TWIP: Cats, ties, and random crap (long post to catch up!)

Some weeks in photos

Remember you’re golden, so find some sugar cane

Every once in a while it really does seem like a good idea to make a personal entry around here that isn’t all, “I worked on this and this,” or, “I read such-and-such a book,” or, “Look, I went to Disneyland.” And if I make this as comprehensive as possible, I won’t have to write another one for a while XD So here we go.

Recently I was doing vaccines, and the next animal in line was a miniature schnauzer named Puff. So of course, as I’m drawing up the vaccine, I’m singing, “Puff the mini schnauzer came in my room,” and thinking of the owner as Little Jackie Paper. I did at least manage to refrain from using that name when I went to call dog and owner in.

So here comes Puff the mini schnauzer, who is (like every mini schnauzer) one of the cutest dogs that ever lived with his tininess and adorable schnauzer shave and the printed flannel blanket his owner has him wrapped in and his itty bitty wagging tail and pink tongue. And Little Jackie Paper?

Little Jackie Paper is the most gangsta-looking guy I have ever seen. Seriously. I can’t name every aspect of the stereotype in retrospect, but he had them all. There were chains and… yeah, I forget what else.

And he so clearly adored this dog, and had the paperwork and the puppy vaccine booklet and everything; he was the epitome of a caring and conscientious owner. He even listened attentively to everything I had to say about vaccine schedule signs of bad reaction.

I like to think I don’t have a lot of blindly preconceived notions about people of other lifestyles, but the fact that I was enough struck to want to write about this in my journal is evidence that there’s something going on in my head. But at this point, any prejudices I may have had about that type of person must have been thoroughly shaken.

Also at work recently, I was trying to put a cat back into her kennel after surgery. Our cats (understandably) often wake up really crazy, and this was not one of the rare exceptions. She had all her legs splayed out madly, and her whole body was really stiff, so her entire angle was bad for getting her into a square opening.

Then all of a sudden she kicked off the edge of the kennel, did a back-flip over my arm, and caught me right in the mouth with one clawy paw. She cut my cheek, my upper lip in two spots and lower in one, and two gum locations, then fell on the floor. It happened so quickly and unexpectedly that both I and the co-worker in the room (our cat lady) were stunned and disbelieving, and today my lip still hurts.

Watch this video, if you want:

Coheed and Cambria has been one of my favorite bands for several years, and I don’t remember whether I mentioned my great happiness or how excellently they performed when I saw them in concert last summer. I really love them.

And not long ago I watched the above video for the first time, and found another, huge reason to love them.

No matter how society is changing, I still feel, most of the time, as if the bulk of it is ranged against me as a lesbian. I feel as if just being open about who I am — being myself — in public is an act of defiance, which is sometimes a bit wearing for a shy and non-confrontational person. I assume on a subconscious level that homophobia is the default. I especially make this assumption about male-fronted nerd culture.

It is not fair and it is not kind to make such assumptions about people, but it is, sadly, what I have been conditioned to assume. Even while actively enjoying the artistic products of those outside the immediate circle I consider relatively safe, I’m still very wary of the people involved, and that’s a tragic way to have to interact with other human beings.

Which is one of the reasons it means so damn much to me when I find an ally in an unexpected place.

And maybe CoCam has been a group of allies all along and I just never noticed. I’ve mentioned before how bad I am about actually paying attention to the bands I follow; I rarely even know the names of the members… or, to be honest, how many members there are (unless I have a poster of them on my ceiling or a desktop wallpaper on my computer or something. Which is rare, because looking at a musician is hardly the point, is it?)

But this inattention may have been doing CoCam — or at least Claudio Sanchez — dishonor all this time. Because if they’ve had the wonderful attitude all along that envisions a music video about the formation of a gay relationship portrayed in a positive and totally normal light, I have not appreciated them as much or as well as I should have. I’ve always adored their music and their storytelling, but from now on there’s going to be an extra layer to my appreciation that, perhaps, should have been there all along.

