Walking, patting my feet on the pavement, really, truly trying to find a gig

Today, which is 29 days until I turn 32, I have very sweetly cleaned my room. It looks so nice ^__^ Sometimes, though — particularly in relation to the cleanliness of things — I have to agree with the Auditors… things would be so much neater if we could just stop time. Why do things need to be cleaned so damn often.

While I was cleaning, I found the cardboard on which my Brony pin came. The reason I kept it back when I bought that was that it says, “Caution: contains functional sharp point; pin.” This makes me laugh pretty hard.

A mama deer and spotty baby deer are in the back yard, and have been for hours. Deers like to come chill in our yard, so this isn’t unusually, but these two have been out there for a looonnnngggg time. We usually chase them off when they start eating the gardens, but these ones we’ve given some slack because the mama looks like she’s dying. I mean, we hope she won’t die in our yard, because that’s a pain in the ass, but we don’t have the heart to drive away this ribby scruffy mama deer that’s just trying to get her kid some food. I took some good pictures of them when they were near the window, but I don’t feel like messing with those right now; maybe I’ll post them another day.

Well, I’ma spend the rest of today with Zombie Girl, which is why I’m writing this entry now instead of waiting until bedtime; we probably won’t be back until late. So this is about the end.

Pairing meme! Day 13: Couple you ship that causes intense feelings in its fandom

Ten points for Gaston!

You know, the reason I started treadmill-walking every day was not so I could make fun of rewatch Gundam Wing, but because I hoped it would help me have more energy on a regular basis. Granted, I don’t manage to do it every single day, because sometimes (particularly Saturdays) I’m just too tired; and I’m still only walking at 3.3 mph for the length of a single episode… but I thought an increased level of activity would have some effect… I am so tired of being tired all the time. So fucking tired.

On a happier note, I made good HR progress yesterday. I’ve had to divide the current chapter into halves, which didn’t entirely surprise me. Chapter standard may creep up a bit, at least for a while… as long as it doesn’t jump four pages like ASZz did, that’s fine XD

I also cleaned the downstairs bathroom yesterday; what a productive day! Well, I didn’t touch the floor, ’cause I figured on doing that along with the hallway at another time. You see, Mostle and Jakebii are coming tomorrow!! That is the best!

Now I will try to work on HR and curse every customer that comes in to force me to earn my paycheck. Ugh. So tired.

In 1910 I was so handsome and so strong

Yesterday when I was treading the mill, I swung my arm in some weird way and smacked it into a protruding part of the treadmill. There is no visible bruise, but it hurts at the slightest touch — to the point where I can’t wear a bracelet on that wrist because even something that light is painful. This is inordinately interesting on me.

Yesterday I finally managed to get my room cleaned. Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing that, but when that “sometimes” extends for months it gets a little horrible in there. Ah, how I long for the day when I can leave that house forever. It would be easier to keep my things neat if my apartment-sized life weren’t packed into a single bedroom.

A customer left a golf ball in his pocket, and I think it glows in the dark. Yay glow-in-the-dark golf ball for meeeeeee. Perhaps Waybee will like it too ^___^

Birthday birthday birthday wot

NOW GUESS WHAT TODAY IS. Sankyuu to and for birthday wishes and a sunflower ^____^

I painted my nails a rainbow for the occasion, and I fully plan on putting makeup on my face before I have to go to work. It sucks that I have to work seven hours + cramps on my birthday, but what can you do. Incidentally, I need to figure out a better way to do rainbow nails. The numbering of fingernails is inconvenient for one of each color, since then two of thems don’t get repeated; maybe a more gradiented rainbow is in order… I shall ponder this.

Yesterday was marvelously productive. I got my room cleaned up (why do I always feel the need to append a “finally” to that phrase?) and all my laundry done, and I did some good work on Rose Pale, and went grocery shopping for my mom and got all the things for my very important birthday food tomorrow, and ordered a very important cakie.

I’m breaking tradition after, like, twenty years by not having carrot cake. For one thing, it’s pretty well the unhealthiest cake in the world, and it’s ginormous and I usually end up eating about 2/3 of it, which is… not healthy. For another, I really am allergic to carrots, and the cake has had a tendency to do bad things to me on a yearly basis. So, dear carrot cake, I am very sorry, and I do still love you, but this year I will have an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. On account of I am 31.

Normally I like to at least try to have something to post on my birthday, but, as I mentioned, all I worked on yesterday was Rose Pale and that is not at a posting stage yet. So no birthday present from me this year. I might have finished my ASZz chapter if I’d crunched on it, but… I didn’t. Ah, well.

Did I mention I’m a little annoyed about how much I have to work today? SUCH IS FATE. Now I shall go get dressed and put birthday makeup on. What about that.

After you’ve scrubbed boi, you’ve saved me, mah boi

Well, as Quatre said, tomorrow’s the big day… or, rather, the first of several parts of the big day. I can’t believe how close we are to the end. Have I mentioned that before? Probably. I still can’t believe it. One of these days I’ll type up my related long serious semi-rant, but not today.

