And the day will end for some as the night begins for one

In one dream, I was a badass swordsman that successfully defended the colony (which lived in the Jamboree building, of course) from zombies or something. I wore a super cool fantasy outfit and had Sword of Darkness II, which I even made fun of in the dream because it’s the most common fantasy sword that every nerd has on their wall and it’s not even sharp.

There were all these dudes that rallied around this one older guy swordsman that was disdainful of me because I was a ladytype. Despite the fact that I’d singlehandedly saved the colony, they were all sneering and such about women being swordsmen.

This guy challenged me to a duel, and then looked all skeptical and superior when I didn’t know the little duel-specific flourishes one is supposed to make at the beginning. It was a very structured and not very practical sort of duel, and he beat me easily, and I was kinda like, I don’t have time for this. Then he condescendingly asked if I wanted to try again, and I said, “If I lost, I lost.” And walked away. XD

There was another dream I wanted to record, but I’ve completely forgotten it now. Like, I can’t even vaguely remember what it might have been about. I just remember waking up afterward thinking it would be amusing to have written down. Ah, well. On to sadder things.

Zombie Girl is back in town(country) because her mother had a stroke. This, of course, is horrible, but nonetheless I am always glad to see my dearest friend again. Here’s hoping her mother has the fullest recovery she possibly can.

Speaking of hospitals and such, my dad and his siblings have elected to stop the no-longer-effective cancer treatment on their father and take him home. Last I heard, the doctors had no estimate on how much longer he’ll live; dad and uncles speculate a week or two. I have no great attachment to my grandfather, but I am quite attached to my father and will feel extremely bad for him when his dad dies. At least everyone’s known it’s coming.

Interestingly, my grandfather worked at a plant manufacturing nuclear bomb parts when he was younger, and apparently everyone that ever worked for that company and later developed cancer gets all their cancer treatment paid for without question by the company. I guess they knew they’d never win a lawsuit and just decided to be gracious before anyone came at them.

And speaking of cancer and dying, great thanks to David Bowie. 372 songs of my 12,724-song collection are yours, sir, and even though you had a terrible habit of throwing older songs onto the end of new albums over and over and over (so that I think I have about twelve copies of Space Oddity from different places), that doesn’t change the fact that I have more music by you than by any other single artist.

Stardust: The David Bowie Story was the first biography I ever read, and that long before I had any idea that I’m gay or even much of a concept of what ‘gay’ was. I’m grateful for the enlightenment and for the music. We’ll miss you, goblin king.

And now I think I’ve gone on longer about David Bowie’s death than I did about those of a couple of authors in the last few years whose work meant far more to me than his. Or about my own grandpa’s XD

Well, I’ve been quite productive this weekend, and I’m hoping to continue to be productive today. I don’t think I have anything else to say in this entry, so I’ll post some pictures and go away.

Bizarrely, here’s a picture of the mountains looking cool that I took from some parking lot other than Wal-Mart. What is the world coming to??

Northern Spy Apple Crisp is apparently a thing. I want to be a spy and have a special apple crisp just for me.

And here’s Waybee looking startled. She does that a lot more these days with younger, less appropriate animals around.

Last of all, a chinchilla I saw once at a pet store doing the best pose.


THREE DAYS ’til my birthday, pipols! Wot about three days! WOT ABOUT THREE DAYS GRACE.

I am seriously excited right now. Tonight brother is picking me up from work and we’re heading straight to A THREE DAYS GRACE CONCERT. We’re going to be out way late and I’m sure to be dreadfully exhausted by the time we get home, but THREE DAYS GRACE. THREE DAYS GRACE THREE DAYS ‘TIL MY BIRTHDAY. Finally I will see my favorite band in person! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

And then tomorrow there are two football games, and on Sunday we go to Santa Fe!!!!!!

I am at work right now, counting down the minutes until I get to leave. What a useless work day this will be XD

Actually I’ve been super excited all week, and on Monday and Tuesday I kept thinking it was Thursday. So many amazing things will happen! What an awesome weekend!

OK, a couple of dreams and then I guess I’ll make an arrangement. First, I and Regina were joining Emma going to Neverland to rescue Henry. There was sexual tension among the three of us, but at the same time I didn’t fully trust Regina.

When we got there, the Henry-related story seemed to have been forgotten. Also, Neverland was also kinda forgotten. The place we’d reached was a rustic settlement (well, rustic except for the cathedral) whose people immediately accepted Emma as the prophesied pope figure they’d been waiting for. Go figure.

