From the eagle soaring in the sky…

From the eagle soaring in the sky, to the worm under the ground, all the creatures of this earth are a part of us. “We are the best and most inteligent creatures on earth” we say. But we are wrong. We may be good at building, orginizing and providing comfort and entertainment, but take the monarch butterfly. It needs no house, only a leaf for protection against rain. It has instincts on how it can travel in a group with others, and it needs no written paper laws.

We may be able to comunicate in many different way, but take the cyote. It needs no phones, no paper and stamps. It only needs its voice.

In short, I must say: in the words of chief Seattle “The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth”. I have made a resolution not to take part in the corruption of this planet. I hope for World Peace, and for a more sensitive environment, and for love and joy, peace and happiness, from Nome to Uwady and everywhere in between.

I wrote that because I felt like it. It is all true. I hope I get to be a vollenteir at the library!

By, by!


By: Me

There are all different kinds of erasers, such as one never even thinks about until one sees them, and then exclaimes “Oh how pretty” or “Cool”, and then walkes on. I, however am different. I look at each eraser as a gift, a great work of art. I am especially pleased with how many I have. And so concludes the intro to my essay.

I know, at this point, that eraser colecting is no ordinary hobby. It is an art. I say I collect erasers, and they laugh. They do not understand the importance of an eraser to me. They think erasers to be desk apliences. But they’re wrong.

Hello. It is Monday.

Hello. It is Monday. I have had a great day. Last —– was cool! I love 3 boys!

1. Kasey Philips
2. Rob Dillard
3. Able Marcow

I wish they would notice me. But, they don’t!!! Boo!

This is what I think Rob, Kasey, and Able think of me:

{picture of me on the moon and them on Earth, Kasey labeled with a star and Rob with a heart}

* possibly knows I exist…
<3 I think he likes me!

Being a child

Being a child; the sweetness of youth. To play to be free to not care about future things. But that is all over. The small joys and triumphs that life brought so regularly. Now I must care – I must plan ahead. It seems that the only sweet things in life, now, are the times when I get an “A” on a test, or a compliment from a teacher, and having friends and family like you.

I was strolling along…

I was strolling along at a marvalous hour, when I came apon a most extra-large flower.
And it opened its eyes and it nodded its head and it let out a yawn and to me it then said:
“Young lad, come here; I have something for you! Something to make all your wildest dreams come true!”
And she beconed to me, and I came – yes, I went! And I must admit, my time wasn’t ill spent.
She said “Boy, I want you to have this.” And she gave me a coin, and a little flower kiss.
She said: “Take this coin into town. Buy yourself a ticket that will take you down –
Down to the subway, my friend, yes indeed! For they will take you anywhere that you need!
They’ll even take you to Cawa-Kwapay, which is where you’ll be going in less than 1 day!
Now in Cawa-Kwapay, they have money galore! And you can get rich! but what’s even more
Is that you can get a job to make money, you see, and hard-earned money’s the best there can be!
So run right along, and if you get there on time, you can take the 9:30 car on the line!”

And with that, I ran off like a shot as you see, so that I could catch the 9:30!
I got there on time, and I hopped right aboard; and we raced down the subway, the thing realy roared!
Then suddenly, I felt a hard jerk! I realized that the subway had stopped with a querk!
And so I got off the brocken 9:30, and I walked in the sewer till my tail was all dirty.
I tripped and I fell, over and over, but then – oh harrah! a manhole cover!
I pushed it open, climbed out, looked around, and I wasn’t in a very nice part of town!
I saw junkies all over, all doing drugs. It looked like a street full of ugly sick bugs!

And I asked myself: “Will I ever…?” sadly. “Will I ever get there? I’ve fared pretty badly!
Will I ever get to Cawa-Kwapay, where I will be rich in less than a day?
Will I ever get to this wonderfull town?” Then a lady in front of my first turned around,
Then said, “Young lad, you need help! alow me; the gate to the town is the next corner but three.
It’s true, you are right,” she said with a smile, “You’ll be quite rich in just a litlte while!”
So I ran to the next corner but three, and what met my eyes was sure something to see!
The city, with glimering towers in the air, was a wonderful site, and I ran with a cheer
Into the town of Cawa-Kwapay, and I did become rich – in less than a day.
I had earned the money, and I had made it through, and I hope that the same thing will happen to you!