Unfortunataly, I finished “Peter Pan”

Unfortunataly, I finished “Peter Pan,” I’ve reached stage 4 on “FurnGully” (that’s 3-6day after watching the movie — the HEAVY critisizm stage), and I threw away the paper with the fairy pictures printed on it. So now I crave originality in my alone games. My room is clean, and I seized the occasion to start cleaning off my desk. It’s 10:35, and I’ve gotta go.

1 – before watching movie. If not seen before, many “I wonder”s. If seen before, many “I like”s and “I remember”s
2 Watching movies. Typical cryticisms.
3 1-3 days after movie. Favorite (and stuped) points recollected.
4 3-6 days after movie, HEAVY critisizms.
5 6-1 month after movie, many “I watched — a while back” humming songs.

I’m babysitting, as usual.

I’m babysitting, as usual. I have an eye infection AGAIN. Mike hasn’t written back yet, but Mom says I can’t have a mail-adventure with him. She probably knows best, but I can’t see any problem with it. Mike says that a letter constitutes of one turn. So moving 20 spaces would take more than a month. I cleaned and vaccumed my room a while back — actually 2 days ago. It stayed nice for a while and then — boom! Amy dumped a bunch of junk on the floor, so now it’s all messy again. But it’s nice to know it’s not MY fault for a change! I’ve played Brix, a computer game, a lot for the past few days. I’ve gotten the acces codes to more than 20 levels, and about 18 of them are in my book of computer thinggees. I finally found out what that word Danny says all the time: Bahbenzulah and Bahbinga – I don’t know where they come from. But there is something even more wierd: the other day, he asked Mom for som “Cow food”. He meant, of course, candy. I have gone on a fairy rave. All my alone-games have me as a fairy. I’m reading “Peter Pan,” I recently watched “FurnGully,” and to top it all, last night I found — and printed — a cute little picture of a fairy! So I guess that explains my “fairy fever.” Mom’s getting me some new mascara and base make-up because I’ve used mine both around my eyes and mom thinks they may have given me this ssecond eye infection. By the way, we get ceveal again! Right now we only have Raison Bran and Corn Flakes. Im’ still struggling against haveing the boxes in which I keep my New Era and National Geographic World magazines in my bed hole. I don’t get it: my fish tank, in which reside Merry and Pippin, was as clear and clean as anything last night, and now it neads cleanixng out again! I haven’t had any lunch and it’s 2:13. That’s one of my shortcomings: Though I never purposely forget or put off eating, I hardly ever eat lunch. I do really well at breakfast time, when my whole body is screaming for food, and dinner, when everything is set out and we’re all sitting down, but lunch is a problem. Oh, well. I guess my 4:00 snack (or maybe my 2:45 snack) wixll have to pass for lunch. Penelope says I don’t eat enough. Maybe she’s right. I suppose I could squeeze a 2:00 AM snack into my scedual. I’m four dollars closer to my desk. Of course, there are other things I’d like to get: a phone, a computer, a light fixture. But a desk is #1 on my list. Amy is so silly. There’s no school today, so I didn’t get up at 6:00 AM. I have to go for now. Goodbye

My tile set is done.

My tile set is done. Uncle Mike is my pen pal. I sent him my most precious, closest-to-my-heart entry from “Jen’s book of Wierd Creatures.” I’m half hoping he won’t use it. If he does, I hope to goodness he won’t change it too much. Allthough he’s perfectly welcome to change the name: Shilisk is pretty stuped, and it means nothing. I haven’t written for almost a week, and it’s been bugging my concience. This fact pleases me very much: I’m trying to make it a habit to write in my journal every day. I think you should too. It really pays off. I have developed a habit of brushing my teeth, washing my hands and face, every night, and that’s good also. I even remembered to brush my teeth this morning. I reminded Amy to do so, too. Last night, young women was SOO boring. Mom got mad at me for banging the car next to us with my door, and not making a fool of myself by going along with the vido Sis. Gremillion puton. It had this guy “dancing” to Oldies songs. Well, anyway, mom yelled a lot at me in the car, and all the while I kept thinking over and over that thing from the abridged “Cliff Notes” about the Old Testement: “God makes man, and everything man does makes God angry.” It seems that mom is mad at me more often than anything else. But when she stopped yelling, the song on the tape we were listening to had a chorus like this: “If I ever lose my faith in you, there’ll be nothing left for me to do.” I thought it applied to us perfectly: Mom’s mad at me most of the time, but if she ever stops loving me, or I her, there’ll be no hope for either of us. I still haven’t told anyone about that ring. I sent another story to “The New Era,” but it’s rather dumb as well. It’s based on my stealing that stuped, stuped ring. I sent a letter that said I’d edited it and gone over it several times, but I was so impatient to get it in the mail that I only went over it once, and edited it about twice, and basically sent the story in half finished. Next time I will edit and go over whatever I send several times. I still haven’t told anyone about these stories I’ve been sending, and I’m not going to. I haven’t told anyone about my wierd creature book either, and that is much more important to keep secret. I desperately need to clean my room. I think I will today. But it won’t do much good unless I clean off my desk as well. If I do that, the rest of the work will be trivial. I really enjoy the way Mike refers to Tolkien in his letters, but I don’t think he uses quite enough respect when speaking of, of, say, Smaug. He doesn’t quite understand what Tolkien’s works really are. I’m a bit worried about Mike. From what his letters say, I would guess he doesn’t know some more important things too. Like in “The Egypt Game,” he doesn’t know the full extent of what he’s dealing with. The power that fantasy has over people’s minds is a very dangerous thing, and I think Mike is taking his responsibility a bit too lightly. He may hold people’s lives in his hands ere long, I would say. And I know his game will never make it in today’s market. If it does, it will meet with quite a lot of public disapprobal. It’s too like “Dungeons and Dragons.” Mom says I have to go to Air Academy high school next year. I’m sure I’d much rather be homeschooled, so I’m only half grateful to her for making up my mind for me. We were just in the stake center for a whlie, and it was rather boring. Tomorrow, Friday, we have no school. I think that’s great. Danny is singing very silly things about bozers, dumptrucks, dirt, and grass. We are driving to the library, a very cool place, and I don’t just mean awesome. It is 10:31.

Today is Sunday. I’ve allready been to church today.

Today is Sunday. I’ve allready been to church today. I wrote a story called “The Missionary In a Nightgown” that’s really dumb because I didn’t edit it. I sent it to the New Era. They sent me a letter saying How much they enjoyed it. The lady said I show great talent as an author, and she hoped(s) to see more of my work in the future. So I started another one today called “Life Sentance.” It’s based on the story of my steeling that ring from Meremant Castle. Only I changed it a lot and added a lot. Only with this story, I’m going to spend a lot of time, I’m going to edit it, and I’m sending a typed letter with it. Well, doing baptisms at the temple was fun, as usual, and the movies we got were “The Toad Menace” and “The Parent Trap.” The former is a Bucky O’Hare, and the latter is dumb. I worked a little on “Prince Lynn,” my choose-your-own-adventure, some on “Chelsea Sleeps Over,” a story in the “Amy’s Playhouse Series,” and I made big plans for “Robin Hood,” the title of which is self explanterry. Good-bye.