A TWIP for just one week! Unheard-of! But I took a million pictures on Christmas, because I feel like I never have enough pictures of my family, and even pared down there are plenty to fill one of these entries. Besides! It’s New Year’s Eve, and I want to post something to wrap up 2021! (You can probably tell that beginning/end of year is not a very important transition to me XD)

To me this is one of the most cheerful sights of the year: a lovely tree with plenty of presents! I love getting people presents, and this December I was able to do a bunch!

Brother handed out the presents.

Brother set up a little treasure hunt for sister’s present. It was three small lamps of the same kind I have in my room (but one a different color), and a note inside the box indicated that they’d broken free and run to hide throughout the house. When I saw the busted present earlier in the day, I was actually fooled for half a second. It was artfully done.

That one was from me; I got her a marker set that she wanted, and she happily drew with it throughout much of her visit.

Brother requested dice and a dice bag. When I told mom I was getting him dice, she chose a bag for him. It is totally badass.

Check it out: genuine dragon hide!

Inside the amazing dice bag were three small presents!

I got him two full sets and a couple of bonus d6’s.

I think these have the most utility of the three, because the numbers are very clear and easy to read.

TURTLES. Just. Wot. Everyone in the family was oohing at these.

How useful these might be I can’t say. I just thought they were fun. Jake remarked that they’re kindof unsettling XD

That one was from me. On the tag, I instructed him not to turn it over because I had run out of wrapping paper and the box underneath showed in back. That’s why he’s holding it turned-over with a snooky expression on his face.

Anyway, he had two different calendars on his wishlist, and at first I bought him the Colorado one. It turned out to be of such poor quality that I raged a bit and couldn’t imagine giving it to him. Then I sent it back and got him the Far Side calendar instead.

I tried to save all the pictures of mom smiling, because she doesn’t smile very much :(

For mom I got some pretty white trivets that she wanted, to go with the black ones she already had.

Sister ordered Christmas presents to be sent to our house, and wrapped them when she got here; but she somehow missed this one, and couldn’t figure out what it was when brother handed it to her. It turned out to be for me: a green wig!!!

My hair started to grow back almost immediately after chemo, but I’ma keep it shaved for a while. It’s so nice to have no hair. Anyway, I wanted this cheap wig for many months, and now I have it!! It’ll make it easier to dress as the Joker ^__^

Sister and Jake also got me an air purifier. It’s cute, and has a low-noise mode for sleeping, and so far I think it’s doing its job pretty well.

Mom and dad got me the frame with mat I wanted for Ara, and, as you can see, it works perfectly. Turns out white was the right choice!

They also got me this set of colored papers to draw on *__* I was previously planning to do my Glass Spider fanart in watercolor pencil/watercolor, but now I’m thinking Prismas on the dark blue. I drew out sketches for it and everything.

Oh, and they also got me a blow dryer, not without comment on the irony (see above re:hair). Now I won’t have to keep borrowing brother’s to dry my watercolors. It’s not pictured, because it’s a blow dryer.

Loooouuuuu sent me a present!!

In case you’re wondering, yes, I was the only one taking pictures, which is why there are hardly any of me.

AAAAAaaAAAAaaAAAAHHH looki dem pides

I love every single present I received, but the place of honor goes to brother, who donated $204 to the Trevor Project in my name! Makes me cry just thinking about it.


Brother ran a game for us, and it was soOoOo much fun. We were scientists colonizing an alien planet, but the local flora turned against us!! Sister roleplayed well an enby, possibly autistic botanist. I played a trans United Space Forces Lieutenant with a penchant for organization, who totally lost her nerve when she realized we’d all been betrayed. Jake… didn’t roleplay much at all XD But it was super enjoyable. Brother was aiming for three hours, but it took more like six. He used his new Bard Song dice ^__^


Laridian sent me these three brooch colors!! I already had the rainbow one, but they’re all so beautiful that I wanted one of each. Now I can match more outfits!! Not today, though; I don’t feel any need to get dressed today.

Happy New Year!


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