Quick Thoughts

1/18 It occurred to me yesterday that Trowa has a pixie cut.

1/16 Just got a spam email promising me pictures of my wife (naked), and realized too late that I should have looked at it, since it’s obviously prophetic and I’d like to have some clue as to what type of woman I’m going to marry.

1/13 Finding a position where the pain is not so bad is like having a cat on your lap: you’re afraid to move in the slightest lest it gets up and leaves.

1/12 When Chuck Norris makes an ACNH island, the native flower is lily of the valley.

1/5 I saw a headline today that said, “If I were GM of the Broncos…” And I immediately pictured the entire team clustered around a table rolling for initiative.

1/1 Time to start my six-months’ term of writing the year incorrectly!

12/26 Oh, hello, Valentine’s Day. Huh. Christmas must be over.

12/21 A new picture that I drawed!

12/19 For the second time in my life, someone just asked me for my phone number (like, for dating purposes).

12/14 Working on site stuff for most of the day, putting all these old RK stories into the newest format, I’ve been hit by the first spontaneous Saitou & Sano idea I’ve had in… I don’t know how long. Years, I think.

12/9 I think what he saw in the Pit was just 2020.

12/7 It’s important to remember during this festive season that if someone is drunk, they cannot consent to being chained up and walled into a niche in your family catacombs.

12/1 Apartment/condo/townhouse complexes are barely designed with the convenience of their tenants in mind. They are absolutely not designed with the convenience of visitors (including delivery people) in mind.

11/26 Every time I do something in just graphite, I remember how many points I’ve put into my graphite skill.

11/24 One by one, each of my lazy villagers has realized that they too need to contribute to the Turkey Day meal; it’s been amusing to watch the wave of knowledge sweep across the island.

11/18 It occurs to me that I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that didn’t like The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

10/31 Happy Halloween!! For your treat this year, you get a site full of broken links!

10/15 Bear with me while I try to get the site running properly again at its new host!

9/2 Happy birthday to me!!!!

I only have one grandparent left

My mom's dad died this morning. I don't need sympathy; I'm just documenting the event. He was an abusive husband and father and one of the most annoying people I've ever met. He was never worse than incredibly obnoxious to me, but I didn't like him. I often have to...

Visual Art: Exchange Art Etc.

I was an active participant in multiple art exchange communities for many years; here you can see the least terrible images I came up with for other people. Also, my favorite exchange pictures drawn for me, as well as gift art, commissions, etc.. This last is the most...

Visual Art: Miscellaneous Collections

Here you will find a showcase of my favorite pictures I've done, that I love drawing animals, and a collection of previews/detail shots/photos for scale/etc..attachment_tag='visual-art-collection-favorites' orderby=title order=DESC size=large columns=3...

Visual Art: Browse by Content

My Gundam Wing fanart is not quite a big enough collection to have its own gallery. Some of my original art is of characters you won't recognize from old stories. There is probably more Rurouni Kenshin fanart around the site that isn't yet tagged correctly to appear...

Visual Art: Browse by Medium

Watercolor Pencil (CretaColor Aqua Monolith) is my favorite medium. I also enjoy graphite. Prismacolors frustrate the hell out of me, though they certainly have beautiful results. I used to work with a tablet quite a bit, but these days fibromyalgia makes that...

November Quick Fics 2019

It's that time of year again! The month in which I try to write as many small stories as possible, based on prompts from anyone and everyone! The rules are the same as for Monthly Story Prompts, and on that page you'll also find a list of fandoms I'm familiar with in...


Though the circus has settled in for its winter break, Trowa Barton (acrobat, animal-handler, and werebeast beta) still has his hands full — with a newly acquired lion he’s sure is more than it appears, the return of former romantic partner and current alpha-friend-with-benefits Heero, and tiny niece Relena growing up much too fast.

Fate is Found in Faeryland

Rurouni Kenshin/Gundam Wing fanfiction by kuroiyousei: What do two dwarves (one going through sexual maturation and the other seemingly without a personality), a liberated human dairymaid, and an orc with a talking sword have in common? They’ve all, more or less, been Cursed by the monarchs of Faeryland. Can they break their Curses and retrieve what was lost? Are they in for valuable lessons about friendship and magic? Will they all get married in the end? Find out in this totally serious epic fantasy adventure!

Aku Soku Zan(za)

How might things have gone if Saitou, rather than Kenshin, had beaten some sense into kenkaya Zanza and become his guiding force? Part 1 in progress: The revolution in Zanza’s life leads him to join with government spies Saitou and Tokio to try to bring down the yakuza controlled by a corrupt politician. A tale of self-examination, love triangles, hidden feelings, intrigue, and death.