Know what they say? –it’s, “Nothing lasts forever.” Then what makes love the exception?

One day at work I was adjusting a small blood tube in its stopper when it suddenly shattered!! I got a cut on my (dominant pointer) finger that looked like a cute little smile, and blood (mostly mine) aaallll over the third exam room.

Speaking of work, I seem to have crossed some threshold. I’ve had multiple dreams about this job lately, whereas previously I rarely did.

In one, V announced that I was doing all the surgeries that day. At first I was worried because I’m not really sure how they go about ligating the organs — generally if you’re in the room at that point, you’re watching something else — but evidently I figured it out, because I managed one surgery with no problems.

But then something happened that we all had to work on, and I wasn’t able to do any more surgeries for several hours. At about noon, V asked if I was done with all the surgeries yet, and when I told her I wasn’t, she said, “Oh, well, that’s OK.” And I was like, You don’t know just how not-done I am… In real life, ZG described this as a McDonald’s dream not set at McDonald’s XD

In another dream, I went into Safeway looking for a ruler (which I actually need in real life). They had a startling (and unrealistic) number of rulers of different types, and whilst I was looking through them trying to choose one, there was this little cat that needed to be extubated. My blow-torch’s end was warped into an oval shape and didn’t fit the cuff, but Shawna was nearby and let me use hers. I extubated the cat (who was on a shelf on some aisle or other), and it was very sweet.

In a third dream that wasn’t about work but was about cat, Galileo picked up a Guitar Hero guitar and brought it to my brother as if to request instruction on how to play it. Brother remarked that the buttons on the guitar weren’t working very well. BUT SO CUTE a little cat wanting to play Guitar Hero.

And in yet another dream, we were at Disneyland. The slow-moving-gondolas-across-the-park “ride” was there, but it was like a skii-lift in that the front of the gondola was open and people sat in it with their feet dangling and just a lap-bar to hold them in. As a gondola with some childs in passed over brother and me (we were, of course, discussing which rides we wanted to go on that day), one little girl dropped her teddy bear. Somehow, by pure coincidence, it fell perfectly into my hand, so I called up to her that I’d wait for her at the exit to the “ride” to give it back.

Enough about dreams. It occurred to me the other day that the HoH four fit pretty well into the four Hogwarts houses: Heero is a Hufflepuff, Duo is a Gryffindor, Trowa is a Ravenclaw, and Quatre is a Slytherin. ZG wanted to argue Heero and Trowa, but I stand by my original thought, heh. Of course they probably sort differently in other universes.

Note: Loratadine does make me drowsy. It’s great to have a lot of allergies and no practical way around them.

I may have mentioned at some point that I’m trying to replace most of my physical book collection with Kindle books. Of course I keep anything special to me or that I can’t get a Kindle version of, but I’m still getting rid of a lot of books. And no matter how much I remind myself that I never read physical books and that this will clear up much-needed space in my room, it’s still heartrending to get rid of so many lovely books.

OK, the next several pictures in my collection of pictures that need to be posted are of my sweet cat.

She loves to lie on the stereo box beneath the TV, because it gets really warm. Galileo loves that spot too.

And of course, like all cats everywhere, she loves cardboard boxes. If a box is not available, just cardboard, apparently, will do.

Today I am wearing my first Halloween scrub top ^__^

I’ve been “””working on””” this post for, like, a week, which mostly means having nothing else to say and ignoring it. So here it is.

Guess what!! I have my first grey hairs!! OK, technically, I’ve been dying my hair black for so long that grey hairs might have come along any time in the last few years and I would not have noticed them. Lately I’ve been letting my natural color grow out, though, and these little grey ones have appear along with the rest. It is exciting and kindof awesome for no particular reason XD

GW fic coming soon!

I dreamed that we were at grandma’s house (mom’s mom), and she had a whole bunch of big dogs running happily around in a big back yard. I adopted two of thems: a pit bull and a great dane, both female and very sweet (sweet female dane ROFLOL).

The problem was that, in this dream-world, it required first a five-hour drive and then an airplane flight to get both to and from grandma’s house. The dream made it clear that the flight with these dogs wouldn’t be a problem, but the five-hour drive to the airport was going to be somewhat difficult. For one thing, I already had Beeks with me. For another, we’d bought a bunch of souvenirs, so our baggage was very large. Also we were already four adults (and one small dog) in a compact car. Cue another ‘woke up laughing’ moment.

