Is it safe Talib this to the defense?

Quote of the day, courtesy of Rick Riordan and pretty clearly intended for fans of Saitou and Sano: “You don’t call somebody an idiot that many times unless you’re really into them.”

Man, I am 54 parts into recording Confrérie, and of course then I would get a cold. Not like I can’t finish later, but, man, I was on such a roll.

This cold has gotten worse over the last couple of days, too, and almost completely ruined my weekend. I have accomplished nothing, which makes me very unhappy. But at least my Broncs won.

So I dreamed that Saitou had invited me and my family to this wedding, and my brother Sano was extremely upset because he thought Saitou was the one getting married — when in fact Saitou was just playing a lovely violin solo. So after the ceremony, I stormed off to give Saitou a piece of my mind for letting my brother be so unhappy. I would say I woke up giggling (mostly at Saitou playing a lovely violin solo), but I actually woke up coughing.

That’s really all I have to say.

There was this one time Waybee attacked a pinwheel that I had:

Also then why the crap did I take this picture I don’t even know:


Seapony tears and provolone

Today we went up to Manitou because mom wanted a few different things that were there. We ate at the cult restaurant, which I’ve been raving about to my mom for years ever since ZG first took me there; mom admitted that it was pretty well the best sandwich evar in the whole history of the world, so now she understands.

Then once we got home, of course I was looking around trying to decide what to do to keep myself off the computer. That picture of mine is almost done, so I thought about working on that… but the thing is, I started rereading Plastic earlier today while I was out shopping with my brother and waiting for him to come out of the bank. And I was like, I really feel like continuing to reread that; how annoying that I don’t have an audio version. So then I decided to record one. I got through the first of the ten files I have the story divided up into, so that’s a little more than a tenth of the way done. Poe knows when or if I’ll ever manage to finish that, but it was fun getting started, at least :D

OK, time for pairing meme. Day 2: A pairing you just discovered (Percy Jackson &tO spoilers)

On gods and fucking and such

So I recently finished reading The Lightning Thief, and thought it was freaking adorable. I will definitely read all the other books one of these days, but for now I’m just musing about what was presented in the first one. What interests me is that, in the very brief coverage given to the topic of the god/mortal pairings that result in half-bloods, there are a lot of unanswered questions and some strange implications. Back in the day, it made sense that if a god fucked a mortal, pregnancy would be the result; but in modern America, is that necessarily the case?

How do these pregnancies even get going? Giving them the benefit of the doubt by assuming that when the book gently says “falling in love with” it actually means “falling in love with” and not just “fucking” (and we know Poseidon actually loved Sally), I find it unlikely that these pregnancies are all the results of drunken one-night stands where neither party happened to have a condom handy. I mean, I suspect there were some of those too, but that can’t possibly account for all of them. Do contraceptives just not work on gods and goddesses? Contraceptives fail at times… perhaps all the half-bloods we see are the results of that, and really only a tiny, tiny fraction of the number of relationships the gods get into.

Then there are some gods, I suppose, that just don’t think about it at all. I can totally see Aphrodite being like, “What, I’m pregnant again? Oh, I wonder whose it is…” Which would be perfectly fine if her inadvertent children didn’t ATTRACT FUCKING MONSTERS. The gods overall don’t seem to care too terribly much what happens to humans in general, so if a god that isn’t paying attention hooks up with a mortal that doesn’t think about using contraceptives, I guess that makes sense.

Or maybe sometimes the gods want to initiate pregnancy. Some misguided individuals believe that a relationship isn’t “real” until it’s been consummated by the advent of children, and that’s a mindset fucked-up enough that I can see it belonging to any number of idiot gods. Then, some women enjoy being pregnant, and it is a sort of creation, so perhaps some goddesses get themselves knocked up just because they like it. Once again, that would be fine, if only it didn’t produce people destined to spend their lives on the run through no fault of their own. One thing that seems certain is that none of the gods appear to be doing this out of any sort of desire to rear a child, since it’s obvious that not a whole lot of that is going on.

Then once someone is pregnant, be she mortal or goddess, what about abortion? Given, once again, the apparent widespread lack of concern for the well-being of mortals in general, I can see that a lot of gods might not declare themselves honestly to their mortal lovers or warn them about the type of life their child was in for, but we know that it does sometimes happen — Poseidon told Sally, Athena told Annabeth’s father — so it’s possible that a human mother bears the child, or a human father accepts the child from his erstwhile goddess lover, without without having any idea of the ramifications.

But in those cases where there is some warning, where the mortal in question does have some kind of expectation of what’s to come, is abortion ever an option? Obviously some people are going to have moral issues with it and choose not to do it; and if a god actually loves a mortal woman, hopefully he isn’t going to be enough of a dick to force the decision on her one way or another (though I certainly wouldn’t put it past some of them). And, then, perhaps half-bloods are immune to abortion. But I wonder if there are fewer half-bloods in the world because some women have gone with this option.

I kinda want to write a fanfiction where Zeus hooks up with some mortal guy, thinking it’s totally safe (in regards to the oath) because, well, it’s a guy… and at one point decides it’s time for them to have sex and descends upon him in the good old shower of gold as a sort of joke, only to find that the guy has body parts typically considered female. They hadn’t progressed far enough into their relationship for the guy to want to mention this yet, and Zeus was arrogant enough to believe he could tell at a glance what gender and physical sex someone was, and (on a less condemnatory note) omnisexual enough not to care — except then there was that oath, and he has to care, because now he’s gotten this guy pregnant and is totally going to have to deal with breaking his word in addition to getting his boyfriend pregnant without, you know, warning him at all.

OK, so that’s all my Olympians thoughts for the evening. If anyone that’s read these books happens upon this entry and wants to reply, please be so kind as not to spoil any of the other books for me.