A real entry before bed

P texted me and said that if Tokio had kittins, they would be “tiny pieces of ambling black velvet,” so she gets a pizza trophy.

So for the last several months, every time my upstairs neighbor Tanya takes a shower, it leaks down into my shower. This obviously isn’t a problem for me because of it leaking into… the shower… where it goes down the drain, but I did my duty and reported it at the office back when it started. Well, last week (a few months later) I reported it again — and this time they actually came and fixed it. Which means there’s been a hole in the ceiling for a few days. Tokio has been going crazy about it. She always runs to tell me that it’s still there, and if I’m actually in the bathroom she demands to be allowed to explore it. Anyway, this morning I was in bed and there was a knock on the door. I figured it was maintenance guy coming to patch the hole, though I hadn’t been expecting him so early — they usually don’t come to do anything until afternoontime. So I got out of bed and went to put on a robe since I was naked… and just then the guy used his magical maintenance guy key to walk in. He then apologized for, like, two hours. It was so funny. Later he did an excellent Jack Sparrow impression.

Today I am 1/5 into a very exciting project. OMG. My head a splode thinking about it.

That’s really all I have to say for now.

Vacation preparation nonsense

Yesterday I walked to get my hairs cut. I wore sunscreen, but I think I sweated it right off… it’s about three miles each way, and it was freaking hot. So I got so much sunburn. But it was a lovely day. Once a ladybug landed on my thumb and stayed there for a long time ^___^

Today I have been preparing to go on vacation. Mostly cleaning… you know how it sucks to come home from vacation to a messy home? Yeah. Also I played wis Tokio for a long time because I have to abandon her for a week T__T

For the life of me I cannot find one of my AA batteries. I had four. I have charged the other three, and I should be fine wis just that many, but where the hell is the last one?? I’ve emptied every small electronic item in existence and come up wis eight AAA’s, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

I will probably make some lj entries from my phone whilst I am gone; we’ll see. Email me if you need me; it’ll forward to my phone as usual.

Wow, I am the hungriest person ever made. I wish to eat a feast of breakfast foods. And I don’t really have anything else to say in this entry; actually, I probably wouldn’t even have made it if I weren’t waiting for the kitchen floor to dry from teh moppings.

Things to do, GEF, WPWoDT/drawing, work notes, laundry/cleaning, doujinshi, drawing, whatever

Yay being off early ^__^ I have so much to do!! I need to finish ironing out the GEF site pages in preparation for posting ALL THE REST OF GEF; I need to type up what I’ve written at work and see about that one; I need to send a long, important email; I need to draw or at least start drawing my MRCAeX item; I need to put away all my clean laundry; and I need to clean up my apartment… and I think that’s all.

So, as I just implied, I have finished Gold Eyes False. This is so terribly exciting on me that sometimes I start bouncing around for no other reason. Looking back, I discover that I started it on April 13 (or possibly 11 or 12), 2003. THAT MEANS FOUR YEARS. YEAH. And now it is finished. What what! ^____^ Half of it still needs to be redrawn, but whatever. Linear completion is a beautiful thing. Now I shall work on the site pages for a bit before I continue this entry.

OK, now I am finally done wis that… what was next? Yeth, typings. I have worked a lot on The Worst Possible Way of Doing Things lately, mostly because I got all excited by a peecture of the two main characters that somebody drawed for me. So, I shall dew that typings and then return to this entry upon their completion.

Izumi You is so fucking annoying.

Ah, work notes are always amongst whatever I’ve written at work. Somebody called and said, “I wanted to top-up my cell phone or whatever it is.” I’m not certain how you can be uncertain about what your cell phone is when you have one, but whatever. This same person didn’t even bother giving a title or description to the hourglass when it appeared, just said, “It’s got a little… yeah.”

Having typed out those many pages of stuff I wrote at work, I shall move on to the next item: long, important email. OK, wow, that took freaking forever. But now I am finally finished wis it. There is an attendant item I need to take care of that I forgot to mention in the list, so I will do that now. OK, well, actually, I got distracted by other stuff and wasted some time and now I think I will do that other item another moment. What next?

Hmm, MRCAeX. What day is it? The 27th? It won’t kill me if I don’t get to that today, so I think I’ll come back to it if I have time after the next two items.

Laundry time!

Ah, now all my laundries are put away. What a nice thing that is. I wish I had one larger closet instead of two smaller closets, though. Well, whatever. On to cleaning up this place. Oops, I got distracted looking at stuff online. Now back to cleaning up this place. Oops, now I’m distracted again. But I’m almost done, so it’s OK. Now back to back to cleaning up this place. Oops, I forgot an important thing I need to do. Gotta dew it quicka-like. Now that is done, so back to back to back to cleaning this place up. Waa-haa, finally done wis that! Yay me!

