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Welcome to my messy home on the internet. Click here for my complete bio. Short version: my name is kuroiyousei, and I write a lot.

All entries in this archive from before 09/21/2012 were imported from livejournal, where my usernames were “kuroiyousei” and “momentsdrift.” It was a bit of a hassle to get all entries and comments to transfer over to WordPress, and some things didn’t quite end up in the right place. If you see seemingly completely unrelated comments on certain posts, it’s undoubtedly because of that.

Though I would never want anyone to feel pressured to leave them, I adore comments/reviews. I love discussing canon, theories, interpretations, what someone had for breakfast that morning, whatever comes up during the course of reader commentary. I receive an email with any comment made on any post on this archive, and it always makes my day. There’s no expiration date on anything, and I don’t consider it weird or out of line for someone to leave comments on old, even ancient fics or posts. In fact, it usually makes me very happy.

Story labels run as follows:
Genre(s) | Pairing(s) | Rating | Author’s Star Rating | Contents | Length | Completion Status | Note(s) | Links to ebook versions of the story


Genre – These tags are fairly redundant and superfluous, since almost every single story on this archive is Drama (where the major focus is character interaction), and the longer a story is, the more likely it is to encompass all the other genres as well. Still, for the sake of organization, here they are:

Romance – A significant part of the story is the initial development of, an important moment of progress in, or just especially romantic scenes from a romantic relationship.

Adventure – This term may be a bit misleading, but it’s the best way I can come up with to describe what I mean: a significant part of the story is its physical events, which may or may not be particularly adventurous in the tradition sense or even at all active, but still need to be differentiated from character interaction and romance as a major focus.

Introspection – A significant part of the story is the internal monologue of a narrating character or characters.

Humor – Where large or significant portions of a story are intended to be funny.


Pairing(s) – Character names listed alphabetically; “(implied)” means either that all the romantic or sexual interaction of these characters happens off-screen (such as a post-relationship or pre-relationship story), or that the relationship never actually develops but the possibility of it has a significant impact on the story.

These tags may be even more redundant and superfluous than the genre ones, since numerically most stories on this archive are Saitou & Sano, and quite a few of the other tags refer only to a single story. Still, once again, for the sake of organization (and in the hopes I will write more of some of these pairings in future), here they all are:

Primary pairings: (GW) Duo & Heero | Quatre & Trowa | Heero & Relena (RK) Kenshin & Sano | Aoshi & Kenshin | Chou & Sano | Katsu & Soujirou | Kenji & Yahiko | Katsu & Megumi | Saitou & Tokio | Aoshi & Saitou | Kamatari & Katsu | Kaoru & Kenshin | Kenshin & Saitou | Kaoru & Megumi | Kenshin & Saitou & Sano | Katsu & Tokio | Chou & Saitou | Aoshi & Hannya

Secondary pairings: (RK) Saitou & Sano (yes, they are the most common secondary pairing as well) | Kaoru & Kenshin | Sano & Tokio | Hiko & Sano | Hiko & Katsu | Aoshi & Soujirou | Aoshi & Misao | Shishio & Yumi | Hiko & Saitou (GW) Quatre & Trowa | Original male character & Relena | Treize & Zechs | Alex & Sylvia | Relena & Wufei | Noin & Sally | Sylvia & Wufei

There may be additional unlisted pairings. Usually these are unlisted because it would be inconvenient for me to list them, but sometimes it’s because there’s a surprise pairing I don’t want to spoil. There may also be other relationship(s) briefly implied that, unlike the unlisted ones, have no real significance in the story but that I want to give a nod by tagging.

I’m also working on tagging for significant friendships, and those are as follow: Saitou & Tokio | Sano & Tokio | Katsu & Sano | Chou & Sano | Chou & Saitou | Megumi & Sano | Megumi & Saitou | Kaoru & Sano.


Rating – The numbers 1-4 are somewhat similar to MPAA’s PG through NC-17.

A rating of 1 implies a lack of any but the very mildest sexual references, profanity, or violence — in other words, suitable for just about any (non-homophobic) audience.

A rating of 2 implies minor violence, references to sexual acts, or profanity. I am quite lenient toward certain profanity, since it strikes me that if you’ve heard one “fuck” you’ve heard them all; therefore, content that the MPAA would probably give an R rating for language may only get a 2 on my scale.

