Know what they say? –it’s, “Nothing lasts forever.” Then what makes love the exception?

One day at work I was adjusting a small blood tube in its stopper when it suddenly shattered!! I got a cut on my (dominant pointer) finger that looked like a cute little smile, and blood (mostly mine) aaallll over the third exam room.

Speaking of work, I seem to have crossed some threshold. I’ve had multiple dreams about this job lately, whereas previously I rarely did.

In one, V announced that I was doing all the surgeries that day. At first I was worried because I’m not really sure how they go about ligating the organs — generally if you’re in the room at that point, you’re watching something else — but evidently I figured it out, because I managed one surgery with no problems.

But then something happened that we all had to work on, and I wasn’t able to do any more surgeries for several hours. At about noon, V asked if I was done with all the surgeries yet, and when I told her I wasn’t, she said, “Oh, well, that’s OK.” And I was like, You don’t know just how not-done I am… In real life, ZG described this as a McDonald’s dream not set at McDonald’s XD

In another dream, I went into Safeway looking for a ruler (which I actually need in real life). They had a startling (and unrealistic) number of rulers of different types, and whilst I was looking through them trying to choose one, there was this little cat that needed to be extubated. My blow-torch’s end was warped into an oval shape and didn’t fit the cuff, but Shawna was nearby and let me use hers. I extubated the cat (who was on a shelf on some aisle or other), and it was very sweet.

In a third dream that wasn’t about work but was about cat, Galileo picked up a Guitar Hero guitar and brought it to my brother as if to request instruction on how to play it. Brother remarked that the buttons on the guitar weren’t working very well. BUT SO CUTE a little cat wanting to play Guitar Hero.

And in yet another dream, we were at Disneyland. The slow-moving-gondolas-across-the-park “ride” was there, but it was like a skii-lift in that the front of the gondola was open and people sat in it with their feet dangling and just a lap-bar to hold them in. As a gondola with some childs in passed over brother and me (we were, of course, discussing which rides we wanted to go on that day), one little girl dropped her teddy bear. Somehow, by pure coincidence, it fell perfectly into my hand, so I called up to her that I’d wait for her at the exit to the “ride” to give it back.

Enough about dreams. It occurred to me the other day that the HoH four fit pretty well into the four Hogwarts houses: Heero is a Hufflepuff, Duo is a Gryffindor, Trowa is a Ravenclaw, and Quatre is a Slytherin. ZG wanted to argue Heero and Trowa, but I stand by my original thought, heh. Of course they probably sort differently in other universes.

Note: Loratadine does make me drowsy. It’s great to have a lot of allergies and no practical way around them.

I may have mentioned at some point that I’m trying to replace most of my physical book collection with Kindle books. Of course I keep anything special to me or that I can’t get a Kindle version of, but I’m still getting rid of a lot of books. And no matter how much I remind myself that I never read physical books and that this will clear up much-needed space in my room, it’s still heartrending to get rid of so many lovely books.

OK, the next several pictures in my collection of pictures that need to be posted are of my sweet cat.

She loves to lie on the stereo box beneath the TV, because it gets really warm. Galileo loves that spot too.

And of course, like all cats everywhere, she loves cardboard boxes. If a box is not available, just cardboard, apparently, will do.

Even if I can’t think of a subject, I type one here so as to avoid that “(no subject)” thing later

Today at school was less dreadful than some previous days have been. Most of the offensive bullshit that comes out of my teacher’s mouth seems to be related to our stupid “study skills” subject, and we were mostly anatomy today. There was a little math, though, during which dipshit told us that, when adding 3/4, 1/16, and 2/32, “16 can’t be the common denominator because 32 doesn’t go into 16.”


Anyway, I got to see Zombie Girl, so yay on that. We’ve been curious about this one restaurant called “Chinese Restaurant” for a long time, so finally we went there. It was delicious. We’re halfway through the final chapter of my favorite fanfiction evar, after working at it for I forget how long.

Oh, and speaking of fanfiction, I’m up to part 42 of Plastic in my reading-aloud project (I’ve read up through part 51, but only edited through part 42), and so far it’s four and a half hours long. It’s been so much fun, so far, recording this, that I may have to do other stories once I’m done.

