Yesterday was Friday the 13, and I forgot to wear black.

Yesterday was Friday the 13, and I forgot to wear black. I suppose I should keep up with the news hear, but I don’t. So I’ll tell all the neat stuff:

1. My B-day is coming up
2. We’re going to the fair.
3. I got a boyfriend.
4. We decided just to be friends.
5. I’m buying my family tickets to the Nutcracker for Christmas.
6. We have a new compiter with a color monitor and a micro-floppy disk drive.
7. The old computer is in my room.
8. We got a new TV.
9. The Nintendo works again.
10. I wrote a 12-page story, started another story that so far is at least 7 pages long!


You may think this is the silliest thing in the world…

You may think this is the silliest thing in the world, and laugh and laugh and laugh about it, but tonight, Pat Moring said he’d go out with me! He’s, like, the PERFECT guy! Besides being nice, awesome, good church member, kind, obedient, cool, sharing, easy-going, well-tempered, cool, and really good-looking, the best thing is:

He Loves Tolkien!

He is great. I couldn’t ever go out with a better guy. Plus the fact that he’s not part of the IN crowd, and he’s not so hot on Jenny Jenson as everyone else seems to be. I had Nancy ask him out for me, and he kept thinking for days and days, so finaly I called him, and he said: “The answer is yes. He never shows exitement over anything. Awesome, isn’t it? Well, now I am “going out” with Patrick Moring, and I am ectstatic.

If I had a picture of him, I would frame it and put it in my bedhole, because he’s so awesome!


Young Woman Stuff

I like Ether 12:28. It has a very nice message. I like it because it says that, through “…faith, hope and charity…” even the Gentiles could come to Jesus. I think its a beautiful verse.

Last school year, I have had to make choices about where to go, which project to do, and which books to read. The way I have made these choices is by going to The Lord of the Rings, and thinking what the characters in it would have done, because I can trust them to make the right choice.

Four of the many divine quatities of Christ are:

1. He always took an appertunity to share the gospel
2. He gave up things to make others happy
3. He loved the children
4. He had a sense of humor

Examples of these qualities in others:

1. Mom – teachers – me
2. Teachers – Mothers – Fathers – Alicia Quillin
3. Nancy Keller – Mom – Me
4. Penelope Platz – Sis. Linton