So I’ve cleared 3/15 bookshelf compartments by now, and with great joy and exultation I pulled out all my figures and set them up in one newly empty compartment. They really need two or three to spread out across (or at least another shelf inside the one compartment they’re in), and they’re hilariously cramped and in each other’s faces where they are, but it still makes me really happy to look up and see them there.

OK, let’s have some photos.

One time I was waiting on a tire replacement, and there was a Fascinations across the parking lot. As I walked toward Fascinations, I noticed something on a window sill in front of a model display:

When I got close enough to see exactly what it was, I had to take pictures.

Oh, creepy Christians. Bless your bigoted, unsubtle little hearts. Anyway, instead of becoming a praying wife, I went into Fascinations and bought the greatest purse anyone has ever made:

It appears I never managed to get a less blurry picture of it. But seriously, you guys, this was my favorite purse I’ve ever, ever, ever had. I loved it so damn much. It wore out and broke about a year ago, but for a while it was just pure, spidery heaven to carry around.

And the last picture is, of course, of Seet Bean:

Khalina, khalina, khalina, yemkin enssa l’assiya, denta lli amelta fiy, ya habibi kan ketir

Let’s have a personal journal entry fifteen days before my birthday!

I’ve been sick for, like, three weeks. It’s slowly going away, but I still have this stupid cough. Fortunately, I’m feeling fairly human again by now, and yesterday I actually had the energy to clean my room finally! It’s so lovely in here now!

Also, posters. So. When I moved back into my parents’ house a few years ago, I thought it was going to be a temporary thing (until I finished the school program I was doing and found a more lucrative job), but these days it’s looking more long-term if not permanent. Back then I put up some scrolls and posters, but didn’t bother to cover all surfaces the way I prefer because I kept thinking I wouldn’t be in here that long. But now, accepting the nature of this arrangement, I have finally gone all-out in the good old style. This makes me happy. I suppose a few quick pictures are in order… Four corners ahoy:

Next, brother has acquired a kittin and named it Galileo. Waybee is unhappy about this addition to the household, and will attack him if he comes near her. She will undoubtedly get over it eventually, but for the moment their interaction is rather entertaining to watch. Little cat likes golden Oreos, for some reason.

So WordPress tells me what search terms have led people here, of course. And one search term that brought up my archive as a result was, “i’m thinking of suing myself. apparently.” This made me laugh really hard.

One day mom texted to ask what I wanted from McDonald’s. In attempting to reply that I wanted a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, my phone thought I wanted to type “Quatre,” and suggested “Wufei” as another word I might possibly be trying for. Dear Swype, I don’t think McDonald’s sells those.

One time I dreamed that I was taking part in a rodeo. The event I was competing in involved the following: a cow would be restrained upside-down with only its head emerging from the restraining device. I would direct my duck up a ramp to the cow’s head, where it would harass the cow with its beak for a set amount of time. Then I would call the duck back to stand in a certain spot, and we would be scored on our performance. I LAUGHED SO HARD WHEN I WOKE UP FROM THIS DREAM.

OK, despite how many photos there already are in this post, I can’t do a personal entry without progressing through the huge collection of old pictures I still need to deal with. So here are a few more from dry-cleaning days:

This interested me greatly at the time because I had no idea Playboy made suits. It’s… a little disturbing, I think, actually.

“Have dry-cleaned with reputable cleaner who is familiar with knitwear care” cracked me up. So pointlessly specific, and, methinks, somewhat paranoid. Aww, look at my stubby little thumb with its cute black nail! I should paint my nails again sometime.

I need not explain to any RK fan why this amused me. I wonder what kind of clothing line Soujirou would design… I imagine somewhat preppy.

Your eyes see right through; that’s all they do

As of right now, there are only four items left on my to-do list. In fact I’ve cleaned up my room some, though there’s still more to do (including vacuuming, which, since Enishi’s death, is something I rather loathe), so at least that one’s in progress. Well, technically, all the other remaining items are in progress; just none of that progress has been made since I started the list. Ah, well.