Once Waybee decided to help me with homework:

You can tell I’m still in 2012 with these pictures I’m trying to catch up on posting. It is nice not to have homework anymore.

This was also back before we finished getting six-foot fences up all around the back yard, and the deer were in and out whenever they wanted:

And then one time ZG and I saw these amazing signs in a store:

A Robin dream with a dog and a bargain and some quests

Dream accounts are another thing on which I’ve fallen off badly over the last year or so. So here we go.

I dreamed I was a member of Robin Hood’s band. I was at the hideout, and so were Lea and a guy I knew in high school. Lea had rescued a husky or malamute (the dream wasn’t clear on this point) and was trying to train it to be friendly and nice. It was still a bit snappy at me, though, and also really wanted to go out the door, to the point where someone had to stay behind and distract it with treats if anyone else wanted to leave the room.

Somebody needed a new bow, and we were alerted to a sale (like a BOGO) at the Nottingham market, and I was all excited to go because there were two new models of bow that I really wanted. I pretended, talking to this guy that was there, that it was an inconvenience for me to go to the market, but that the new bow would be a consolation, but in reality I was super happy about it.

So I hopped into the secret dumb-waiter that we used to get to the Nottingham market. It had a camouflage net sort of thing in front of it to keep it hidden, and I have clearly been writing too much about hiding gundams lately. I waved goodbye to the guy and the dog (Lea had gone somewhere to do something prior to this) and headed for Nottingham.

As the dumb-waiter rose up to a point where I could see the townspeople and the market, I was a little concerned to see foresters (the legitimate, law-abiding kind) milling about in their brown hoods. But I reflected that, though I was wearing a cloak that might make me look like a deep forest outlaw, mine was red and I was a woman — and apparently wearing a red cloak a la Rotkäppchen was a fashion statement made by some women that would not immediately associate me with the outlaws.

At this point, since this entire experience was a video game, I was also considering that I’d never played the game on the law-abiding side. Evidently I’d always been drawn to the outlaws and hadn’t been able to bear setting up a character that worked for the sheriff; who would? I climbed out of the dumb-waiter and saw all the quest-givers in town with their big yellow exclamation marks, but I was too excited to get to the market to stop for any of them yet.

Then I woke up, and my first thought, before I returned to full coherence, was, I really do have that game, don’t I? I could play a law-abiding character if I wanted to. Then I woke up a bit more and realized that, if there is such a game, I certainly don’t have it. I do have Conquests of the Longbow, but I gave up on that when I couldn’t win the archery tournament and kindof assumed I would need to have done so in order to proceed. Anyway, this dream amused me. The bits about Lea and the husky as members of Robin Hood’s band, and the Nottingham BOGO sale, were my favorites.

Khalina, khalina, khalina, yemkin enssa l’assiya, denta lli amelta fiy, ya habibi kan ketir

Let’s have a personal journal entry fifteen days before my birthday!

I’ve been sick for, like, three weeks. It’s slowly going away, but I still have this stupid cough. Fortunately, I’m feeling fairly human again by now, and yesterday I actually had the energy to clean my room finally! It’s so lovely in here now!

Also, posters. So. When I moved back into my parents’ house a few years ago, I thought it was going to be a temporary thing (until I finished the school program I was doing and found a more lucrative job), but these days it’s looking more long-term if not permanent. Back then I put up some scrolls and posters, but didn’t bother to cover all surfaces the way I prefer because I kept thinking I wouldn’t be in here that long. But now, accepting the nature of this arrangement, I have finally gone all-out in the good old style. This makes me happy. I suppose a few quick pictures are in order… Four corners ahoy:

Next, brother has acquired a kittin and named it Galileo. Waybee is unhappy about this addition to the household, and will attack him if he comes near her. She will undoubtedly get over it eventually, but for the moment their interaction is rather entertaining to watch. Little cat likes golden Oreos, for some reason.

So WordPress tells me what search terms have led people here, of course. And one search term that brought up my archive as a result was, “i’m thinking of suing myself. apparently.” This made me laugh really hard.

One day mom texted to ask what I wanted from McDonald’s. In attempting to reply that I wanted a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, my phone thought I wanted to type “Quatre,” and suggested “Wufei” as another word I might possibly be trying for. Dear Swype, I don’t think McDonald’s sells those.

