Being like characters, cat, myrm

This is a concept that I see a lot in fandom, especially anime-based fandom, and I have to admit that I find it rather absurd. Admittedly this question is better than some — “most like” is much better than the fangirly “ZOMG, I’m just like So-And-So” that I see a lot of the time — but it still seems silly and pointless.

The problem is that even the best-fleshed-out characters, even the ones we get to know in great detail over the course of a long work, are still only visible to us through a narrow window. We only see a small part of who they are, often only see a small period of time in their lives, and usually only see the characteristics that come to light in the particular situation the story has placed them in — and thus they can only represent a fraction of the complexity of a real human being.

This is fine, of course. The vignette-like implication of a whole of which we’re only seeing a part is, in fact, one of the best things about a well-written character. And you can always extrapolate to fill in the gaps — which we fanfiction writers do on a daily basis. But the fact remains that characters are not real people. They’re not even close. Take the most complex character you can imagine, and I bet you can still probably sum him or her up with about ten bullet points… whereas, for a summary of the personality and character of a real, living person you could probably use ten times that much and still be lacking.

At that point it becomes a simple matter of numbers. Say I’m similar to John Doe in Series Whatever in six out of his ten (and my one hundred) particulars. When you only have ten, cutting out four is a pretty serious deviation. That’s only sixty percent of his character, and a staggeringly low six percent of mine. Even in the unlikely event that I share with him all ten of his defining characteristics, that’s still only a tenth of my personality, and I probably have seventy-five other traits that you could never imagine John exhibiting… and in that case, would you really say that I’m like him at all?

Like Emma Woodhouse, I have a tendency to recognize my own flaws somewhat guiltily and make very sincere resolutions to correct them, sometimes with only limited success.

Like Amano Ginji, I’m a creature of instinct; I tend to do what I’m good at largely because it feels right at the time, and leave others to do the analysis — or at least leave my self-analysis until afterward.

Like Heero Yuy, I’m shy; it’s taken me quite a bit of practice to be able to deal with people in a socially acceptable fashion, and I still prefer fewer (and closer) friends and less contact with people in general.

Like Ramses Emerson, I was impossible to shut up as a child, but grew progressively quieter as I got older — though you can still set me off with the right subjects.

Like Luna Lovegood, I was harassed all through school, but either didn’t notice or didn’t care a lot of the time.

Like Himura Kenshin, I sometimes forget that my way of life and what is right for me isn’t necessarily the best way of life and what is right for everyone else, and, though I try not to, I sometimes make harshly judgmental statements to that purpose.

Would I say, however, that I’m like any of these characters? No. I have something in common with each (based on my own interpretation of the characters, which is another can of worms entirely), but the closest that brings me is “I’m like So-And-So in that I such-and-such:” citing that one similar characteristic as the extent of the comparison.

I think a much better phrase to use in this context is “reminds me of,” because it implies certain shared characteristics without claiming sweeping similarity. Tom Bombadill reminds me of my dad. Sawagejou Chou sometimes reminds me of myself. This way, I can make the statement without having to qualify it, which renders the entire discussion a good deal easier and more accurate.

Anyway, enough of that.

Lately cat has been just wild to get into the guest room across the landing from my door. I don’t know why, all of a sudden, she wants in there, but I’m not letting her in. She can roll around in front of the door and meow piteously all she wants.

The thing I forgot to mention was that someone came in to dry clean her son’s costume from when he was recently Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid. There was a princely velvet getup, and a half-shredded washed-up-on-the-beach suit. How cool is that!! I neglected to ask her where he’d been performing this; I hope I’m the one there when she picks the stuff up so that I can remember to.

Ranting on a serious, life-altering issue


OK, I am seriously annoyed about this. Their remake of Trial by Fire was spectacularly awesome, though admittedly I say this as someone that already idolized the original — and, though it only came after a series of games that were mediocre at best and wincingly, embarrassingly, painfully bad at worst, I think they’ve been steadily improving, and their statement that this KQ3 remake is “AGD Interactive’s most polished remake ever” is probably true. But I’m not going to be downloading it.

Because why the hell did they even do it at all? Sure, IA’s remake wasn’t the best game I’ve ever played in my life — especially the character portraits and voice acting — but it was better than AGD’s KQ1 remake and even some parts of the KQ2 remake (that awful song and tower cutscene in particular). Plus it gave us “RUMF?” which has become an important part of my life.

Of course when we’re talking non-profit fanmade remakes of old computer games, anyone is allowed to do whatever they want (unless it gets too good, too professional-looking, in which case your project may get shut down XD) — but to me it seems a little tasteless to remake a game that someone else just remade a few years back, especially when you advertise it with phrases like “a new level of vocal professionalism” as if to say, “Yeah, there’s already a remake, but it’s shit; try ours instead.”

And all of this wouldn’t bother me nearly as much if not for the fact that nobody has touched The Perils of Rosella. AGD is now announcing that they don’t have the resources to continue doing free remakes of Sierra games (though adding with forlorn hope that they’d be “open to the idea of doing this commercially if given the opportunity,” which is hilarious), and this is perfectly understandable — but why, in this case, did they choose to do something that’s already been done rather than the last game in the series not playable in VGA point-and-click?