And now it is time for pairing meme. Day 9: Your least favorite couple

Being like characters, cat, myrm

This is a concept that I see a lot in fandom, especially anime-based fandom, and I have to admit that I find it rather absurd. Admittedly this question is better than some — “most like” is much better than the fangirly “ZOMG, I’m just like So-And-So” that I see a lot of the time — but it still seems silly and pointless.

The problem is that even the best-fleshed-out characters, even the ones we get to know in great detail over the course of a long work, are still only visible to us through a narrow window. We only see a small part of who they are, often only see a small period of time in their lives, and usually only see the characteristics that come to light in the particular situation the story has placed them in — and thus they can only represent a fraction of the complexity of a real human being.

This is fine, of course. The vignette-like implication of a whole of which we’re only seeing a part is, in fact, one of the best things about a well-written character. And you can always extrapolate to fill in the gaps — which we fanfiction writers do on a daily basis. But the fact remains that characters are not real people. They’re not even close. Take the most complex character you can imagine, and I bet you can still probably sum him or her up with about ten bullet points… whereas, for a summary of the personality and character of a real, living person you could probably use ten times that much and still be lacking.

At that point it becomes a simple matter of numbers. Say I’m similar to John Doe in Series Whatever in six out of his ten (and my one hundred) particulars. When you only have ten, cutting out four is a pretty serious deviation. That’s only sixty percent of his character, and a staggeringly low six percent of mine. Even in the unlikely event that I share with him all ten of his defining characteristics, that’s still only a tenth of my personality, and I probably have seventy-five other traits that you could never imagine John exhibiting… and in that case, would you really say that I’m like him at all?

Like Emma Woodhouse, I have a tendency to recognize my own flaws somewhat guiltily and make very sincere resolutions to correct them, sometimes with only limited success.

Like Amano Ginji, I’m a creature of instinct; I tend to do what I’m good at largely because it feels right at the time, and leave others to do the analysis — or at least leave my self-analysis until afterward.

Like Heero Yuy, I’m shy; it’s taken me quite a bit of practice to be able to deal with people in a socially acceptable fashion, and I still prefer fewer (and closer) friends and less contact with people in general.

Like Ramses Emerson, I was impossible to shut up as a child, but grew progressively quieter as I got older — though you can still set me off with the right subjects.

Like Luna Lovegood, I was harassed all through school, but either didn’t notice or didn’t care a lot of the time.

Like Himura Kenshin, I sometimes forget that my way of life and what is right for me isn’t necessarily the best way of life and what is right for everyone else, and, though I try not to, I sometimes make harshly judgmental statements to that purpose.

Would I say, however, that I’m like any of these characters? No. I have something in common with each (based on my own interpretation of the characters, which is another can of worms entirely), but the closest that brings me is “I’m like So-And-So in that I such-and-such:” citing that one similar characteristic as the extent of the comparison.

I think a much better phrase to use in this context is “reminds me of,” because it implies certain shared characteristics without claiming sweeping similarity. Tom Bombadill reminds me of my dad. Sawagejou Chou sometimes reminds me of myself. This way, I can make the statement without having to qualify it, which renders the entire discussion a good deal easier and more accurate.

Anyway, enough of that.

Lately cat has been just wild to get into the guest room across the landing from my door. I don’t know why, all of a sudden, she wants in there, but I’m not letting her in. She can roll around in front of the door and meow piteously all she wants.

The thing I forgot to mention was that someone came in to dry clean her son’s costume from when he was recently Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid. There was a princely velvet getup, and a half-shredded washed-up-on-the-beach suit. How cool is that!! I neglected to ask her where he’d been performing this; I hope I’m the one there when she picks the stuff up so that I can remember to.

Meme (Harry Potter), Plastic, work

12. Your thoughts or opinions about Harry Potter. I freaking love Harry Potter. No, Rowling doesn’t have the greatest command of the English language of any author ever, but her world-building and story-telling are top notch. The books are charming and engrossing, and I think she really told a perfect story. I will love them forever.

I think the movies suck. They’ve all had good moments, and I actually kinda liked the fifth one from beginning to end (though not enough that I’ve re-watched it since it came out), but overall they are just baaaad. My family went to see the latest one last night, but I was busy making money. Yeah, so that’s my thoughts on Harry Potter.