Thanks to Tsurezure for reminding me to post pictures today. Of course many pictures I take are of my cat, so many pictures I post must be of my cat. Here are some of those:

And then there’s also this, which ZG and I once found at a local grocery store:

I think it speaks for itself. Sometimes… sometimes… people do good things.

OK, a couple of dreams.

In one, I was at school and we were laying carpet, apparently. But there were all these donuts!! Happily we ate them; I had, like, twelve, and they were amazing. Then I started to worry that perhaps the donuts hadn’t been intended for us and would be missed. So, when I was supposedly out grabbing the carpet we needed from the storeroom, I instead went and got on a bus to see if its route would take me past a donut shop where I could replace what we (especially I) had eaten. Unfortunately, I forgot to grab my purse or even put on shoes, so if we’d happened to find a donut shop I could not have purchased any. I decided this would be the reconnaissance mission.

Naturally, now, in waking life, I want so much donuts. I head out to work at 1:00 today, at which point Dunkin Donuts will be closed, but it’s unlikely I will leave the house any earlier than that. It’s not impossible that I will get some at a gas station, but they won’t be Dunkin Donuts, which is what I specifically want. AH MY DIFFICULT LIFE.

A different dream was all about drive-thrus and bacon cheeseburgers. In waking life, I wouldn’t complain of one of those either. What will probably happen is a Kum & Go maple bacon donut, snagging the best of both dream worlds.

Yet another dream (this happens when I sleep in) featured the Jamboree building and some kind of political propaganda by someone similar to Granny Smith, though she may or may not have been a pony. Nobody was much interested in what she had to say, in any case. Then the CMC (definitely ponies) were having a bake sale and acting out a political drama with cookies in the shape of various political figures. People flocked to buy thems! So it was much more successful propaganda than Granny’s.

Then, outside the building, some airplanes came by. One of them very cleverly got right under a motorcycle that was in the middle of a mighty leap and snatched him right out of the air. Then the plane landed on the hill, the motorcycle drove off, and the plane left while everyone cheered!! Because physics totally work like that.

Day 7/8

This is only the sixth tie, but it’s probably the last for this break. As I mentioned, I often don’t get dressed at all on Sundays, and Sunday is my final day of no school and no work. But it’s been a good run. I am satisfied.

Today I cleaned the hell out of my room. I even hung up all my clean laundry for the first time in… I forget. I kinda didn’t expect I’d actually get around to cleaning my room during this break, but, lo! it really happened! After that I touched up my hair dye and then mostly messed around and played video games for the rest of the day.

So in 2013 I saw four theater movies. If I remember correctly, that’s twice as many as 2012. They were The Wolverine, Frozen, and two so-called hobbit movies. One of these four was even good; I’ll let you guess which. My dad’s parents continue the tradition of sending us movie theater gift cards for Christmas, and then we have to find movies to go see with them. I guess if the recipient never actually tells you a present is unwelcome, you might as well keep giving it year after year…

Wow, I think I’m caught up! I’m pretty sure that’s everything I needed to talk about! Oh, except for a couple of dreams. In one, I sat down in a new class at a school I was just starting to attend, and found that to my left was seated Hugh Laurie and on my right Nathan Fillion. What class was it? Who can say? An awesome class.

In another dream (kinda like the BSSM soundtrack!), I was at work dipping some bananas or apples. Then my manager sent me out to get something. I was driving Zombie Girl’s parents’ truck, for some reason, and I went to the mall. There, I met a lady that had a cria. She was carrying it to some other part of the mall because she was looking for a drill. I FOLLOWED BECAUSE CRIA. I was about to tell her that I had a drill she could use, but I realized just in time that it wasn’t actually my drill — it belonged to ZG’s parents — and I shouldn’t be offering its use to random camelid aficionados without talking to its owners first.

OK, that’s all.

