Look at this vaguely threatening catch phrase:

Another TikTok video:


I go through a lot of wax melts, and in the past I’ve saved the wax (scraping the non-liquid portions out with Kleenex) in cardboard boxes. They always burned nicely in the fireplace in winter, but I never wanted to burn them if I couldn’t sit by and watch. So I built up a collection of these wax-and-kleenex boxes. I thought maybe instead, I would start making candles out of the used wax. Here’s the first one:

The scent is not preserved at all, but they burn perfectly. I’ve been putting them together using candle-making stuff Mostle and Jakebii gave me for Christmas.



Loooooooook at my new spider friend:

Her name is Magrat.



I happened to look out into the front yard, and saw the most amazing thing. Of course my eyes could see it much better than the camera could, but obviously I had to get a picture.

Can’t see it? Here’s a closeup:

It’s hard to tell what it is even there, but I’ll spoil you: it’s a bunny covered in snow with its ears back beaning on a rock. I forget how long it sat there, but it was a source of endless fascination to me and my mom.

And here are my new glasses:


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