One time I dreamed that I was taking part in a rodeo. The event I was competing in involved the following: a cow would be restrained upside-down with only its head emerging from the restraining device. I would direct my duck up a ramp to the cow’s head, where it would harass the cow with its beak for a set amount of time. Then I would call the duck back to stand in a certain spot, and we would be scored on our performance. I LAUGHED SO HARD WHEN I WOKE UP FROM THIS DREAM.

OK, despite how many photos there already are in this post, I can’t do a personal entry without progressing through the huge collection of old pictures I still need to deal with. So here are a few more from dry-cleaning days:

This interested me greatly at the time because I had no idea Playboy made suits. It’s… a little disturbing, I think, actually.

“Have dry-cleaned with reputable cleaner who is familiar with knitwear care” cracked me up. So pointlessly specific, and, methinks, somewhat paranoid. Aww, look at my stubby little thumb with its cute black nail! I should paint my nails again sometime.

I need not explain to any RK fan why this amused me. I wonder what kind of clothing line Soujirou would design… I imagine somewhat preppy.

Day 7/8

This is only the sixth tie, but it’s probably the last for this break. As I mentioned, I often don’t get dressed at all on Sundays, and Sunday is my final day of no school and no work. But it’s been a good run. I am satisfied.

Today I cleaned the hell out of my room. I even hung up all my clean laundry for the first time in… I forget. I kinda didn’t expect I’d actually get around to cleaning my room during this break, but, lo! it really happened! After that I touched up my hair dye and then mostly messed around and played video games for the rest of the day.

So in 2013 I saw four theater movies. If I remember correctly, that’s twice as many as 2012. They were The Wolverine, Frozen, and two so-called hobbit movies. One of these four was even good; I’ll let you guess which. My dad’s parents continue the tradition of sending us movie theater gift cards for Christmas, and then we have to find movies to go see with them. I guess if the recipient never actually tells you a present is unwelcome, you might as well keep giving it year after year…

Wow, I think I’m caught up! I’m pretty sure that’s everything I needed to talk about! Oh, except for a couple of dreams. In one, I sat down in a new class at a school I was just starting to attend, and found that to my left was seated Hugh Laurie and on my right Nathan Fillion. What class was it? Who can say? An awesome class.

In another dream (kinda like the BSSM soundtrack!), I was at work dipping some bananas or apples. Then my manager sent me out to get something. I was driving Zombie Girl’s parents’ truck, for some reason, and I went to the mall. There, I met a lady that had a cria. She was carrying it to some other part of the mall because she was looking for a drill. I FOLLOWED BECAUSE CRIA. I was about to tell her that I had a drill she could use, but I realized just in time that it wasn’t actually my drill — it belonged to ZG’s parents — and I shouldn’t be offering its use to random camelid aficionados without talking to its owners first.

OK, that’s all.


THREE DAYS ’til my birthday, pipols! Wot about three days! WOT ABOUT THREE DAYS GRACE.

I am seriously excited right now. Tonight brother is picking me up from work and we’re heading straight to A THREE DAYS GRACE CONCERT. We’re going to be out way late and I’m sure to be dreadfully exhausted by the time we get home, but THREE DAYS GRACE. THREE DAYS GRACE THREE DAYS ‘TIL MY BIRTHDAY. Finally I will see my favorite band in person! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

And then tomorrow there are two football games, and on Sunday we go to Santa Fe!!!!!!

I am at work right now, counting down the minutes until I get to leave. What a useless work day this will be XD

Actually I’ve been super excited all week, and on Monday and Tuesday I kept thinking it was Thursday. So many amazing things will happen! What an awesome weekend!

OK, a couple of dreams and then I guess I’ll make an arrangement. First, I and Regina were joining Emma going to Neverland to rescue Henry. There was sexual tension among the three of us, but at the same time I didn’t fully trust Regina.

When we got there, the Henry-related story seemed to have been forgotten. Also, Neverland was also kinda forgotten. The place we’d reached was a rustic settlement (well, rustic except for the cathedral) whose people immediately accepted Emma as the prophesied pope figure they’d been waiting for. Go figure.

Emma didn’t have any magical powers in this dream, but Regina, of course, did, and so did I. So Regina and I kept using magic to make it look like Emma had magic to impress the peoples. It was frustrating to all three of us, because Regina and I were doing a lot of work without getting any credit, and the adoring public wouldn’t leave Emma alone for three minutes.

