Finally the moment has arriiiived

My wrists are definitely getting better. I’ve been able to type some today, which is nice, since I’ve been working on Seeing Red and I love Seeing Red ^__^ But that was mostly what I’d written in a notebook already; I still can’t just sit here working on stuff because it hurts.

I had my school orientation today. It was fifteen minutes of content stretched into two hours of nonsense, but it did seem a little less painfully stupid than the last dreadful place. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

So here’s this shipping meme that looks like fun, and methinks I shall give it a try. Day 1: Your first ship ever


I’ve mentioned before the reasons I feel so sad every time I finish Amelia, so I won’t repeat myself. But I do have a few other random Amelia thoughts:

She gets Sennia’s eye color wrong in the last book. I mentioned this (just as a point of interest, not a complaint) to my mom, who trotted out the old Unreliable Narrator excuse. I don’t think Unreliable Narrator is a viable explanation for legitimate mistakes on the author’s part. Well, at least not always. Not in this case. But whatever.

Speaking of Amelia’s UN status… it’s hilarious how she and Emerson have got to be in their late sixties or older by the end, and other characters (specifically Gargery, of whom Emerson said at some point, “He is younger than we are”) get old and infirm around them while they remain untouched by time. Oh, Amelia.

I really like how there is no individual (primary) villain in the last book. To have them targeted by and up against a shadowy, impersonal conglomerate of ruthless capitalists (against whom they can’t really win) seems, somehow, very appropriate for the end of the series, and is a nice change from the usual lineup of psychopaths.

I always feel so bad about Howard. He’s so likable in earlier books. I think he goes through a very believable character transition (and it may be quite accurate historically), but it’s sad to see the Emersons lose him as a friend the way they do.

I think that’s all I have to say about Amelia. A few other book thoughts before I go:

I’ve been really annoyed by Boromir this time around. I have never particularly liked him, but I’ve always felt that I understood and respected him, and therefore haven’t particularly disliked him either. But this time, every word out of his stupid mouth has made me want to smack him. How odd.

I tried to read Silas Marner again, and it didn’t work; I’m still too embittered by my previous read. I got going just fine, but after a while the prose were just so unbelievably good that the contrast with my memory of what a crap story it was became too great, and I had to move on to something else. So frustrating. I’ma try something else by George Eliot one of these days and see if I like it any better, since her writing was really amazing. If only she hadn’t (apparently) gotten bored with that book halfway through.

Being like characters, cat, myrm

This is a concept that I see a lot in fandom, especially anime-based fandom, and I have to admit that I find it rather absurd. Admittedly this question is better than some — “most like” is much better than the fangirly “ZOMG, I’m just like So-And-So” that I see a lot of the time — but it still seems silly and pointless.

The problem is that even the best-fleshed-out characters, even the ones we get to know in great detail over the course of a long work, are still only visible to us through a narrow window. We only see a small part of who they are, often only see a small period of time in their lives, and usually only see the characteristics that come to light in the particular situation the story has placed them in — and thus they can only represent a fraction of the complexity of a real human being.

This is fine, of course. The vignette-like implication of a whole of which we’re only seeing a part is, in fact, one of the best things about a well-written character. And you can always extrapolate to fill in the gaps — which we fanfiction writers do on a daily basis. But the fact remains that characters are not real people. They’re not even close. Take the most complex character you can imagine, and I bet you can still probably sum him or her up with about ten bullet points… whereas, for a summary of the personality and character of a real, living person you could probably use ten times that much and still be lacking.

At that point it becomes a simple matter of numbers. Say I’m similar to John Doe in Series Whatever in six out of his ten (and my one hundred) particulars. When you only have ten, cutting out four is a pretty serious deviation. That’s only sixty percent of his character, and a staggeringly low six percent of mine. Even in the unlikely event that I share with him all ten of his defining characteristics, that’s still only a tenth of my personality, and I probably have seventy-five other traits that you could never imagine John exhibiting… and in that case, would you really say that I’m like him at all?

Like Emma Woodhouse, I have a tendency to recognize my own flaws somewhat guiltily and make very sincere resolutions to correct them, sometimes with only limited success.

Like Amano Ginji, I’m a creature of instinct; I tend to do what I’m good at largely because it feels right at the time, and leave others to do the analysis — or at least leave my self-analysis until afterward.

Like Heero Yuy, I’m shy; it’s taken me quite a bit of practice to be able to deal with people in a socially acceptable fashion, and I still prefer fewer (and closer) friends and less contact with people in general.