I thought I worked six hours today, but it turned out they only needed me for three. It was quite slow, though, while I was there, and I got some written on both Rose Pale and ASZz. What is now Rose Pale chapter 7 is cooperating nicely since the rearrange, as I’d hoped it would, and ASZz 24 is also behaving fairly well. I am quite pleased.

Another thing that’s behaving well is this month’s CAX. I’m really happy with this drawing so far, and I hope it turns out as nicely as it has started. I don’t even remember the last time I came up with an art exchange drawing that I really liked, which makes me feel especially bad when people draw really nice things for me.

This evening I will supposedly hang out with Zombie Girl. Supposedly. As long as she doesn’t have a turtle with her and no random disasters take place. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. We’ll either see the new X-Men movie or that Harry Potter thing. Supposedly. If she bails on me again, I’ll just keep working on this picture, I guess.

Tomorrow I really, really must clean my room. The floor needs vacuuming so desperately, and I keep putting it off, but I just can’t anymore. Seriously. I will work on a dozen stories and pictures, but only after I at least vacuum, if not straighten up.

Photo meme day 8, yesterday’s productivity, music video, today’s interview

8. A photo of your favorite band/musician.

You can tell how much I care about how my favorite band looks by the fact that I had to go Google up an image of thems. Well, I mean, it’s nice when your favorite musicians are also hotties, but that’s not exactly the point… (That’s Three Days Grace, BTW.)

Yesterday was the best day. I put away all my laundry and cleaned my room, made wonderful progress on Plastic (which has now hit 100 pages), finished my music video, and even worked a little on the next one. What a fabulous day!! I am pleased ^__^

OK, so, for this video I actually sang the song, and that was what took so long to get the thing finished; I had all the video editing done, like, two months ago or something, but I kept not getting around to doing the vocals for it. But finally I did yesterday. I sound like shit, of course, but what can you do? It had to be done.

Anyway, then I discovered that somehow during the recording process, the song had sped up. My mom assures me this can’t happen, but it did. It was three seconds shorter and had a longer silence at the beginning. I had to go back through the video and cut a bunch of frames to re-sync everything, and there are a few spots that don’t work as well as they did before but that I’m too lazy to entirely redo (which is what would be required if I wanted to fix them properly).

Then I literally wasted an hour of time I could have been sleeping trying to upload the damn thing. It kept failing for unknown reasons; stupid YouTube. Not having to use services like YouTube was definitely one upside of having my own webspace. Eventually I just had to go to bed and leave it for today, because I needed to get to bed.

Today I have done an interview at an office in Castle Rock. I thought it went pretty well, but I’m not likely to hear from them for a couple of weeks. Mou. I have discovered that between here and Castle Rock, the left lane is for people that want to go ten MPH over the speed limit, and the right lane is for people that want to go ten MPH under the speed limit. I WILL MAKE MY OWN LANE for people that want to go exactly the speed limit. YAA.

Photo meme day 7, yesterday (productivity and ZG), today (cleaning,MV’s)

7. A photo of someone you love.

This is from about three years ago at a family reunion. I caught sight of my parents sitting out at the end of the pier alone BEING ADORABLE and I was like NGYEEEE. Is it any wonder that I like to write romance so much?

So yesterday I watched a football game (and wrote stuff during the commercials), and then I went to ZG’s house and sat around there for about five hours and wrote stuff. Also we watched probably the best movie ever made, and she did research for her GW fic YAY. But then I found out that after I left she stayed up all night and became sad BOO.

Today I need to put away laundry and clean stuff up and all that. Hopefully I will also have time for writing. Mayhap I will also finish my music video. There’s only one last thing to be done that I keep putting off doing… I’ve already started my next project… actually, I’ve started two of thems (both GW!)… but I really need to get this one done and up and over with. We shall see.

Mostly pointless stuffs

I have this sudden urge to play Majora’s Mask. But I’m in the middle of Minish Cap and have Spirit Tracks waiting for me, so I must resist. Plus I’m being productive today. The other urge I have to resist is to work on SaS-related things all day and neglect HR. I have decided to take them in turns.

Very pointless running log

Sick, HP, dream, days off

Out of nowhere yesterday I got so sick to my stomach I had to leave work early. I felt bad abandoning Eddie at eight in the morning, but I was throwing up in trash cans and my hands were shaking. It’s been a cold-like thing for several days, and it seems to have gone back to that now… but yesterday sucked. I ended up sleeping (or at least lying around) most of the day, though I did watch the latest HP movie again. I like the middle of it. The beginning and end are dull, and I thought almost all the performances were kinda bad, even people that should really know better like Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson. The upcoming one will probably suck like most of them have.

Then I was up fairly late because of my long naps. Rather annoyed that the one time I’m actually awake at 2000 on a Monday, Heroes is a rerun. So I played bunches of WoW and leveled Aerkoruyn twice. Then I dreamed that I was wandering around Azeroth and ran into this masked cult comprised of female night elves, and when I started hitting on the high priestess she told me she was too old for me (which, wis night elves, is something of an inevitability).

