November Quick Fics 2018

It’s time again! I know things have changed this last year, but I enjoyed this game so much in 2017 I’m going to try for 2018 as well! Here’s how it works:

Throughout the month of November, right up until midnight on 11/30, I solicit prompts for short fiction of just about any type, which, if I accept them, I will attempt to write and post immediately. Leave a comment on this post with your prompt; there is no limit to the number of prompts you may give me.

I am willing to write original fiction, fanfiction, pieces related to my own existing stories or to anyone’s stories if I’m familiar enough with them, etc.. I am not willing to write detailed sex. I will consider RK prompts, RPF, or non-fiction/essay, but make no promises. Here’s a ridiculously long list of fandoms.

Productivity Log Lite (a.k.a. What’s Going On Around Here)

1 week ’til I turn 38!

Yes, I’ve barely posted anything lately, even non-artistic stuff like photo logs. There’s a great big fat reason for this, and that is TLY.

This book is a hair’s breadth from being finished. In fact the edits I’m making at this point are so minor I could easily declare the book done, but I haven’t yet because I’m still waiting on the cover illustration my sister is drawing. As soon as that’s ready, though, it’s puuuuuublication time.

And I can’t think about anything else, much less spend free time (such as might be used on photo posts and real PL’s and shit) on aaaaaanything ellllllllllse. I’m only even making this entry here as a break between bouts of editing.

So, yeah. Regularly scheduled program will recommence as soon as this thing is released. Oh, and then there’ll also be a new book available. So there.