A note, however: in recent years I have come to dislike gendered pejoratives quite a bit. Sometimes, though, such a term may be the one and only seemingly appropriate choice in a character’s dialogue, so they do still occasionally show up. And in older fics, back before my attitude changed, such language may be used more liberally. Also note that I don’t consider “bastard” a gendered term.

A rating of 3 implies sexual acts not explicitly described or violence in detail. I am less lenient toward violence than profanity, and violent content that might rate only a PG-13 in a film may raise a story of mine to a 3.

A rating of 4 is given only to stories with explicit descriptions of sexual acts or of rape.


Author’s Star Rating – This is a combination of how emotionally attached I am to a story and how artistically composed, as objectively as I can assess, I think it is. A couple of fics have a fluctuating star rating (  ) because subjective and objective were just too much at war to give them anything more settled.

In-progress stories will not get star ratings, nor will any new stories until a few months have passed and I can reread them afresh.


Contents – Anything notable the story contains, including things you might be interested in reading and things you might be interested in avoiding. I am working on content tags, but it’s destined to be a very lengthy process, so many stories have only limited content notes at this time.

Unless noted/tagged otherwise, all of my Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction is based on the manga rather than any other version of the story, and when I use the term “canon” when discussing RK, the manga is what I’m referring to. There may be some stories that make references to filler from the anime, however.

I write plenty of fics in canon settings, but also a lot of alternate universe fanfiction (especially for Gundam Wing) set in an entirely different place and time from the original (such as modern-day U.S. or Japan, a fantasy world or a fictional one), or just alternate timeline fiction wherein major canon events have been altered somehow. A lot of my RK stories are set after the Kyoto arc but before Jinchuu, and I don’t consider these Alternate Timeline fics unless they put off Jinchuu by a significant length of time.

Except for a few stories in first person, all narration is in third person. And except for a few stories in present tense, all narration is in past tense. Points of view: Saitou | Sano | Tokio | Chou | Kenshin | Aoshi | Hannya | Kaoru | Katsu | Omniscient | Dialogue only | Miscellaneous

All other content tags:

Language (general) | Language (gendered) | Language (religious) | Violence | Wounds/wound treatment | Sexuality/sexual references | Sex (described) | Rape (described) | Rape (referred to) | Drug use (described) | Slavery

Get-together story for main couple(s) | Established relationship for main couple(s) | Ambiguous relationship status for main couple(s) | Relationship(s) prior to main | Saitou pursues Sano | Sano pursues Saitou | Disapproval of the Saitou/Sano relationship

Gay Saitou | Queer Saitou (specific orientation not established in the story, but same-gender attraction present or implied) | Pansexual Saitou | Asexual Saitou (my asexual Saitou will always be romantic) | Queer Sano | Pansexual Sano | Gay Sano | Queer Chou | Queer Aoshi | Queer Kenshin | Straight Katsu (specific orientation not established in the story, but only hetero attraction present or implied) | Straight Tokio | Queer Kaoru | Straight Kaoru | Queer Megumi | Asexual Megumi (romantic status may or may not be specified) | Pansexual Hiko | Queer Hannya

Physical fighting between Saitou and Sano | Saitou is still alive (after Shishio’s fortress, and Sano finds out, and drama ensues) | Abusive Saitou | Importunate/insensitive Sano | Primarily conversation | Surprise/forced kissing | Suicide (attempted) | Suicide (referred to) | Supernatural occurrences | Reincarnation | Major character death (described) | Major character death (referred to) | Minor character death (described) | Incest (referred to)

Feminism | Religion | Pointlessness | Fluff (one step up from pointlessness) | Gimmickry | Angst | Psychological torment (differs from angst in that it may be more emotionally all-encompassing) | Pining | Consent issues


Lengthup to 500 words | 500-1k words | 1k-2k words | 2k-3k words | 3k-4k words | 4k-5k words | 5k-6k words | 6k-7k words | 7k-8k words | 8k-9k words | 9k-10k words | 10k-20k words | 20k-30k words | 30k-40k words | 40k-50k words | 50k-60k words | 60k-70k words | 70k-80k words | 80k-90k words | 90k-100k words | 100k-150k words | 150k-200k words


Completion Status – I won’t start posting any story unless I can continue posting it in an organized, timely fashion without big gaps. The three older in-progress Rurouni Kenshin fics I started before enacting this rule get worked on in rotation, with some other stuff in between, and are not abandoned.

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Note(s) – Dedications, awards, etc.


Links to ebook versions of the story – Almost every story on this archive is available in pdf and mobi ebook formats. I’m working on getting epub versions available as well.