Like Ramses Emerson, I was impossible to shut up as a child, but grew progressively quieter as I got older — though you can still set me off with the right subjects.

Like Luna Lovegood, I was harassed all through school, but either didn’t notice or didn’t care a lot of the time.

Like Himura Kenshin, I sometimes forget that my way of life and what is right for me isn’t necessarily the best way of life and what is right for everyone else, and, though I try not to, I sometimes make harshly judgmental statements to that purpose.

Would I say, however, that I’m like any of these characters? No. I have something in common with each (based on my own interpretation of the characters, which is another can of worms entirely), but the closest that brings me is “I’m like So-And-So in that I such-and-such:” citing that one similar characteristic as the extent of the comparison.

I think a much better phrase to use in this context is “reminds me of,” because it implies certain shared characteristics without claiming sweeping similarity. Tom Bombadill reminds me of my dad. Sawagejou Chou sometimes reminds me of myself. This way, I can make the statement without having to qualify it, which renders the entire discussion a good deal easier and more accurate.

Anyway, enough of that.

Lately cat has been just wild to get into the guest room across the landing from my door. I don’t know why, all of a sudden, she wants in there, but I’m not letting her in. She can roll around in front of the door and meow piteously all she wants.

The thing I forgot to mention was that someone came in to dry clean her son’s costume from when he was recently Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid. There was a princely velvet getup, and a half-shredded washed-up-on-the-beach suit. How cool is that!! I neglected to ask her where he’d been performing this; I hope I’m the one there when she picks the stuff up so that I can remember to.

Bookly meme day 28, shopping, QfG, possible productivity

Day 28 – First favorite book or series obsession. Well, let’s bring up The Lord of the Rings again, shall we? There were probably earlier ones, but that’s the first favorite I can remember. Back when we moved into this house (’88), I carved “I ♥ Faramir” into the wall in the room that is currently next door to me. It’s been painted over since then, which mostly filled up the words, but you can still tell it’s there. I might as well get a shirt that says, “Born to Be a Fangirl.”

Yesterday I had one of those extremely aggravating shopping trips that you think is going to take half an hour and half a mile and ends up taking three hours and involving the entire town. The biggest problem was that Safeway was sold out of my soda, which I neeeeeeeeed, so I had to go all the way to Wal-Mart. Who sells out of Diet Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper??

Perhaps because of this frustration, I didn’t feel like writing (again) when I got home, and staved off my early-rereading desire by playing QfG with a Hero named Quatre Winner. He’s a thief, which just makes it more amusing, especially raising my lockpicking stat in TBF XD XD XD

As I went to bed last night, some sort of GW fic idea hit me. Then when I woke up at 5 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep for two hours, I thought about that some more. Today I’ma hang out with Zombie Girl at some point, and then I know that I really will be writing something because she will be working on homework and I will be working on writing. Until then, however, it may well be QfG time again…

Also, Leonardo DiCaprio was in my dream.

Bookly meme day 18, insomnia/tired, grandpa bookshelf

Day 18 – Favorite beginning scene in a book. Off the top of my head, I’d probably have to go with Gandalf dissecting Bilbo’s “Good morning.” That shit is hilarious. Can you imagine some (apparent) total stranger walking up and responding to your polite greeting like that? “All of them at once!” is just proof of how very good-natured Bilbo is… I mean, I’m a rather passive person myself, and I think even I would turn it into a debate. Some might respond with something along the lines of, “Who the fuck are you and what are you on about?”

So in an unfamiliar bed, my insomnia is really in her element. Last night it only took me a couple of hours to fall asleep, but the night before it was almost six. I keep waking up exhausted and having the hardest time getting any sort of energy worked up. Fortunately, HTML is the absolutely perfect pastime when I am feeling dull and tired, and then if I do manage to wake up eventually I can work on story at that point.

There is a bookshelf at the foot of the bed in this guest room, about the same size as mine at home only a little more woodly-looking. A few of the books on it: Ingenious Mechanisms volumes 1-4, The Home Depot: Built From Scratch, Handbook of Electric Power Calculations, The Ultimate Encyclopedia of American Cars, The Great Tool Emporium, Machinery’s Handbook (21st Edition), Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Auto Repair Manual 1975. I think it’s safe to say that there has never been a more interesting bookshelf in all of life.

P.S. My interview is today. Still not entirely sure about how I hope it will go.

