Story time.

I forget how much I’ve talked about the kitchen remodel. All new counters/cabinets, new microwave (with its own circuit), new dishwasher and sink with new plumbing… it’s all gorgeous, and somehow feels more spacious in the same dimensions and despite the cabinets and counters being bigger.

Most of that was done last year, and then lots of painting and touch-ups and such. We’d had the backsplash tiles sitting around looking amazing for forever, and now it was finally time to put them up!

Dad worked hard on this. Cutting the tiles where they needed it was especially difficult, but he kept at it! And ZOMFG, how amazing they looked when he was mostly finished!!

Then he discovered that the grout/whatever he’d used was the wrong kind, and would never dry, and would get moldy, and everything was ruined. He tore all the tiles down the same day he put them up; they were up barely long enough for me to get those pictures. They were in such bad condition thereafter that they couldn’t be reused. And thus ends the story of the less-than-24-hour period where we had that backsplash.


In less depressing news, I present this visual essay in five parts:



The feed in Chrome on my phone has the hardest time figuring out what I’m interested in. Witness: the second headline down (below the Bat-fam one).



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