Well, I’ve done it; I’ve started posting Plastic. I wasn’t going to until I had at least a few more illustrations from link_worshiper, but I found out yesterday that I don’t get paid for three weeks and I’m just so tired of waiting. I was talking about it with Zombie Girl last night, and she convinced me that I need to start posting it… so I did. I hope people like it, because I’m starting to think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written.

So, work. Yesterday was the biggest waste of time I have experienced in many a long day, and, what’s more, bored me to tears. And I don’t get bored. But this was just nine hours of pointless bullshit. I hope to Poe that we actually start some training today, or I may decide that gnawing my own leg off might be a more better way to spend my time. I’d give details about yesterday, but I’ve just spent the last few hours getting Plastic in order and I’m tired of ljing right now. So I’m going to do something else, and maybe I’ll get back to those details tomorrow. The long and the short of it is that I think I’m reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy going to like this job if I can survive the stupid training.

Bookly meme day 29, ZG’s old fic and productivity

Day 29 – Favorite character death. Well, as I mentioned, Dobby’s death and Harry digging his grave really tears me up every time. But since I already talked about that, how about Bellatrix’s death? OH GOD. Obviously it wasn’t Bellatrix herself that made this the MOST BADASS SCENE EVAR. When I first read the book, when I got to Mrs. Weasley’s awesome, awesome line, I screamed out loud. Obviously it was about 5AM by the time I got around to this scene, and I was very tired from, y’know, being up all night reading a book, but, as I recall, I jumped out of my bed and aimlessly paced around my bedroom a couple of times grinning like an idiot. So freaking awesome.

Well, yesterday was fun but NOT PRODUCTIVE. Mostly I just hung out with Zombie Girl. We read all that there was (minus, like, two paragraphs at the end because her laptop battery died with perfect evil timing) of an old GW fic she was writing, like, ten years ago — mostly for the sake of giggling over her florid prose, but also because AAARGH TROWA/QUATRE WOT. I NEED CLOSURE. Hopefully this will have left me in a perfect mood to write some item myself BECAUSE I REALLY FREAKING NEED TO. We shall seeeee.

Bookly meme days 23 & 24, GW Ralph Lauren ad

I am home. This is the best thing in the world. MY CAT IS AROUND. Love love cat. Yesterday I was happy to be home and also hung out with Zombie Girl. And I neglected my journal, so now I must do two bookly meme items.

Day 23 – Most annoying character ever. I thought Dobby was really, really, really annoying the very first time I read CoS, but he grew on me quite a bit as the series progressed, until I absolutely loved him in DH. In fact, his death is the point where I cry hardest in that book. Even back when he annoyed me, I don’t know that he was the most annoying character evar, but once again I’m too lazy to sift through all the characters I can think of and try to decide which one actually annoys me most.

Day 24 – Best quote from a novel. All right, let’s just choose one at random again instead of trying for my actual favorite. “We admit the possible development of all the beauties of human virtue in a faith different from our own.” —Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. That book is insanely full of good quotes.

So I don’t know if anyone else has seen the Ralph Lauren Polo Big Pony Collection… I saw thems at Dillard’s one day, and my immediate reaction was, “Oh, look, they made cologne thingies for Gundam pilots.” I particularly loved the little descriptions underneath. So then I had to make this:

My photomanip skills are very limited… I got kinda bored working on it about halfway through… it was a cell phone picture in the first place… I could have spent all that time working on GW fanfiction instead… but what can you do? It seemed important. Also, I thought it would be very appropriate to use my new icon to post that.

Text exchange

I: Ju ever wonder whether Slytherin’s monster goes around talking to itself all the time? And what it says to itself when it’s not about to kill someone? And whether journal Riddle has to listen to it and it gets tedious?

Mostle: “My bladder is ssssso fulll… time to peeeeeeeeee……….”

Haiku meme!!

Write all your entries
In haiku — five-seven-five —
For today only

Transferring pictures
Is half boring and half fun.
I am almost done.

Lately I have played
Or at least thought about lots
Of video games.

Adam Gontier sings
Some oddly-pronounced diphthongs
At the ends of words.

(I’m just assuming
That the name “Gontier” only
Has two syllables.)

Totally forgot
To mention that I read the
New Amelia.

This happened last week.
Definitely not the best
Book in the series.

OK, I am now
Finally done with pictures.
Time to do elsewhat.

Harry Potter quiz / The last time I took it I / Got Remus Lupin