Then at one point Emma was going to go off somewhere to do something, and she reached into a box to grab a thing she needed to take with her. But she pulled her hand back covered in blood from a sudden long, deep cut. With the type of badass special effects you get in dreams, I started lifting the blood away and stitching up the wound telekinetically. I gathered the blood into a ball much like Upfish’s beloved blood-ball except that the containing outer layer was squishy instead of glass. Like a completely transparent water balloon filled with blood.

I turned to Regina and said, “Did you want some of Emma’s blood?” She said she didn’t, and I pressed, “Are you sure? Because that seems like something you would want.” But she still said no. This was a sign of the mistrust I still felt toward her, since apparently having some of Emma’s blood would make it easier for Regina to double-cross Emma later, but it also apparently partook of the sexual tension.

We noticed that the object Emma had supposedly cut herself on didn’t seem like it would have created the type of cut she had. So we dug around in the box and discovered a much sharper and more dangerous item that we agreed had definitely been planted there; someone was out to get Emma.

At the same time, though, I also observed that she had lost a lot of blood and wasn’t reacting at all as if she had. This occasioned a flash of knowledge offered to my dreaming self that Emma had, in fact, been replaced by a robot by some enemy or other. But I never found out why, because that was the end of the dream.

In another dream, I was somewhere when I saw a little dog (I think it was a lhasa) run away from its person. I got into my little car (I think it was a Kia) and gave chase, and came upon a flowery mountain glen where the little dog played happily with three or four other dogs. I called the owner and told her where to come to retrieve her dog.

When she arrived, she and I started walking across the meadow toward the dogs, discussing runaway dogs and other related topics. Halfway across, though, we came upon another lady having her picture painted, and my companion realized she knew this lady.

“I almost didn’t recognize you!” said the dog owner. “I haven’t seen you since you had your sex reassignment surgery!”

There was a happy but brief reunion of these two friends before the painter of the portrait got annoyed at our interruption of her work and shooed us away. I wanted to congratulate the lady on having gotten sex reassignment surgery, but not only was I not supposed to talk to her while she was having her picture painted, I didn’t know whether or not it would be awkward when I wasn’t actually acquainted with her at all.

So those were my dreams.

Apparently I think extremely well of myself right now

In my dream, I was getting ready for Prom. As is often the case in my dreams, this took place in a labyrinthine bathroom faintly reminiscent of Silent Hill. Presently a large grizzly bear attacked, and I killed the poor thing with such ease that the dream didn’t actually bother to show how I’d done it.

Then this horrible old bearded man showed up and started leering at me. I told him to look inside the nearby barrel. When he did so, and found the corpse of the grizzly bear I’d stuffed in there, I warned him that he’d really better not annoy me. He couldn’t get the bear’s body back into the barrel because he wasn’t as badassedly strong as I was. Then he left.

Usually my getting-ready dreams never actually lead anywhere — certainly not to the event I’m supposedly getting ready for — but in this one I did finish my toilette, and headed for Prom. At first I thought it might be cool to go in there with Akabane as if he were my date, but after not too much thought I decided I was too awesome even for Akabane, and went in alone.

I was wearing a three-piece suit rather than a tux, in black and red, and I looked SO FUCKING HOT. I swaggered into the place knowing how amazing I was and how everyone was marveling at my hotness and amazingness. There were some people dancing, but I wasn’t terribly interested in that; I headed straight for the refreshments table and started to fill up a plate with delicious things.

There was this one cake so tall that, when it had been diminished so only a single piece remained, fell over onto its back. I only wanted about a third of this massive piece of cake, and very carefully cut into it with a knife. Then I sat down at a table with my dad (because why shouldn’t he be there, if I was?), knowing that I still looked incredibly attractive and impressive.

So… I’m not sure what that was about XD

Today we are driving to meet my dad’s parents in Moab. Hopefully that will be fun. It’s supposed to be, like, 102° there today, so I bought a swimsuit for the first time in… good lord, I can’t remember. Fifteen years? And then I shaved my thighs for the first time in perhaps eight.


Next week is my last free time before in-person school starts. I suppose I should work really hard on everything I won’t have nearly as much time for during school, but I feel more like hanging around outside in the lovely hot weather and relaxing. Of course this relaxation takes place with my computer these days, and usually after I’ve worn my voice out recording, so it’s generally fairly productive. Good jobon me.

Somehow I thought this entry would take longer to write, probably because I believed, as usual, that I had more to say than it turned out I actually did. We’re waiting for my brother to get home from class so we can depart, and I’ve already packed up my computer for travel, so I’m making this entry on my phone while I boredly sit around. Technically I don’t think his class has even ended yet. Mou.

