This bug came to see me:

I looked it up at the time and found its probable name, but didn’t bother to change the filename — and now I’m too lazy to look it up again XD


New pajamas:



Bunnies and squirrels are everywhere at the Denver Zoo. One day when I was drawing Groucho, a very, very sweet lil bun was not far off on the other side of the fence. It ate for a while, then came closer and flopped down in the shade. SoOoOoOo cute.


It’s been a hot summer so far, and I want to go swimming (with Frankie B., as we’ve been discussing). But I’ve gotten way too fat for the super adorable swimsuit I bought a couple of years ago and wore one time. My mom said I could have her old swimsuit, which she also has worn once. Here it is:

Very cute, yes? Unfortunately, the straps are too short. So she gave it to Goodwill. I shall continue looking.


I did manage to get a new amazing phone case, though. I put my “Final Girl” sticker on it.


I write in Scrivener, but sometimes I need a word processor, and then I use Atlantis. Every time I go to print something, I notice this “print booklet” option. I’m sure every word processor has it, but I’d never used it. Finally I decided to experiment with it. I pulled up Good (and shrank the font a bunch so it wouldn’t be so long, though I could have just, you know, chosen another story) and told it to print a booklet. And it worked so well!! It was delightfully neat and perfect! I folded it up and stapled it.

If I were making something real, I’d trim the pages, or see if I could decrease the margins, or something. Even so, it looks pretty sweet. And I say this as someone with two books professionally published XD Anyway, then I decorated it with some washi tape and stickers:

Look at my SHARK CAKE earrings:

Check out Cathryn Squicciarini on Patreon if you want incredibly adorable cake charms too. (And don’t forget to check me out on Patreon too XD XD XD)


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