This is where your favorite faery attempts to sell stuff! Check out my low-low visual art commission prices, or all the random nonsense I’ve “designed” on Zazzle!

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Commissions are OPEN. Please fill out this form if you're interested. If you're commissioning me through ko-fi, please use the form on that site.

You should be safe on this page, but be aware that the rest of the site contains strong language and adult material in places. Don't go wandering around if you'd prefer not to encounter such things!

I work with a variety of traditional media on a variety of papers, which I'll give examples of farther down the page. Typically small drawings run $15-$25, medium drawings $25-40, and large drawings $60+

Pricing tends to be based on how much material I'll have to use and how much time it will take me. Pricing is not based on number of figures in, or the complexity of the picture -- but I should warn you that, especially in smaller sizes, the greater the complexity of a piece, the greater the likelihood I will mess something up.

You'll receive a high-resolution scan (or photo for bigger pieces), but I can mail the original as well. The additional cost for this depends on size and your location.

I invoice through PayPal, unless we're interacting through ko-fi. And here's more information:


After you fill out the request form, I will email you as soon as possible. Please note that my response may be delayed as much as several days. If it's been more than a week, I'm OK with a prod in whatever friendly, polite form you please (except coming to my house and actually prodding me, unless you're vaccinated and also bring cake, in which case, please come to my house and actually prod me).

You and I will discuss what you want via email. We'll determine on a paper and medium, as well as exactly what you want depicted. This may or may not be a very long, detailed, intensive discussion, depending on your needs for your picture. I want to draw to specifications as much as possible. If you're not interested in a lot of back-and-forth to get all the details hammered out, let me know that I'm free to use my imagination.

We'll work out a price. For commissions under $50, you must pay upfront. For anything $50 and above, we can come to an agreement about paying in installments.

I'll offer some pose suggestions/rough compositional sketches for your approval. These will be extremely generalized and blobby; their purpose is to determine on a large scale what I'll be drawing.

Once you've approved a rough sketch, I will send you a PayPal invoice (unless we're interacting through ko-fi). I'll confirm with you when I've received your payment and am ready to start drawing.

I will draw rough lineart and present it for your approval. You may reject the lineart and request a compete redraw one time. You may cancel for a full refund throughout the rough lineart process.

I will refine the lineart and present it for your approval. At this point I can still change details, and I am willing to change a few small things or fewer larger things. From this point on, a partial refund is negotiable but not guaranteed. If I feel the need to cancel the transaction (probably because you're a jerk, so don't be one), I will offer a full refund during the lineart stage. If it's later in the process, I will offer a half refund.

Once I start coloring (shading in the case of black and white), not a lot of changes can be made. If you would like me to send you regular progress shots, I will do so; then you may request changes, but I can't guarantee I'll be able to honor these requests. I'll let you know, of course, whether or not I think it can be done.

Sometimes I digitally touch up certain unsatisfactory (to me) aspects of a picture after scanning. I'll explain in detail what I've done and why, in these cases, and send you a file of the unaltered scan as well so you can decide which you like better.

The final picture file(s) will be emailed in .jpg format. I cannot work with .png files with the limited software I own. At times I may have to use Google Drive rather than email for sending files, depending on their size. I'll get 'em to you somehow! Once I have completed the piece, no refunds will be allowed.

If you request and pay for it, I will mail out the physical drawing as soon as I possibly can, in the U.S. via USPS or UPS. I'll declare the value as the payment amount for the commission, including shipping. If you are outside the U.S., please be familiar with your country's current restrictions/quarantines before you request the physical drawing.

I can provide no estimated time it will take to complete a commission, but I do promise to work on it diligently! If you want me to send you progress shots, you'll have a decent idea of how quickly the project is coming along. If you need something quickly, extra money (negotiable) might persuade me to drop all my other projects and spend all day drawing yours.

Rights of usage

With the commission, you are purchasing the right to use the picture in any non-commercial way you please, so long as I'm credited as the artist. Allow me to reiterate: you may use this picture however you want, as long as you're not making money off it and my name is attached.

I know that in some contexts (for example, as a site header), a spot for image crediting is not immediately available. Please put my name adjacent to the picture where you can; where you can't, it needs to be somewhere accessible. For a commission artist, this is a business concern, not just personal vanity. (It's also personal vanity, so there are two good reasons to comply with this rule!)

My name is spelled "kuroiyousei." Please don't capitalize it, put spaces in, or whatever. Copy-paste if you need to. If you prefer to use people's real-life names instead of online names (for whatever reason), please let me know. My pronouns are she/her or they/them.

Please be familiar with your country's copyright laws when considering how to use a piece of fanart.

Images for commercial purposes are negotiable.

Privacy policy

I, kuroiyousei, the commissioned artist and the sole administrator of, collect your name, email address, possibly your mailing address (which may include your real-life name), any photos you choose to share with me, and less personal data such as a description of the picture you want, via the Google Form titled "kuroiyousei Visual Art Commissions."

Please see Google's Privacy Policy for information on how Google handles information provided in Google Forms.

I will have access to all of the information provided in the "kuroiyousei Visual Art Commissions" form through Google. None of it is stored here at I will retain your email address in my Gmail Contacts.

I will use your mailing address to send the physical picture to you, if you request it. Provide your real-life name as part of the address if you believe that will make the process smoother; a name in the "Mailing address" field of the form will only be used to address the package.

Please see PayPal's Privacy Policy for information on how PayPal handles personal information provided to them.

I will not share the information provided in the "kuroiyousei Visual Art Commissions" form with any entity without your explicit permission; in the majority of cases, this won't even come up. There is one exception:

I use the name you provide to credit you as the commissioner and (if applicable) as the intellectual-property-holder. This information will appear on my website or social media along with the piece you commission, and will not appear anywhere unconnected with that piece. The name you provide in the "Name and pronouns" field does not need to be your real-life name.

I use the pronouns you provide only if I need them. If you don't provide pronouns, I'll use "they/them" or just try to avoid using any.

At any time, you may contact me from the same email address you provided in the "kuroiyousei Visual Art Commissions" form to request that I change the name and/or pronouns by which I refer to you. Similarly, if you request a link back from me to a URL you provide, you may also request the URL be changed or removed at any time, again using that same email address.