Sure, there are rumors every couple of years about somebody trying to remake KQ4, but so far these have all fallen through; I have no faith in such endeavors until the game is loading in front of me — or until a group such as AGD, with a good track record of producing actual finished games, announces the project.

And, sure, AGD wants to continue their “Father” storyline; no surprise there. But The Perils of Rosella takes place immediately after To Heir is Human, and involves a serious threat to Graham’s life — surely a perfect opening for more Father-related subplot, and less glaringly obvious than the maiden-eating dragon that we were essentially told straight-up in the KQ2 remake was his doing.

It’s kinda like how people keep making new movie versions of Pride and Prejudice over and over and over, but nobody’s yet made a well-acted, accurate version of either Northanger Abbey or Mansfield Park. Yeah, so, once again, there’s technically nothing wrong with remaking To Heir is Human again. I just think it was badly handled, and I’m irritated.

Bookly meme day 21, Fable II, planned productivity

Day 21 – Favorite romantic/sexual relationship. Off the top of my head, Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth have awesome romantic tension and I love them. They’re probably not my favorite, but I’m getting tired of having to try to decide on favorites of everything.

Yesterday I did indeed play Fable II for most of the day. Yes, it was everything Yahtzee said it was, but large women and teh gay made it all worth it. The heroine’s ass alone kept me entranced for eleven hours. I will probably play more of it at some point, but probably not today. Today I feel like working on GW fic. It is very uncomfortable to sit here on this bed working on this laptop for long hours, but if I go out to the living room and sit at the table, my grandpa harasses me all day. Not that the chairs in there are really all that much more comfortable.

I dreamed about my cat T__T

Having sex wis literary characters meme!

Pick 5-ish characters from literary sources(manga and comics count! but fic does not.) that you WOULD TOTALLY HAVE SEX WITH if they happened to be real people. And then tell me all about it!

Aight, I’ma try to avoid choosing the obvious ones (such as, say, almost the entire cast of Rurouni Kenshin or Saiyuki or just listing Akabane several times in a row). Also, I interpret “5-ish” to mean “as many as I care to think of.” So, in no particular order (actually I’m just looking through my bookshelf), here we go…

Anne Elliot. She’s just so damn level-headed, and that book’s as close to sexual tension as Jane Austen ever came. The whole long-term loyalty thing really does it for me too.

Jareth. Do I even need to explain?

Deth. OOoooohhhh, man, I love him so much. Nobody on my flist even knows who he is, though, because nobody ever wants to read books I recommend. Ah, well. He’s soOoOoOoOoOoOo attractive. Harpers are hot, mysterious guys are hot, other attributes he has that would be spoilers for me to mention are hot. (I’d sleep wis Raederle too)

Sethos. Besides the fact that he could essentially be anyone (male) I wanted, he’s got a world of attractions of his own to recommend him. He could even dress me up as Amelia if I wasn’t doing it for him. (I’d sleep wis Ramses or Nefret too)

Brian de Bois-Guilbert. I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but if it’s all about sex I don’t really need to worry about him being a decent guy or not, do I? He just comes across as extremely physically attractive. (I’d sleep wis Richard too)

Boba Fett. As wis Jareth, I think it’s kinda not-fair to choose characters that originated in movies and then were later turned into novel or comic book characters. But seriously. The helmet is just so hot. (I would say I’d sleep wis Vader too if not for the prequels. Again, it’s the helmet)

Éowyn. OH YES. (I’d sleep wis Melian, Lúthien, Galadriel, Gandalf, or Denathor too)


I stayed up late the night before my first day at a new job specifically to watch this item.

It is still on for another fifteen minutes.

Now I am going to bed.

Did I say they couldn’t do worse than previous attempts?


I just opened the ice cream I bought, like, eight months ago. This is how often I need ice cream.

Northanger Abbey sucked. Catherine was way too savvy (and pretty), Henry was bizarrely mean, everyone else was underdeveloped, and the pacing was agonizingly bad. And I won’t even get into the odd, unnecessary angst, the massive departure from source dialogue, and the oversexualization that is so typical of modern Austen interpretation. Mou. This coming Sunday is Mansfield, which is my favorite; they certainly can’t do worse than previous attempts, so we’ll see. If it’s as bad as Northanger, though, we may not be able to get through it.

Mostle’s rat Marzipan died. Tonks is lonely.

Dragonsands is the biggest pain in the ass to clear out. There are, like, seventy-five dragons hanging out in the middle there, and I’ve been working on it for months (game-time). I keep missing solstices, too.

I have been working on Angles rather productively, but now it is time to go play Mario Party wis my mom.


Yay Christmas! But I am relieved it’s over. When I went to bed yesterday, I realized I’d been up for twenty-four hours. Today I am tired, but not as much as yesterday.

Everybody liked my presents ^__^ They liked my wrapping paper, too. This makes me happy; I found really good presents for them, and then made wrapping paper. I took pictures of the presents, and shall post those wis my usual promptness.

I still have stuff to send out, but those people are aware of the delay and forgive me. Also Letlet’s picture is not done, and she must forgive me too. Everyone must know how punctual I am by now. What was it that Mary Crawford said about vice and being forgiven? I’m too tired to remember, but I think it applies.

I must sally to buy Twilight Princess today; I’ll let you guess why. What dread effect this will have on the Top Secret Project I do not like to think.