OK, here we go. Quick and dirty. My cancer mutated, meaning I have, as the oncologist put it, a “double mutation,” and that my situation is much more serious than we were aware of before. The chemotherapy failed. He said he’s never seen it fail like that before, so at least I have the benefit of uniqueness! Also, the benefit of skipping my final chemo treatment, because, you know, it wasn’t helping anyway. So that was nice.

He’s starting me on a new oral drug (incidentally, the same drug he was going to prescribe for me after chemo anyway), and he and my other oncologist have high hopes. If that fails, there’s another oral drug (a chemo drug, so possibly goodbye to my hair again XD) he wants to try. If that fails, there’s apparently a specialized clinic in Denver that has access to newer, less-tested stuff that we can use. If that third option fails, then I have 1-2 years left to live.

I find that, at this time, I’m surprisingly resigned to the idea of death. There are certainly some depressing aspects to it, but I’m not freaking out just yet.

Geez, one of these days I need to figure out how to get comments to work again on these posts.