Bookly meme day 09, fic-reading, Chibiusa

Day 09 – Best scene ever. OK, instead of wracking my brains trying to decide which scene is actually my favorite, and laying out all the scenes I really love and giving them a rating and then comparing to see which rates most highly, which would probably take all day, I’m just going to mention the first scene that popped into my head when I read the words “best scene ever:” Éowyn defeating the Lord of the Nazgûl. Éowyn is one of my favorite characters in The Lord of the Rings, and that scene is just so unendingly badass. And then when Éomer finds her lying there *SOB* So much love.

Well, now I’ve read all the MoR contest fics and voted in all three categories. So now I’ve just got to wait, like, forty days to see who wins. It made me really want to reread my own SaS, but that’s not until January, which is an even longer wait. I guess I’ll just console myself with Plastic, on which I made vera good progress last night. Trowa has dropped his bombshell and Heero has accepted his mission XD XD XD

Yesterday I spent five hours on the phone with ZG discussing Hiko/Megumi and Saitou/Sano. ‘Twas terribly important. I bet it will be a problem on the cell phone bill, though. I’m supposed to be giving my parents a monthly sum to cover that, but I certainly haven’t done so this month. Somebody hire me, dammit.

Last night I dreamed about Chibiusa. I was taking care of her or something, and, for some reason, I was trying to explain how a lot of people hated SuperS because she was the star, but I totally loved it. Go figure.

OK, time for productivity.

Bookly meme day 06, productivity

Day 06 – Your favorite book of all time. This one is quick and easy. The Lord of the Rings has been my favorite book for many years and will probably remain so for many more. What do I need to say? I love everything about it ^__^

Yesterday I very productively worked on HR and did some research for Plastic. Also I grabbed an application from the store ZG was working at. The thought of working there is dreadful, but, as I may have mentioned, I freaking need money. I also read another of the long contest fics yesterday and it was marvelous ^__^!! Today I plan on more of the same.

Having sex wis literary characters meme!

Pick 5-ish characters from literary sources(manga and comics count! but fic does not.) that you WOULD TOTALLY HAVE SEX WITH if they happened to be real people. And then tell me all about it!

Aight, I’ma try to avoid choosing the obvious ones (such as, say, almost the entire cast of Rurouni Kenshin or Saiyuki or just listing Akabane several times in a row). Also, I interpret “5-ish” to mean “as many as I care to think of.” So, in no particular order (actually I’m just looking through my bookshelf), here we go…

Anne Elliot. She’s just so damn level-headed, and that book’s as close to sexual tension as Jane Austen ever came. The whole long-term loyalty thing really does it for me too.

Jareth. Do I even need to explain?

Deth. OOoooohhhh, man, I love him so much. Nobody on my flist even knows who he is, though, because nobody ever wants to read books I recommend. Ah, well. He’s soOoOoOoOoOoOo attractive. Harpers are hot, mysterious guys are hot, other attributes he has that would be spoilers for me to mention are hot. (I’d sleep wis Raederle too)

Sethos. Besides the fact that he could essentially be anyone (male) I wanted, he’s got a world of attractions of his own to recommend him. He could even dress me up as Amelia if I wasn’t doing it for him. (I’d sleep wis Ramses or Nefret too)

Brian de Bois-Guilbert. I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but if it’s all about sex I don’t really need to worry about him being a decent guy or not, do I? He just comes across as extremely physically attractive. (I’d sleep wis Richard too)

Boba Fett. As wis Jareth, I think it’s kinda not-fair to choose characters that originated in movies and then were later turned into novel or comic book characters. But seriously. The helmet is just so hot. (I would say I’d sleep wis Vader too if not for the prequels. Again, it’s the helmet)

Éowyn. OH YES. (I’d sleep wis Melian, Lúthien, Galadriel, Gandalf, or Denathor too)

And ANOTHER meme

1. Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/bands etc. that you’ve had an obsessive fannish love of or interest in at some time in your life.

2. Have your f-list guess your favorite character/member from each item.

1. She-Ra
2. Jem and the Holograms
3. Disney’s Gargoyles
4. Star Wars
5. The Lord of the Rings
6. Rurouni Kenshin
7. Harry Potter
8. Amelia Peabody
9. GetBackers
10. Saiyuki
11. The Legend of Zelda
12. Quest for Glory
13. King’s Quest

Assuming that I can’t just name authors and thereby include their complete works, that’s about all I can think of. NOW GUESS.