I “like” Justin so much it’s not even funny

I “like” Justin so much it’s not even funny (except to Jared, his twin brother) I think about him 24 hours. I go to bed at night thinking “I’m going to see Justin tomorrow”. I’m afraid I’m driving Erica and ‘Nellpy out of their minds. Today I sat in bed when I got home for 3 hours imagining him asking me out, and us kissing and him hugging me and holding my hand and all that. Today is Halloween, and he dressed up as an army dude. He had on all camophlage. He LOOKED SO CUTE! (Now I’m sitting here sighing my head off at the very THOUGHT!) A while back Jared told me Justin was going to be an army dude for Halloween, and I said “cool!” I guess I must have looked pretty in-Love or something. All I know is that the idea of Justin dressing ALL (he always wears a camophlage jacket, it’s cool, he looks GREAT in it!) in camophlage was such a “Romantic” one that I lost it, and Jared thought my rapt expression was pretty funny. Well, a real geek hangs ouxt with Justin a lot. His name is Keith or Kyle, I can’t remember.

Justin, a while back, asked me if I was going to dress up today, and I said I would. Today I came into Health, and I saw he was all dressed up in camophlage (he looked very cute!) and I sat down — I by the way, was dressed as a gypsy fortune teller — and then he came over and said, “Thank you so much! I thought I was the only one in the whole school who was dressed up, and I felt real stupid,” something like that! “so thank you so much!” I can’t remember what I said, but I was so gleefull just that he had actually WALKED ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ROOM just to talk to me that it must have seemed very rude.

I’ll be back. I’m back. I went trick-or-treating. Justin says he doesn’t go trick-or-treating anymore because of people’s reactions. He did a very funny imitation of what they do. He looked down and said, “hi!” real sweet and then sort of started, and looked way up and said, “Hi, uh, aren’t you a little old for trick-or-treating?” I made up a new language, and in this language “Justin” is “Weladas”. Isn’t that pretty? I won’t say what my name is, because in English it’s a particularly insulting word. A while back we had an assembly and Erica was sitting in the seat just below Justin about 3 or 4 up the bleachers. I was having a very hard time getting up, and Justin REACHED OUT HIS HAND AND HELPED ME UP! It was so “Romantic”, and it completely made my day. When I think about Justin, I get this sudden desire to get straght A+ grades and finish all my YW goals in an hour. Everything in this world makes me think of him.

Geek and Justin once invited me to go walk to their next classrooms (I hang out with them at lunch, and every day they go to their next classes and drop off their stuff because they don’t want to carry it around) I said I would. I said goodbye to Michelle, one of my friends, and she asked why I was leaving. Jared said that “Justin just wants to get her into a dark hallway.” I could have killed him, but… Well, Justin dropped off his stuff and I put my stuff in my locker, and Geek asked where we should go. Justin suggested the library, and I thought that was a great idea, so we went there. I pulled a book on Aviation of the Future, and Justin thought it was so cool he sat down next to me and looked over my shoulder. That made my day completely made my day completely made my day… on the way to his class, I discovered that Justin likes Wierd Al too! Well, I’m going to go to bed and DREAM, hopefully, about Justin.

Bye 9:25

<3 Justin <3

I don’t really love Justin, I wanted Holly to think I did.

I don’t really love Justin, I wanted Holly to think I did. I really “like” him, though. He played my game for hours on end, and I watched him. His 12-year-old sister Bridgette was complaining and teasing me at the same time. She said I would just sit there for hours watching him (which I did), and I replied that I watch HOLLY like that when SHE plays my game. Bridgette said “Yeah, you sit there staring at here like ‘you’re the most wonderfull thing in the world!’!”!

Well, I’ve been going to Air Acadamy High for some time now. I’m in Montage, which is an off-beat, wacko, far-out variety show. I’m in “Pride”, a song in which I stand on a box and sing the chorus with some other girls. Tonight is the first performance, and since the very first late rehearsal I’ve done hardly any homework.

Well, I like a kid named Justin Ellis who sits behind me in literature. He’s really nice, and I have a picture of him. We went to Utah because Uncle Mikey got married. Her name is Sharey or something like that. I spent the whole time playing video-games, and got a cramp in my hand.

By the way, I’m 14 years old now. My birthday, on September 2, was a while ago, and we rented Star Wars (all 3 movies). We watched them all in a row and we were up till midnight. Now I’m a Star Wars freak. I’ve read the books — which are extream consumer literature, really dumb, lots of fun — and I listen ONLY to Wierd Al (Uncle John leant us a tape) singing “Yoda”. When I grow up, my kids are probably going to LIVE on Star Wars. I have to go to Montage in about 1 1/2 hours. I switched rooms with Amy. Now I have to sleep in a real bed and it takes me 1/2 hour to gxet to sleep.

Seminary is great fun. I missed it sometimes lately because Practice goes so late I’m too tired in the morning. I

School is great fun too, if I DO have too much homework. I have the following teachers and classes:

Teacher Block Class Rating
Mr. Bartlett 4 Science in Action He’s great he’s real funny He hands out ec right and left.
Mrs. Wood 6 Health She’s nice. Takes no late work.
Mrs. Heming 3 Math Interesting
Ms. Davis 2 Study hall Great! Real nice!
Mrs. Bogard 7 Literature funny, strict, real nice
Mr. Roiko 1 Civics Funny, nice
Fil, Mr. Filsinger 5 Choir He’s very funny and incredibly nice best teacher.

