We drove 4 days to Colorado.

We drove 4 days to Colorado. I Told you abuot the first day. We drove to a hotel on the first day and spent The night. The second day we went to Zoins national park The Third we went to ARches nationat park. Then we came here. We said we would give Them some mony for a house but they wouldn’t take it. WE bought a difrent house! but we don’t live in it yet!

Now weve been driving for 4 days!

Now weve been driving for 4 days! Were allmost to Colorado! We are in Colorado springs! Were staying in the Resadence Inn. I’ve left all my freinds at home! I hated to leave. Somewon lives in are old house now. I think this is all a dream! I wish we had never left Mountan Veiw. Yes I drove 4 days from Calafonia to Colorado! My littlest sister’s name is Amy Diean DeForD.

I’m moving today.

I’m moving today. I’m driving to Colorado today. Right now I’m in the car. It’s pretty boring, but my mom brought a whole lot of things to do! I wish we would get to our hotel. By the way, my name is Jennifer Robin DeFord. My mom’s name is Sally JoAnne DeFord. My Sister’s name is Holly Geane DeFord. My dad’s name is Dennis Scott DeForD. by!by!