Emma didn’t have any magical powers in this dream, but Regina, of course, did, and so did I. So Regina and I kept using magic to make it look like Emma had magic to impress the peoples. It was frustrating to all three of us, because Regina and I were doing a lot of work without getting any credit, and the adoring public wouldn’t leave Emma alone for three minutes.

Then at one point Emma was going to go off somewhere to do something, and she reached into a box to grab a thing she needed to take with her. But she pulled her hand back covered in blood from a sudden long, deep cut. With the type of badass special effects you get in dreams, I started lifting the blood away and stitching up the wound telekinetically. I gathered the blood into a ball much like Upfish’s beloved blood-ball except that the containing outer layer was squishy instead of glass. Like a completely transparent water balloon filled with blood.

I turned to Regina and said, “Did you want some of Emma’s blood?” She said she didn’t, and I pressed, “Are you sure? Because that seems like something you would want.” But she still said no. This was a sign of the mistrust I still felt toward her, since apparently having some of Emma’s blood would make it easier for Regina to double-cross Emma later, but it also apparently partook of the sexual tension.

We noticed that the object Emma had supposedly cut herself on didn’t seem like it would have created the type of cut she had. So we dug around in the box and discovered a much sharper and more dangerous item that we agreed had definitely been planted there; someone was out to get Emma.

At the same time, though, I also observed that she had lost a lot of blood and wasn’t reacting at all as if she had. This occasioned a flash of knowledge offered to my dreaming self that Emma had, in fact, been replaced by a robot by some enemy or other. But I never found out why, because that was the end of the dream.

In another dream, I was somewhere when I saw a little dog (I think it was a lhasa) run away from its person. I got into my little car (I think it was a Kia) and gave chase, and came upon a flowery mountain glen where the little dog played happily with three or four other dogs. I called the owner and told her where to come to retrieve her dog.

When she arrived, she and I started walking across the meadow toward the dogs, discussing runaway dogs and other related topics. Halfway across, though, we came upon another lady having her picture painted, and my companion realized she knew this lady.

“I almost didn’t recognize you!” said the dog owner. “I haven’t seen you since you had your sex reassignment surgery!”

There was a happy but brief reunion of these two friends before the painter of the portrait got annoyed at our interruption of her work and shooed us away. I wanted to congratulate the lady on having gotten sex reassignment surgery, but not only was I not supposed to talk to her while she was having her picture painted, I didn’t know whether or not it would be awkward when I wasn’t actually acquainted with her at all.

So those were my dreams.

Apparently I think extremely well of myself right now

In my dream, I was getting ready for Prom. As is often the case in my dreams, this took place in a labyrinthine bathroom faintly reminiscent of Silent Hill. Presently a large grizzly bear attacked, and I killed the poor thing with such ease that the dream didn’t actually bother to show how I’d done it.

Then this horrible old bearded man showed up and started leering at me. I told him to look inside the nearby barrel. When he did so, and found the corpse of the grizzly bear I’d stuffed in there, I warned him that he’d really better not annoy me. He couldn’t get the bear’s body back into the barrel because he wasn’t as badassedly strong as I was. Then he left.

Usually my getting-ready dreams never actually lead anywhere — certainly not to the event I’m supposedly getting ready for — but in this one I did finish my toilette, and headed for Prom. At first I thought it might be cool to go in there with Akabane as if he were my date, but after not too much thought I decided I was too awesome even for Akabane, and went in alone.

I was wearing a three-piece suit rather than a tux, in black and red, and I looked SO FUCKING HOT. I swaggered into the place knowing how amazing I was and how everyone was marveling at my hotness and amazingness. There were some people dancing, but I wasn’t terribly interested in that; I headed straight for the refreshments table and started to fill up a plate with delicious things.

There was this one cake so tall that, when it had been diminished so only a single piece remained, fell over onto its back. I only wanted about a third of this massive piece of cake, and very carefully cut into it with a knife. Then I sat down at a table with my dad (because why shouldn’t he be there, if I was?), knowing that I still looked incredibly attractive and impressive.

So… I’m not sure what that was about XD

Today we are driving to meet my dad’s parents in Moab. Hopefully that will be fun. It’s supposed to be, like, 102° there today, so I bought a swimsuit for the first time in… good lord, I can’t remember. Fifteen years? And then I shaved my thighs for the first time in perhaps eight.