Dee dee dee dee dee dee dee

I get lots and lots of spam email in Russian, and that’s pretty cool. Does anyone know how I can get spam in other languages too? I have no idea how the Russian spam got started, so I don’t know how to go about getting a bunch of people to start spamming me in Chinese and Arabic too. Somebody help!

I dreamed that some cats with a bunch of kittins appeared outside my home! (In this dream, my home was a hotel or something; whatevs). I didn’t see how Tokio would react to them, but I did get to give them food and pet them and stuff. KITTINS.

Yesterday was recording day from beginning to end. I read a bunch, and then edited a bunch, and eventually put up five new recordings, short though they were. This is, of course, not nearly as productive as actually writing stories, but still pretty productive. I like having recordings done. Today (at least for now) I am resting my voice.

Confrérie had been making good progress, and in fact has graduated into its second file; that is always an exciting moment. I’d like to start posting it as a birthday present to myself, but we’ll see how far into it I am by then. I think I was about 40 parts into Plastic before I started posting that one, so that’s been my sort of tentative goal. We’ll see, we’ll see. I was right about one thing, though: getting Cross-Cancellation out of the way has really allowed me to concentrate on Confrérie. So good jobon that.

There’s this pair of bluejays that has come to my yard and declared war on EVERYTHING. They harass the squirrels and the dog and my dad and all the birds. BUT. I do not allow them to harass my little sweet black-capped chickadee friends that live in the birdhouse that hangs from the porch. MY CHICKADEES. BLUEJAYS CAN FUCK OFF.

Also, a deer jumped the six-foot fence. How about that.

I love summer.

Honey, if it ain’t thunder and lightning, it just ain’t worthwhile

Of course whenever I’m sick I feel the need to replace things like toothbrush and lip gloss to avoid recontaminating myself, and the question is always at what point in the illness to do this. I always just make my best guess. In any case, a new toothbrush is so satisfying that I don’t know why I don’t have one every day. And my new blackberry lip gloss smells like coffee, for some reason O_o

Oh, but as for being sick, that really does seem to be ending. Depending on how I feel after work today, I think I will indeed be able to start my exercising this evening. The nasal congestion (predictably) is looking like it’s going to last the longest, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to record some things. But improvement is improvement!

Speaking of improvement, I edited all of Plastic over the last few days. The fact that I updated it here may have been obvious to some. I still don’t know why some post edits show up as real updates, but I tried to get them all done at once on a day with no new posts. Sorry to anyone that got two jillion emails every two jillion seconds.

On that front, there are two stories left before Confrérie: the “how Saitou and Sano are doing” story, which is going to be a fairly important question after SR; and the last set of stuff that needs to happen with our other heroes before their next big adventure starts. Though “happen” may be a misleading term. Anyway, both of these stories are quite far along but progressing slowly.

As for Confrérie itself, I can’t remember if I mentioned… I probably didn’t, on account of intern times. I talked to Zombie Girl one day about the primary issues I had with the story as it stood, and managed to get those smoothed out and the entire thing solidified. Zombie Girl is best idea bounce.

Here’s a thing that happens sometimes, and this isn’t nearly as much a subject change as it seems: I start to doubt my allergies. I can’t possibly really be allergic to all that stuff, I think. I must be imagining or exaggerating. So I eat something, like a salad or some fruit or something, and thereby painfully reiterate to myself that my allergies are neither imagined nor exaggerated.

Well, sometimes I have an exactly parallel experience with It can’t possibly be as bad as I remember, I think. I can’t really loathe it as much as I think I do. And lately I’ve had the urge to put Plastic up there. This is partly out of desire to work up interest in Confrérie, which would undoubtedly start being posted before I finished putting all of Plastic up even if I went as fast as one part every other day (which I probably wouldn’t); but mostly out of the far more superficial desire to post a 100-part story on ff.n so the drop-down chapter menu would be really long XD

This isn’t a salad I’ll actually give in and eat, however. Though I think some people would read it, and it probably would generate some interest in Confrérie, there are some issues with the story (sex not the least) that make it incompatible with ff.n. This was obvious from the first, and of course my thoughts then jumped to posting SR there instead. But, while that would go up just fine, it would be unlikely to generate any interest in Confrérie even if anyone read it in the first place, and with only 40 parts would not satisfy my desire for a really big drop-down chapter menu. Plus posting anything would just remind me how much I hate, so there you go. It was interesting to think about for a while, though.