Time for some refreshing Izz. IZZE-ESQUE. And what am I dewing next? Oh, art exchange. I chose which character I’m drawing the day I got the email, but then got distracted by other projects until now. So, time to really get going on that. Also, I am eating pickles. SWEET SWEET PICKLES OF LOVE. No, not that kind of sweet sweet pickles of love. Ah, what a perfect dinner… sweet pickles and bitter Izze. Delightful.

Speaking of that kind of sweet sweet pickles of love… Dear ladyames, I got the package!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA excitement!!!

OK, I think that may be all I have to say in this entry. It’s only been, like, all day since I started it. So I suppose I will stop now.

Laundry, weight, cat, GEF

Ah, my laundry is nearly all clean. This is a good jobon me and my laundry. I have lots of laundry. Laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry. I have discovered that this is a fun word to type repeatedly.

My cat weighs eight pounds! Awww. (I found a scale here at my family’s house) Why is she so soft and lovey. She is bathing on the carpet beside me here. I, on the other hand, weight one hundred and eighty-five pounds. I’m pretty soft and lovey too. But I bathed last night instead.

Yesterday I finished GEF page 95, and today I’m hoping to start page 96. I don’t want to wait six weeks to get the thing entirely done, especially since the next three pages are… Well, anyway, I need more people to vote in my poll. I lean first toward one option and then another; if I end up having to decide entirely for myself, it will be difficult and annoying.

I yuff weekendies, yeth I dew. La la la la la la. I think I have no more to say at the moment

Sti sti sti. Today I’ma eat chiccen.

So I went to bed all late on Saturday and then slept for almost fourteen hours. It was delightful, but it really threw off my day yesterday. I got up, drew GEF, washed dishes, cleaned up my apartment, and went to bed. I didn’t have time even to put away the clean dishes or really eat much of anything. Nor to do laundry. Not even to write anything. Today I have written some and put away the clean dishes and I shall eat chiccen. But I mentioned that already.

You know that bird-in-the-hand state where you want to ask somebody out but you’re afraid that if they don’t like you like that, it’ll damage your friendship? That’s my current status wis Gregoreee. I think he likes me like that, but I’m not entirely sure, and at the moment I’d rather keep him as a friend than risk losing him entirely. We’ll see how that changes.

Today I talked to a customer who didn’t speak English very well, and could not get across to her the concept of the backup security question on her account. This was “Who gave you your first kiss?” and she kept answering either “Radio Shack” or “Virgin Mobile.” Must have been one hell of a first kiss.

My moral issues wis You Won’t Regret It are becoming more and more pronounced. That is the chapter that’s supposed to go up next, but it is threatening instead to destroy. WE SHALL SEE. My Dominic Deegan fic is progressing nicely. Also I’ve written random Crimson Coronation scenes and figured out what-all’s going to happen, exactly, in the next two chapters. Good jobon me. Getting back into life.

I am still not entirely healthy. What bugs me most is how weak my voice is. This is teh crap when one works at a call center. Ah, well, one of these days.

Now I shall go see how well the chiccen has thawed ^__^

Mas win, cleany

K, to celebrate the largest amount of money I’ve won yet ($2,100,000.00), here are some highlights from this particular letter: “All Prize data Matters are in completion for You Jennifer, and all we need from You…” What, am I suddenly god? “This is a Real and Actual Matter.” As opposed to something I’m just hallucinating. “We have Typed page 2 for You & Attached…..” That one actually has the ellipsis. It seems almost Engrishy, doesn’t it? And for a larger amount of free money like this, one must expect to pay a larger Office Attendant reporting fee — $31.99 My life is still teh win.

I am cleaning up my apartment at last. I shall not get it all done at this moment, because I will get bored, and because normally I clean it up on Sundays after GEF so I really don’t have to be doing it right now.

I am writing a Dominic Deegan fic.

The other day somebody called in and said, “I’m having trouble with calls. I can’t catch none or send none out.” I thought this was cute.


Journal is still in the throes of neglect

I figured I’d force myself to make a post so my lj doesn’t atrophy.

I finally got a scanner/printer the other day. And yesterday I got my very first tattoo. And today I didn’t clean or do dishes, though I did get my laundry all washed.

And that seems to be all I have to say.

La la la lazy

Having taken an inordinately long time to finish and post GEF and switch out the musics, now I find I don’t feel at all like being productive for the next two hours. Therefore I will eat and probably play Twilight Princess. Or maybe read. I will clean up a tiny tiny bit, but I probably won’t even vacuum. Such is teh lazy. Tomorrow I will write twelve stories.

It’s… snowing again. OMG SURPRISE!!!! Very gently, though. Hopefully my parents will not insist on driving me to work all this week again.

I’m cleaning/organizing my computer table finally. AND EVERY LAST INCH OF IT’S COVERED WITH HAIR. I will give you three guesses why, and the first two (and any that don’t sound like you might be referring to Saitou’s wife) don’t count.

In doing so, I have found some stuff. Movie tickets: Star Wars something… Sin CityStar Wars something again… Batman BeginsHappy Feet IMAXThe FountainPirates 2Eragon… The recent ones make sense, I suppose, since I tend to put everything in the world on the table every time I get home. But Batman Begins? Whatever.