Next week is my last free time before in-person school starts. I suppose I should work really hard on everything I won’t have nearly as much time for during school, but I feel more like hanging around outside in the lovely hot weather and relaxing. Of course this relaxation takes place with my computer these days, and usually after I’ve worn my voice out recording, so it’s generally fairly productive. Good jobon me.

Somehow I thought this entry would take longer to write, probably because I believed, as usual, that I had more to say than it turned out I actually did. We’re waiting for my brother to get home from class so we can depart, and I’ve already packed up my computer for travel, so I’m making this entry on my phone while I boredly sit around. Technically I don’t think his class has even ended yet. Mou.

I have just been too tired, this week, to come up with real subject lines

Mom’s got a singer staying here for a few days to record, and last night they were doing loud music stuff until all hours. So I closed my bedroom door when I went to bed. I usually sleep with it open so that cat can come and go; if I need to close it, such as in this sort of situation, she gets to stay in the room all night… which she doesn’t exactly like, but she gets over it. Except last night, when she yowled and pounded on the door for TWO FUCKING HOURS. Eventually I got up to use the bathroom, thereby letting her out. Whether my poor sleep for the rest of the night was due to this bad start or inevitable, I don’t know, but cat certainly didn’t help XD Oh, man, I can’t wait to sleep in on Saturday morning.



After that practically nonexistent winter and the driest April evar, I’d kinda despaired of getting any moisture around here, but today it is finally a lovely rainy day. I hoped to be able to watch it in peace, but customers kept coming in to spoil it. (That’s ungenerous of me; the customers were, in general, very well-timed today).

Yesterday I made good plans on ASZz, and then, unexpectedly, some decent progress on Blood Contingency. I revamped (da ha ha ha) the existing chapters and then wrote some on the chapter after next, so good jobon that. Also I’ve been working on some pony arts lately. Yay!

Parents and Lesta are at Disneyland RIGHT NOW. I am jealous. It’s kinda cool to get texts from someone currently on a Disneyland ride, though.


Dicky dicky dick dick

Presently, the city buses have a thing printed in big letters on their sides saying something to the purpose of, “Give us your input on the city bus system!!” I would really like to have bus stops somewhere closer to my house than two miles so that I could, you know, actually use the bus system sometimes maybe, so I went to the URL in question. And what did I see? “The requested page could not be found!” So I guess that’s the future of regional transit. No big surprise there.

Thoughts on Moby Dick.

Meme (Glee), sadface fic news, vampire dream, PotD deer

29. Your opinions on the television show Glee. I know nothing of it. I shall look it up on Wikipedia. OK, that article is too long to read most of. Looks like a pretty good show, though. I’m all over musicals. The problem is that it’s a series, not a movie, so the chances I will ever watch it are extremely slim.

The only real news I have since yesterday is the very sad announcement that Zombie Girl has decided not to continue her awesome GW fic. I am not hugely surprised, but I am disappointed. And it doesn’t work to be like, Well, I’ll just write twice as much to make up for it… because I am not she. I can never have the same ideas or express them in the same way. *sadface*

So the dream I had the other night that I never got to. I was a vampire dude and part of a vampire organization. At least part of the organization was doing something evil and terrible, but they thought they were doing the right thing and obeying orders. I was opposing thems, and they thought I was the renegade and they were doing something good by defeating me; but there was this massive disconnect where I didn’t realize that they were misguided and blah blah.

Unfortunately for them, I was the most badass vampire ever and could kill others quickly and easily. So I was tearing through the ranks like whoosh. I came to where the leader of this group was, and he was talking to his wife and kid (who were both vampires). I heard them talking about what they were doing, and everything became a little clearer to me. Just to sucker-punch me further, there was also some kind of sweet dialogue about how the little kid vampire loved his mom and she’d always been so good to him. What made this horrible was that I was moving so fast that, although I caught all of this somehow, I couldn’t keep from killing them.

P.S. Sometimes spam is awesome:

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Photo of the day.

Mostly dreams (zombs, collapsings)

Somebody found my site searching for “kenshin finds a man that looks like him but is a prince fanfiction.” I think they should have just searched for “kenshin finds a man fanfiction;” that sounds way more interesting.

I have today off *___* This is the second or third Sunday I’ve had off in the last, like, eleven weeks. Of course, I’m going to be working on my term project for the rest of the day, which isn’t much fun… but at least I have time for it.

And now for some dreams

Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item

Mom and I played Mario Party yesterday and finished wis 120 stars.

