Yae was my main character in The Downside of Paradise RP. For all he was taciturn, tough, and good at surviving the horrors of Downside life, he was really quite soft-hearted. I miss playing him.

Cai and Kaz

Cai (played by Aletsan) was just about the only person that could ever get Kaz (played by Halcyon Star) to relax a bit. Well, “relax” isn’t exactly the right term, but he did at least get him to enjoy himself every now and again.

Alain and Yae

Alain (played by Farstrider) and Yae (played by me), while they did technically hook up within the course of the game, still had lots of issues to work through when the game died its untimely death. Poor ‘lain was an Upsider, and they don’t do teh gay up...


InfoStoryNotesComments A story of Downside Category: The Downside of Paradise I can feel her eyes on me as I accompany the stranger around the corner, and even though we’re out of her sight at this point, it seems like I can still feel them. Probably because I...