I haven’t vacuumed my room yet. I think I never explained that my poor vacuum Enishi has broken in some manner or other, and that my parents’ vacuum is hell on my carpal tunnel. I straightened up my room in preparation for vacuuming, but haven’t yet been able to bring myself to carry that monster around and ruin my comfort for the next however long. It has to happen sometime, though.

In conclusion, I dreamed I got to hold a sweet rabbit ^__^

I have to think of a subject for this too?

I AM BACK. The internship is all over and everything is good. I have been very intensely busy catching up on sleep and rest and lying around and not being exhausted all the time. Now I have a month off before the next phase of school starts, and I can’t even express how nice that is or how much I’ve been looking forward to it. Being constantly extremely tired hasn’t quite worn off yet, and I don’t really have the energy to describe the internship or the people there or any of the stuff that happened that I haven’t mentioned. But I will mention a few dreams.

I dreamed that I was a wolf. A friend (also a wolf) and I were being chased by another wolf that was trying to kill us. But I fought her and killed her instead. I felt a little bad about doing this, but less so in that it was self-defense. But then my conscience started berating me. “Self-defense, sure, but why was she attacking you in the first place? You created this character and specifically made her evil, and then you killed her for doing exactly what you created her to do.” Which might have been a very just complaint if I’d been at all aware of the level of meta this dream was going to take XD

It’s always interesting when a dream I have was inspired by a recognizable influence or combination of influences from waking life, but that inspiration is simultaneously so vague and so specific that I can’t (or at least it’s not worth the effort to) describe it to anyone else.

I’ve had four or five Disneyland dreams since the last time I documented any dreams. In one of them, I was at Disneyland with Jujubii having lots of fun on a ride with rags that were apparently really funny. In another, Mostle insisted I go on their new Phantom of the Opera ride, based on a Disney cartoon version of the story in which Scrooge McDuck played Erik.

I also dreamed that there were a bunch of velociraptors and a t-rex wandering around. I was hiding under a rock outcropping, and at first it was pretty clearly to avoid these dinosaurs. But then it turned out that it was actually part of my spywork for Saitou, and there was no sign of the dinosaurs. Then there was a flood of milk or something that left waybee all covered in milk or something. I was toweling her off, and Saitou was unaccountably interested in this process.

I don’t even remember what-all dreams I’ve had. I’m just glad I’m back to a state where I can happily record them again.

Obviously, having neglected my journal for, like, six weeks, there’s a lot of stuff to tell about that isn’t even related to the internship. But it will probably come as no surprise that I don’t have the energy to try to think what it all is and tell all about it. Regular entries should resume from this point, however, and I’ll try to mention some of that stuff as it occurs to me in days to come. For now, The End.


“`uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkjmmmmk,” writes cat. To start out with.

Tomorrow school resumes, so I’ve spent today getting the last things done that I needed to do and… and that’s about it. I was amusing myself, over break, by allowing my fingernails to grow really long and all my clean laundry to stay in a couple of heaps unfolded and wrinkling, but now I have cut the one and put away the other, so I’d say I’m about ready for school.

I also had to switch back to my smaller purse, because the bigger one doesn’t fit into my backpack with all my textbooks. Sadness. Not that I don’t like the smaller purse! Just, the bigger one has spiders on.

I finished my Texas longhorns paper and presentation yesterday; as in the previous sequence, it took pretty well all day because I had to force myself to work on it and may have started a new gnome rogue somewhere in the middle of it. But my PowerPoint presentation’s going to be pretty badass; I put all sorts of stupid pictures into it of things like a longhorn with twenty-foot horns decorated with Christmas tree ornaments, and John Wayne with longhorn horns. Important things like that.

So those of us that are planning on continuing into the full vet tech program instead of quitting after this first basic crap (which grants no official certification or licensure) have been working on this application packet for the full program, and there’s this “”””essay”””” we each have to write in response to the question, “Why are you applying for the vet tech program?” This can easily be answered in a single sentence — “Because I want a job that pays more than minimum wage but is not totally miserable to work every day” — but they demand at least three paragraphs.

So I just came up with the most bombastic way of saying “Because I want a job that pays more than minimum wage but is not totally miserable to work every day” that I could think of, and we’ll see how they like it. Come on, guys, you’re not a real school; it’s not like you’re going to turn someone away if they’re offering to pay you.

