Laridian wrote this wonderful fanfiction called A Gun For Barns. It’s technically Fallout: New Vegas fic (yes, that is Arcade Gannon with an OC), but they wrote it in a way that makes it understandable even to those that haven’t played the game. I highly recommend it; it’s interesting and sweet and exciting. This picture is technically based on a scene from the sequel, but you have to read the first one first!!

This is absolutely my best-resulting experiment so far with the combination of watercolor pencil and watercolor. I’m really, really pleased with it. When Laridian described just about everything in this scene as faded, I thought about the way a black blanket sometimes fades to a rust color, and decided to do rust-colored shading (largely for shape, not lighting) on everything. I think the effect is super cool. And how do you like that composition?? I get a pat on the back for this one!