So anyway, I’m off today, and feeling pretty well OK, so productivity can ensue. HR, then WaA. I will probably do cleaning things such as emptying the trash and changing cat’s litter tomorrow. Oh, and speaking of Harry Potter, I have a fairly concrete idea for a fic at this point, but the impetus actually to write it has somewhat died with Sirius. Still, we’ll see.

Productivity, WoW

Got all my art exchange pages updated… you know, if I’d just keep up wis that as I go, I wouldn’t have to spend hours doing it every couple of months. This made me want to work on HH, TaU, and even CC. And of course Worst Possible, which I will hopefully work on after a bit.

Other than that touch-up, I haven’t been terribly productive today, which is kinda depressing. Now I’m going to clean up a bit in here — I needs to change fishyfee’s water and hang laundry and empty the trash — and then we’ll see how many minutes I have left before bedtime to spend on one or more of the above-mentioned projects.

Aerkoruyn hit level 30 yesterday! Too bad he only has, like, 5 gold. It’ll be a million years before he can afford to learn to ride. KOKKUJA DID FINALLY, but only because P gave me money for it XD Wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf.

But you are not a Jedi yet

I bought a space heater at Wal-Mart. His name is Skywalker, and he has performed exceptionally well today. My room is quite warm and has been since not long after I got up. I can’t have him on when I am sneeping because he’s incredibly loud. But I think he will solve quite admirably the problem of my room being uninhabitable during the early hours of the day and therefore productivity impossible during the early hours of my days off.

My room is also quite clean now, because I cleaned it ^___^ It is vera nice. Cat will show her face again eventually, but she is, of course, absent at the moment because she and Enishi do not get along at all. Besides cleaning, I also finished this week’s HR pages. Also Mostle appears this evening. What a nice day.

I have realized wis a shock, though, that Christmas is in a FREAKING WEEK ALREADY. I have rather severe fears regarding my Christmas offerings. I blame the extreme cold that has had me playing video games in the warmer room all week. Well, we’ll see, as always. Sometimes things jump out of nowhere and demand to be finished. But Mostle will be here, so…

As always, I thought I had more to relate, and have now forgotten it all.


OK, new roomly home, which I finally have set up pretty well as it’s going to be for who knows how long, and I’m trying to decide how to decorate the walls and possibly the ceiling. I won’t have space for most of my wall-stuff, but some of it can definitely go up. But that’s quite a decision. So. I invite anyone's opinion.


My tablet stylus is dying; it’s behaving exactly the way the last one did when it died. This either means that styluses for this particular tablet are mean and evil, or that this tablet is mean and evil to its styluses. I suspect the latter, since it was years before the first stylus died and now here the second one is dying six months later: the aged tablet is getting grouchy. Anyway it amounts to the same thing: I need a new tablet. When I will be in a position to acquire one is a matter of great question. Though since I will never draw anything I love better than Green, I don’t suppose it greatly matters if I ever draw again. I would miss HR, though.

I put up my Christmas tree yesterday after I cleaned the world. It is so cute ^__^ Tokio immediately attacked it and then mostly ignored it. She is so cute ^__^ And just as I’ve started typing this, she’s started attacking it again.

My nephew (HAH I GET TO SAY THAT) is a spellcaster. He flings out his arms at random in the most amusing gestures.

It is extremely cold tonight. It was warm on the way to work, but I thought I was going to die on the way home. Which was entirely my own fault, since I was too scatterbrained this morning to grab my scarf (MY LET SCARF) when I left. But I’m still freezing at the moment, inside, wearing half a million layers.

Holy crap, why is Aves so adorable. Also, I freaking win at Crawford and Schuldig.

OK, enough entry.


I was going to be variously productive today, but somehow “cleaning my apartment” turned into “rereading the first 8 volumes of Gravitation.” I’m even up late. Whatever.

A real entry before bed

P texted me and said that if Tokio had kittins, they would be “tiny pieces of ambling black velvet,” so she gets a pizza trophy.

So for the last several months, every time my upstairs neighbor Tanya takes a shower, it leaks down into my shower. This obviously isn’t a problem for me because of it leaking into… the shower… where it goes down the drain, but I did my duty and reported it at the office back when it started. Well, last week (a few months later) I reported it again — and this time they actually came and fixed it. Which means there’s been a hole in the ceiling for a few days. Tokio has been going crazy about it. She always runs to tell me that it’s still there, and if I’m actually in the bathroom she demands to be allowed to explore it. Anyway, this morning I was in bed and there was a knock on the door. I figured it was maintenance guy coming to patch the hole, though I hadn’t been expecting him so early — they usually don’t come to do anything until afternoontime. So I got out of bed and went to put on a robe since I was naked… and just then the guy used his magical maintenance guy key to walk in. He then apologized for, like, two hours. It was so funny. Later he did an excellent Jack Sparrow impression.

Today I am 1/5 into a very exciting project. OMG. My head a splode thinking about it.

That’s really all I have to say for now.