I really should have vacuumed my room today, but I didn’t feel like it.

Last night I dreamed there was a tiny monkey running around my house! He was a con artist, and I think he had a con artist partner elsewhere that was a female tiny monkey! I wanted waybee to catch him but not hurt him, but she got annoyed at me speaking to her in such a dictatorial fashion and eventually went into a different room. Eventually I caught the monkey myself and put him in a tree outside. It was good times.

I am happy because Once Upon a Time resumes in half an hour. We’ll see if Mulan and Aurora manage to make out yet.

Safeway doesn’t sell the color I dye my hair. I need to refresh it, and today would have been a perfect day for that, but I haven’t made it all the way to Wal-Mart since these facts occurred to me. Sometime this coming week, perhaps.

The End.

Ahh! I told you, He-Man, I know this jungle too well! Ah ha ha ha ha!

Oh, man, I’m hungry. Maybe I will have some delicious brats for lunch *__*

This past week at school has been this really stupid “office management” thing, and the most boring of aaallll. Fortunately it’s over now. Once upon a time, though, something really funny happened. Beware! because I am a jerk.

So for our “major project” this six-week sequence, we have to choose a breed (of any animal) and do a paper on it. Since the teacher, very understandably, doesn’t want to read thirty-two papers on GSD’s or whatever, she declared that there shall be no duplicates. On the sign-up sheet next to the one we use to sign in every day, everyone wrote what breed they chose; of course there was a lot of “Crap, somebody took the one I wanted” involved.

Since I wasn’t terribly worried about anyone else wanting my choice, the Romney pig, I signed up later than most and therefore got to see most of the others’ choices. And I noted that this one really, really stupid girl had written next to her name, “birds.” I had to work pretty hard not to laugh out loud. She eventually erased it and (presumably) put something rational, but just the thought of it still makes me laugh.

OK, so. I dreamed that I revisited a house in which I had formerly lived. Living there now was a group of college-age guys, and they had allowed the house to become the most amazing, disgusting mess you can imagine. Probably because I had such fond memories of the place, I wanted to rectify this situation, and went to the one guy that was home at that moment to offer to clean the house for them for a small fee. He refused my services, so I was going to leave.

On the way out, however (and how I hadn’t discovered this on the way in I haven’t the faintest idea), I found that these guys kept all their pets in the front room. Many of these pets should have been in cages, but none of them were. There were, like, twenty snakes and some rodents, and several cats that just attacked whatever they wanted whenever they wanted to. The snakes started getting all over me, and some of them were biting me. This apparently wasn’t a problem, but it was a problem that I wasn’t going to be able to leave without taking some of these snakes with me because they were wrapped all around me. So I was calling for the guy to come put his pets away when the dream ended.

In a different dream, there was an evil dog that kept appearing and dragging people off to do horrible things to them where nobody could see. The evil dog scared me a bit, but I decided to deal with it anyway. It was behind a thing doing something horrible to a person, and I started to call out to it tauntingly. It came out in a rage, and I awesomely faked not being afraid of it and continued taunting it. It tried to bite me, but I totally bit it instead XD I love my dreams.

I have an internship coming up in January, and in preparation for that I have to make sure I have all these different vaccinations. Yesterday I got a tetanus shot, and ZOMFG YOU GUYS this thing cost ninety dollars. My arm’s a little sore, but the price hurt way more. I have to get a rabies vaccine too, but that’ll have to wait for another paycheck :/

Things I’ve learned from He-Man today:

1. Krackens have bird beaks and wings.
2. Giant crude robotic rhinos on tank treads make admirable gods.
3. Eternians can hold their breaths underwater indefinitely.
4. Sherlock Holmes was awesome.



After that practically nonexistent winter and the driest April evar, I’d kinda despaired of getting any moisture around here, but today it is finally a lovely rainy day. I hoped to be able to watch it in peace, but customers kept coming in to spoil it. (That’s ungenerous of me; the customers were, in general, very well-timed today).

Yesterday I made good plans on ASZz, and then, unexpectedly, some decent progress on Blood Contingency. I revamped (da ha ha ha) the existing chapters and then wrote some on the chapter after next, so good jobon that. Also I’ve been working on some pony arts lately. Yay!

Parents and Lesta are at Disneyland RIGHT NOW. I am jealous. It’s kinda cool to get texts from someone currently on a Disneyland ride, though.