Aight, storytime. I’ve been trying to get my room organdized in a special place of its own, so I’ve been digging through stuff I have seeing what I can get rid of. And under the bottom shelf on the floor of my closet, there was this box. I don’t know how they make ’em anymore, but the design of McDonald’s fry boxes was, at the time I worked there, absolutely perfect for moving boxes. And, when I worked there, I took a bunch home and used them for, um, moving.

So here’s this fry box in my closet, and the fact of its being a fry box indicates it’s been there since I moved in here years and years and years ago. And the fact of my having not the faintest clue about what’s in it indicates its contents are nothing important. Well, I was right about that.

You see those? Those are jewel cases. CD jewel cases. NOT CD’S. NOT THE BOOKLETS THAT CAME IN THEM. Just. CD jewel cases. This was such a “What the actual fuck, my 25-year-old self??” moment that I can’t even describe my reaction. Like. Why the hell would you keep this.



Family inside joke-thing: once mom bought Chibi-Damien some kind of castle playset. It came with a dragon. And also, according to the packaging, it came with an extra dragon. “Extra dragon” has since been a part of the family lexicon. Then one day this crossed my feed:



I like to document hilarious Telestrations runs, but I also like to document particularly good pictures, because it’s so hard to draw well with those crappy little dry erase markers XD


My phone keyboard suggested this–

–and it was like, Hmm, someone’s been spamming the Laibon glitch at one of her siblings XD XD XD XD


Check out what I got framed!!!!!!!!!!


And now it’s on the wall ^__^

Here’s another TikTok video I made. I should really make more of these already.





Something else that crossed my feed. I think it speaks for itself:


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