Forecast to be falling yesterday; only in the past is what they say

My long break has ended, and I have started four online classes. So far they’re all pretty stupid, but as soon as we get into real assignments that should change for at least some of them; I have little hope for the “Communications” course that literally has an assignment later called “Parts of Speech,” but the bio/chem class shouldn’t be too bad, I think.

Did I get everything done that I wanted to over the break? Let’s take a look at the list I made near the beginning of my time off and see what kind of productivity I have achieved.

Fast Decisions — Yep. And even taking this to mean HoH as a whole, I have made good progress. Cross-Cancellation still isn’t done, ’tis true, but it’s gotten really close. I will take a look at it after this entry, in fact.

TLY — oops. I haven’t actually opened this at all. Maybe this is what I should take a look at after this entry. It’s true, you know… what they say about art in a vacuum…

Lellom Srab — haven’t touched this either.

All the recordings in the world — Since I started out the break with worse-than-usual congestion, this (and Lellom Srab) kinda got shuffled into the background. I edited all my shorter one-shots about Saitou and Sano (and I will get to the longer ones pretty soon), and recorded a few of those, though.

A big picture — I actually started this, but I haven’t quite finished the line art. Once the weather gets warmer and I am more inclined to sit outside, this will become a more interesting thing. It has grown quite lovely even lately, but not quite hot enough yet. It’s alllmmoost tank top time, and I’m excited, since nobody has yet seen the tattoo I got in December.

Vacuum my room — one time! It surely would have been more than that (she said with forlorn dishonesty) if Enishi hadn’t died. And by that I am referring to my vacuum named Enishi, not Seeing Red.

OK, so I feel like I’ve been fairly productive over the break. Other stuff I have accomplished that wasn’t on the list was getting half an ASZz chapter written and, as of last night, two minutes of an awesome music video put together.

Last week was another Doom Week at EA on account of Mother’s Day. Sunday itself wasn’t as order-heavy as Valentine’s Day, and I wasn’t at an internship at the same time, so the whole week wasn’t as horrible as Valentine’s Day week, but it was still pretty intense. I have two more shifts before my ten work days in a row will end and I will have a day off.

So I dreamed at one point that I was romantically involved with Mr. Gold. He had to disguise himself for some purpose or other, but instead of using magic he went into this place and came back with an actual disguise. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but it was so painfully dorky that I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep rather than acknowledge him.

I also dreamed that Zombie Girl came to visit! That was great.

OK, have some pictures of my cat. The guest bed had to be moved upstairs for a recent guest time, and for a while the mattress was leaning against the kitchen counter. This is what cat invariably does with vertical mattresses.

With a voice like sand and glue

I’ve been happily busy for several days and have neglected to report. So. I finally vacuumed my room! I’m so pleased with myself! Of course mom has company coming tomorrow, so she’s been having us do all sorts of wrist-straining cleaning tasks that are extremely relevant to having company (like sweeping the front porch ceiling), but vacuuming my room was something I actually care about even if it did hurt XD

Starting a music video was… well, not exactly a mistake… but I should have remembered what working on music videos does to me. It’s so damned addictive and exclusive. The other day — Saturday, I think — I literally worked on it for the entire day, from the moment I got up ’til the moment I went to bed, except for maybe an hour that I spent exercising. Guh, so much fun working on music video, especially on this new computer that doesn’t grind to a halt and have to be reset every twenty minutes. But such long hours of this are also a strain on my wrist; it needs to be saved for times when I’m too tired to write or whatever.

Have I mentioned the exercising yet? Ah, it would be so easy to check, but I’m not going to. I restarted the treadmill over a week ago and have been doing extremely well at it ever since. I am quite pleased with myself. Yeah, I think I remember mentioning it, since I’m watching TNE when Lesta’s not around for BSSM.

It’s a little hard to tell, but that’s my darling cat inside a bottled water package. She does love to get into things.

