Quick Thoughts

9/27 Why fantasy gotta be so white

9/3 Everyone on TV has such incredibly strong flashlights. I sure would have appreciated that when I was looking for house numbers in the dark last year.

9/2 Happy Birthday to me!!

8/30 It makes me so happy to hear my mom cheering for sports upstairs.

8/9 Yesterday I discovered a new nickname for my dog: Beeky Beep. So cute I can’t even.

7/26 Only four chemo treatments left!!

7/20 Only five chemo treatments left!!

7/6 You get to Zoraburg and Sidon’s like, COME MEET MY FATHER and runs off, and you’re like, I JUST RAN TEN MILES FULL OF MONSTERS CAN YOU WAIT LIKE TEN SECONDS.

6/25 After decades of saying I’d never do it, I’m now taking visual art commissions. Weird!

6/3 Replaying Breath of the Wild, and I’d entirely forgotten about that bird that does Mario’s “Hoo-hoo!” sound. Very distracting XD

5/26 It feels like an insult to my careful island arrangement to pick up a lost item from a spot my villagers literally never visit.

5/25 Writing has been very slow lately, for obvious reasons, but drawing I have been able to manage. Look at Heeky!

5/23 Chemo remains a nightmare, but I did manage to draw a badger.

5/9 Behold the hummingbird

5/4 Chemotherapy kicked my ass last week, but I suspect this and next week will be better!

3/26 Almost April already?? Time flies when you’re having cancer!

3/16 Safely surgerized and recovering well so far.

3/12 Cross your fingers for me, darlings!

3/3 Oops, here comes another Saitou & Sano idea…

2/1 Does anyone else harvest nirnroot just to get it to shut the hell up?

1/29 And having roughly defeated the kiss, I’ve reached linear completion on my first-ever STTOS fic!

1/29 And having roughly defeated the kiss, I’ve reached linear completion on my first-ever STTOS fic!

1/29 Ugh, kiss description. (Can I start two consecutive Quick Thoughts with “Ugh?”)

1/24 Ugh, I need, like, three colors I don’t have to finish this picture. This picture of a person that is essentially monotone.

1/18 It occurred to me yesterday that Trowa has a pixie cut.

1/16 Just got a spam email promising me pictures of my wife (naked), and realized too late that I should have looked at it, since it’s obviously prophetic and I’d like to have some clue as to what type of woman I’m going to marry.

1/13 Finding a position where the pain is not so bad is like having a cat on your lap: you’re afraid to move in the slightest lest it gets up and leaves.

1/12 When Chuck Norris makes an ACNH island, the native flower is lily of the valley.

1/5 I saw a headline today that said, “If I were GM of the Broncos…” And I immediately pictured the entire team clustered around a table rolling for initiative.

1/1 Time to start my six-months’ term of writing the year incorrectly!

12/26 Oh, hello, Valentine’s Day. Huh. Christmas must be over.

12/21 A new picture that I drawed!

12/19 For the second time in my life, someone just asked me for my phone number (like, for dating purposes).

12/14 Working on site stuff for most of the day, putting all these old RK stories into the newest format, I’ve been hit by the first spontaneous Saitou & Sano idea I’ve had in… I don’t know how long. Years, I think.

12/9 I think what he saw in the Pit was just 2020.

12/7 It’s important to remember during this festive season that if someone is drunk, they cannot consent to being chained up and walled into a niche in your family catacombs.

12/1 Apartment/condo/townhouse complexes are barely designed with the convenience of their tenants in mind. They are absolutely not designed with the convenience of visitors (including delivery people) in mind.

11/26 Every time I do something in just graphite, I remember how many points I’ve put into my graphite skill.

11/24 One by one, each of my lazy villagers has realized that they too need to contribute to the Turkey Day meal; it’s been amusing to watch the wave of knowledge sweep across the island.

11/18 It occurs to me that I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that didn’t like The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

10/31 Happy Halloween!! For your treat this year, you get a site full of broken links!

10/15 Bear with me while I try to get the site running properly again at its new host!

9/2 Happy birthday to me!!!!

Of nephews and guns and the power of prayer

Recently, I was playing ACNH when the account used by all my nephews and niece invited me to play Apex Legends. And I could be wrong, but I think FPS is the type of game I’m worst at of aaalllll types of games, and I am not handy at video games in general.

Another (post-surgery) medical update

I definitely have cancer but I’m doing well, and have about a million doctor appointments scheduled in coming days. Today I’ve been trying to edit that FiFiF chapter, but it hasn’t worked yet. I was right about binge-watching Netflix.