Information about Kevin and Rahul: Kevin liked his alcohol. In the right situations, of course; he was a responsible drinker. But he did become a good deal less inhibited when drunk. Kevin’s married sister’s name is Sada. Rahul wore glasses.

Notes from work: I was talking to this one customer who was having a problem wis her phone. I asked her, “Do you have the original sales receipt from the retailer?” To which she replied, somewhat heatedly, “I’m not bisexual. I don’t kiss girls.” I was like, “Uh…” and had no idea what to say. Finally I realized she was talking to someone else at the same time as me. Then I overheard one of my stupid coworkers, as he was trying to figure out which phone the customer he was talking to had, ask, “Does it have a typewriter?” We have one phone that flips open for a full keyboard; calling it a typewriter is…

Very predictably, I had a dream last night that I was an assassin. My partner assassin and I had stopped at a convenience store/gas station on the way somewhere (Carlsbad?), and she killed this guy in the store… I don’t know why, but I think it was some petty reason. Then we were trying to fill up our drinks and pay and leave casually but as quickly as possible before the body was noticed. It was amusing.

EDIT: And now it’s changed its mind and is snowing pretty hard.


I finally got around to telling them down at the office that my heater was not working, and somebody actually showed up to fix it!!! It feels warmer in here already! Like magic! Considering it’s been in the negatives for the last couple of days (life, not my apartment in specific — here it’s been a constant 65 ° for about a week), I figured it was about time.

Making ° makes me want to work on Angles.

Cleaning and whatnot

My apartment is so clean now! ^___^ I didn’t scrub the bathroom floor, and I didn’t get my table organized, but otherwise it’s lovely ^___^ I’m getting a little tired of having almost no light in my bedroom, so I suppose I should add ‘lamps’ to the long list of stuff I need to buy for my living arrangements and will probably never get around to because of manga and CD’s and DVD’s and junk food. Anyway, my apartment = love.

Yesterday I spent pretty well the entire day playing Twilight Princess. It also = love.

I have just discovered a substance on my finger that resembles dried blood. I just rubbed alcoholic sanitizer all over my hands a few minutes ago, so I’m not really worried about this… but it is rather odd.

I have nothing more interesting to say. Time to work on stories.

Today I was not very productive at work. Then after work I have been… still not very productive. Notwithstanding I posted a vignette yesterday, methinks this is going to be an unproductive week. I haven’t even put away all the stuff I dumped everywhere when I came back from my parents’ house last Saturday. But whatever.

I did mend my coat, though. The pockets had mad pulled seams and two of the buttons were missing. One is still missing since there was only one extra, but whatever. The pockets are so lovely now like *__* Coat is necessary on days like this, for, while it was actually pretty warm, the wind was excessively strong… and there’s nothing that makes you feel like the coolest person in the entire world like wearing a trench coat in heavy wind. Of course, heavy wind generally means snow, which will make me feel like the coldest person in the world on the way to and from work, but whatever. I will enjoy my fwoosh whilst I can.

Now I think I will go through every item and see what wants to be worked upon. Half the time when I’m not productive at work it’s because I’ve forgotten where I am in half the stories I’m working on and therefore don’t know what to write next.


Edit: I think this post may have set a record for but whatever‘s.


What a wasted day this feels like. Well, whatever. I have half-assed the cleaning of my apartment and washed my dishes, and that must be enough. I’m an hour late getting to bed, which makes me apprehensive for the morrow, but, again, whatever. I got a leetle Christmas tree at Wal-Mart for $10 and that makes me happy. And now no mas entry or day.

A guy with a big knife

Yesterday I got my apartment all clean and my laundry all clean, and it was awesome. I finished Gundam Wing, and moved on through the alphabet to Hans Christian Andersen and the first Harry Potter movie. Leedle.

This week at work, instead of doing an extra hour every weekday and four extra hours on Saturday, I’m doing two extra hours every weekday. This cuts my free time down to almost nothing during the week, and Thanksgiving’s going to be interesting, but it leaves Saturday free so’s I can DEW ITEM. Because Mostle appears tomorrow!!!!!!!! YaAAAaaAaaaaaaa. She will be here all the rest of the week ^___^

Today at work we were super slow. For this time of year, anyway. I got soOoOo much work done on my Top Secret Project. It was freaking awesome!! Yay me. I may even be able to expand the goal.

Also today I got a postcard wis the funniest squirrel ever on it. <3 <3 <3

Now time to work on stuff.

La la la Sunday

Now my apartment is all clean and so are my dishes. I went to the grocery store the other day and completely forgot to get a new sponge, so I got to scrub them wis my fingers again, mou. But whatever.

I really like all the pilots better when all five of them are together. They play off each other better than they do off any other characters in the series.

Now I can’t decide whether I want to play video games for a while or draw *ponders*