, but so what.


I like to have the window open, and the cats like it too.

I couldn’t figure out what they were both looking at, though.

The same day, I took another picture of Suki, and I can’t remember why.

I mean, she’s always cute, and looks a little funny there, but I think she might have been doing something cuter or funnier, and I just didn’t get my phone out in time to catch it.


Here’s my rainbow headcovering (from Dani!) for this day:

And here’s a picture I took at chemo of the sheath that covers the needle before it’s used to access my IV port:

The needle is about 2/3 the length of the sheath, I’d say. Also it’s so freaking wide. I don’t know how wide, but so freaking wide. I don’t mind needles, but in this case I’m really glad for the lidocaine they prescribed me at the beginning.


Little Animals doin’ a sneep.


This grey headcovering was one of the ones Dani got me, so here it is with the outfit and also closeup to show its cute details (and also with Hiko to show his cute details):


Piper makes some of the cutest poses of any cat evar.


Witness the fatness of my gluttonous cat:


I discovered a listing on Hobby Lobby’s website that I could turn into the world’s most awesome video. Then I needed somewhere to put that video, and thus I discovered TikTok for real. This was a step I really didn’t need to take in my life, but what can you do?


So then I wanted to make a video of me just talking at the camera like so many I saw in my two days’ straight few hours’ browsing of TikTok. So I did.


Also, what about Piper and Suki kinda looking like a yinyang in the little bed on the bed.


omg i did another one


It was still Pride Month, and I finally managed to wear Pride Something (with a yellow headcovering from Dani).

And then the most basic-est song you ever did hear was how I chose to celebrate an important moment:

I think that’s the last of the TikTok videos. For now.


A cardigan in June?? You’d better believe it’s that cold at the cancer center.


I had no idea what they wanted from me at this point. Just… checking out my awesome pajama pants, I guess.


OK, so, during the process of caulking spots on the living room walls and putting primer on them, Suki came up at one point, and she was so nervous about what was going on that she hugged the tiny wall by the staircase.

Eventually she nerved herself up to move 12 inches forward.

She is the silliest of Sues.


So I think I took this picture to prove that I had been productive and put my bed back together after washing linens.

I mean, there is not one animal visible, so the usual reason for taking a picture doesn’t apply. Oh, wait, this was on We-Want-To-Stand-On-Our-Own-Two-Feet-And-Continue-Colonizing-Without-Your-Influence Day, wasn’t it? So that’s how I celebrated: by making my bed.


Last of all, three cute animals:


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