I just stumbled upon the following in an entry from about five years ago: So the other day as I was walking to work, it struck me that Saitou/Sano is the corpse in the basement of the (alternate) Clanbronwyn Hotel, and I’m the hand in the water. Yesterday I didn’t feel so much like that, but in general I think it’s a good (if incredibly pretentiously geeky) analogy. Da ha ha ha ha ha ha. Why has nothing changed.

Speaking of Saitou and Sano, Seeing Red wraps up tomorrow, and next week we’ll have Fast Decisions (assuming music video doesn’t eat all the time I need to spend on editing XD). After that I’ll really need to think about some ASZz and HR chapters so I’m not entirely neglecting my favorites while I work on getting Confrérie ready. Am I going to be posting SR (or anything else) on ff.n? This still has not been settled.

My mother has put spider on a chain for me, and I shall wear him with my nice brown button-up tomorrow. How about that!!

Honey, if it ain’t thunder and lightning, it just ain’t worthwhile

Of course whenever I’m sick I feel the need to replace things like toothbrush and lip gloss to avoid recontaminating myself, and the question is always at what point in the illness to do this. I always just make my best guess. In any case, a new toothbrush is so satisfying that I don’t know why I don’t have one every day. And my new blackberry lip gloss smells like coffee, for some reason O_o

Oh, but as for being sick, that really does seem to be ending. Depending on how I feel after work today, I think I will indeed be able to start my exercising this evening. The nasal congestion (predictably) is looking like it’s going to last the longest, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to record some things. But improvement is improvement!

Speaking of improvement, I edited all of Plastic over the last few days. The fact that I updated it here may have been obvious to some. I still don’t know why some post edits show up as real updates, but I tried to get them all done at once on a day with no new posts. Sorry to anyone that got two jillion emails every two jillion seconds.

On that front, there are two stories left before Confrérie: the “how Saitou and Sano are doing” story, which is going to be a fairly important question after SR; and the last set of stuff that needs to happen with our other heroes before their next big adventure starts. Though “happen” may be a misleading term. Anyway, both of these stories are quite far along but progressing slowly.

As for Confrérie itself, I can’t remember if I mentioned… I probably didn’t, on account of intern times. I talked to Zombie Girl one day about the primary issues I had with the story as it stood, and managed to get those smoothed out and the entire thing solidified. Zombie Girl is best idea bounce.

Here’s a thing that happens sometimes, and this isn’t nearly as much a subject change as it seems: I start to doubt my allergies. I can’t possibly really be allergic to all that stuff, I think. I must be imagining or exaggerating. So I eat something, like a salad or some fruit or something, and thereby painfully reiterate to myself that my allergies are neither imagined nor exaggerated.

Well, sometimes I have an exactly parallel experience with It can’t possibly be as bad as I remember, I think. I can’t really loathe it as much as I think I do. And lately I’ve had the urge to put Plastic up there. This is partly out of desire to work up interest in Confrérie, which would undoubtedly start being posted before I finished putting all of Plastic up even if I went as fast as one part every other day (which I probably wouldn’t); but mostly out of the far more superficial desire to post a 100-part story on ff.n so the drop-down chapter menu would be really long XD

This isn’t a salad I’ll actually give in and eat, however. Though I think some people would read it, and it probably would generate some interest in Confrérie, there are some issues with the story (sex not the least) that make it incompatible with ff.n. This was obvious from the first, and of course my thoughts then jumped to posting SR there instead. But, while that would go up just fine, it would be unlikely to generate any interest in Confrérie even if anyone read it in the first place, and with only 40 parts would not satisfy my desire for a really big drop-down chapter menu. Plus posting anything would just remind me how much I hate, so there you go. It was interesting to think about for a while, though.

I haven’t vacuumed my room yet. I think I never explained that my poor vacuum Enishi has broken in some manner or other, and that my parents’ vacuum is hell on my carpal tunnel. I straightened up my room in preparation for vacuuming, but haven’t yet been able to bring myself to carry that monster around and ruin my comfort for the next however long. It has to happen sometime, though.

In conclusion, I dreamed I got to hold a sweet rabbit ^__^