So cute the brooch!


So cute the Piper!


OK, so here’s this thing that Beeky does:

He sneeps on the top step like that. Waybee used to do that when she was alive, and then the cats picked up the habit, and, finally the dog. Now the top step mostly belongs to him. I call him huddle-dog when he does that… despite “huddle” not having quite the right nuance that I want.

We’re pretty sure he does it because he can keep track of more of the house that way: upstairs and down. And it’s so delightfully cute to come out of my room to go upstairs and see him there Being Adorable.

Well, this one time, I did that, and Heeky was on the second step while Piper was on the top step. They both looked soOoOo cute. What good friends! And you know how, when an animal is doing an adorable thing, the best way to get them to stop is to try taking picture(s) of them? Sometimes I approach as quietly I can and take several pictures as I go, so at least I’ll have a wider shot even if I don’t get a closeup. I did that here, and they actually let me get a good closeup. You’d think at that point I’d discard the wider shots… but I think it’s kindof a cool effect, so now you have to look at it.

Same day, second verse: my v. snappy outfit.

And the spider Lou sent me for Christmas in situ with its acolytes:


Here’s Piper looking disapproving:


Lastly, a hot hot selfie.


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