Fil’s a Montage director too. I love all my teachers SO. Well, I’m going to go cheat and play video-game. SO long

I am seriously convinced that I am insane.

I am seriously convinced that I am insane. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that I am human. I’m working on “The Book of Wisdom” again. I write the front and back of a page every day. Next Monday is July 4. Tonight’s YW activity was Water-Balloon Volleyball. I made a new friend, Megan McOmber. She’s 11. I ate 24 popsicles at the activity. After I’d had one, I asked Sis. Crowther if I could have another and she said “sure” I went to Megan and said, “I’m a pro.” Then I wanted another, and I went and got one. I called her and showed her. I would shout at her every time I got another. I stopped at 6. When I got to 18, I shouted again. At 24, Lesly Robbins took the popsicles away and I didn’t get to break my record, 32. Goodbye.

Yesterday my left leg was KILLING me all day long

Yesterday my left leg was KILLING me all day long, and off and on today Both my legs have been hurting. Now my right leg is excruciatingly forcing me to acquknowledge its existance. Grandma Fern died yesterday. But she’ll never die because I put her into one of my stories. I bought a mood ring with the 5-dollar gift certificate I won in the summer reading club. It’s green right now, turning blue. Penelope just got back from New York and she brought me a beautiful red pouch from China Town. It’s in my treasure chest. Girls’ camp is going to be so much FUN! WE’re allowed to bring candy, and I’m going to! My ring’s turning black. Goodbye.

June 15 or 16, 1994

Hello. I havn’t written in a long time. Dad is taking us camping tomorrow to campsite six. Speeking of camping, I have made A GREAT SACRIFICE: I’m sharing a tent with Tasha at girls camp! Tasha is “mentally handycapped” and the most annoying person in six time zones! (Actually, I don’t know. How many time zones are between here and the White house?) Mom says I deserve a special reward. But, though I would absolutely LOVE a special reward, I’m just doing what I think is right. One day I was talking to Tasha about camp and she mentioned that she had not found anyone to share a tent with yet (this year there are two girls to a tent) I had been planning to be in a tent with Erica. But Tasha said that everyone she had asked had said no. I soon realized that Tasha was not in a million years going to find someone who actually wanted to be in a tent with her for 5 days. So I said I’d be with her. She was so happy. I know it’s going to be fun, even if Tasha’s hard to put up with. Jenny says she was with Tasha last year, and that it was MISERABLE. So I know I’m goixng to have a great time. Jenny has this annoying habit of making the worst of the most pleasent things. Last night’s YW activity was a scavenger hunt at the mall, and it sounded really boring. Jenny was complaining the whole time, and she said that it “vaccumes”. She was a regular party-pooper. While Tasha, Karis, and I searched the stores for people (we were supposed to find all the people, not things, on the list and get their aughtograps), Jenny say outside with her mom and complained. I thought the activity sounded boring from the beginning, but I participated, and, though I did not find the activity particularly fun, I had a good time. Goodbye.

Hello again do you like my hat?

Hello again do you like my hat? It’s SO long since I’ve written! ALL my fish died but one. Beragond is still alive. I have a new friend. I met her one day when I was riding home from Safeway. She was wearin an indian headdress and she was making a spear. I thought it was cool, so I smiled at her. She looked at me kindof funny, and I thought SHE thought that I was making fun of her. I didn’t want her to think that, and so I stopped and turned around. I went back and toxld her that I wasn’t laughing at her, and she told me she hadn’t thought I was. Then we sort of told each other our names and stuff, and now we’re friends. Her name is Crystal and she’s 9 years old. On the second day (the day after I met her), I walked out to her house — barefoot! — and put a spear on her doorstep with a peace treaty tied to it. So now Saramonia is at peace with the noble indians. I am writing a “Quadragy”. It’s called “Four Tales in Time” The first three books have nothing to do with each other. Book one, “At the call of the father,” is about Neffertiti as a young girl. Her father grows ill and she must go forward in time to get the only plant that will save him. The second book, “The Tale of the Ice Dragon,” is about Nardah, a young native girl who wants to go out adventuring and seek a beast she has only heard about in legend. She doesn’t appriceate her family or her home enough. Book 3, “The deadly Valley of Hehr-Evwayno”, is about Ven, a girl who lives in the Valley of death. In this valley live all the poisonous things of the world, all the deadly beasts, and basically anything awefull or terrible. The worst part is, even the mythilogical things live there too. Ven is protected from anything smaller than a horse by a magic potion. The bottle can hold an endless suply of the potion, but there’s only enough in it to last 100 years. One night the boottle is knocked over and the potion runs out. By morning there’s enough left to feed a fly. Ven goes and seeks the old woman who gave her the potion and finds she is dead. In book 4, “After and Before”, the three girls come together. Neffertiti goes forward in time, Ven comes back, and Nardah stays where she is. They all meet each other and travel together. Faramir, Boromir, Merry, and Pippin my fish all died. Goodbye.