I dreamed I was doing something totally badass for the good of some large group of people. Whatever it was was somewhat stressful and I was somewhat nervous, and I kept running my hand through my hair (which I had) so that it got all greasy and tangled XD

I hate it when an lj community I watch is spotlighted; then it gets posted in every three seconds and my flist gets all clogged.

TPoI is being extremely cooperative. BFR is not.

Some dreams

The other night I had the greatest dream ever. I was a powerly person hanging out with several of the other Heroes, and we were in the chapel at Oprah Winfrey’s house. We had wis us the severed head of… some guy… and apparently the way his skull had been damaged was going to provide us wis valuable information about something. So that was why we had this head wis us. Somebody wanted me to hang onto it, but I really had no interest in doing so. Linderman kindly carried it for me.

Oprah had three adorable childs there, and the youngest one, being placed in her crib, was crying out to her mother, “I love you, I love you, I love you!” which I thought was so incredibly cute that I took her out of the crib again to play wis her. Then there was discussion of the severed head, and I, not wanting the child to see it, put my cape/mantle/blanket that I was wearing around her. Then a call came through somehow saying that it was time for us all to leave, and I needed to respond… reaching into my cape/mantle/blanket that I was wearing for my walkie-talkie, I found that not only had the young child turned into a rat, somehow she was now my walkie-talkie. I was trying to figure out how to work this new child-rat-device wisout hurting it. And that’s all I remember.

Last night I had a dream where I had a normal relationship wis a non-fictional guy. It was weird. Well, he was fictional, since he wasn’t any real person I know (and, moreover, was a decent, reasonable guy XD), but I mean he wasn’t Saitou or Akabane or Schuldig or Sylar or anyone like that. He wasn’t even Michael Jackson or David Bowie. Scary realism.

It’s… snowing again. OMG SURPRISE!!!! Very gently, though. Hopefully my parents will not insist on driving me to work all this week again.

I’m cleaning/organizing my computer table finally. AND EVERY LAST INCH OF IT’S COVERED WITH HAIR. I will give you three guesses why, and the first two (and any that don’t sound like you might be referring to Saitou’s wife) don’t count.

In doing so, I have found some stuff. Movie tickets: Star Wars something… Sin CityStar Wars something again… Batman BeginsHappy Feet IMAXThe FountainPirates 2Eragon… The recent ones make sense, I suppose, since I tend to put everything in the world on the table every time I get home. But Batman Begins? Whatever.

Information about Kevin and Rahul: Kevin liked his alcohol. In the right situations, of course; he was a responsible drinker. But he did become a good deal less inhibited when drunk. Kevin’s married sister’s name is Sada. Rahul wore glasses.

Notes from work: I was talking to this one customer who was having a problem wis her phone. I asked her, “Do you have the original sales receipt from the retailer?” To which she replied, somewhat heatedly, “I’m not bisexual. I don’t kiss girls.” I was like, “Uh…” and had no idea what to say. Finally I realized she was talking to someone else at the same time as me. Then I overheard one of my stupid coworkers, as he was trying to figure out which phone the customer he was talking to had, ask, “Does it have a typewriter?” We have one phone that flips open for a full keyboard; calling it a typewriter is…

Very predictably, I had a dream last night that I was an assassin. My partner assassin and I had stopped at a convenience store/gas station on the way somewhere (Carlsbad?), and she killed this guy in the store… I don’t know why, but I think it was some petty reason. Then we were trying to fill up our drinks and pay and leave casually but as quickly as possible before the body was noticed. It was amusing.

EDIT: And now it’s changed its mind and is snowing pretty hard.


I feel like I haven’t existed for a while now. Overtime leaves me little time between work and sleep, and if I happen to go out to lunch wis my mom or shopping or something, I don’t even get online… but when I saw my paycheck yesterday I almost cried, so the overtime is not going to stop just yet. I will get all the monies!!!

Tokio is sitting on my lap. She rarely does this anymore, so I am hyeppe that she is doing so.

Oh! M comes home to visit on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I dreamed that some incoherent stuff happened, and then I was in a house/boxcar/castle wis my two allies who were BSSM-esque girls… then chaos ensued outside… I watched through a hole in the wall as lots of stuff exploded and things crashed and a train came racing down the tracks and then FLEW off the tracks and wriggled through the air like a snake and barely missed the building we were in… then the evil magic woman who was responsible for the chaos appeared and started gloating. Evidently she didn’t know that I kick ass in most of my dreams… I got tired of her and bored of the scenario, so I fixed everything, killed her, and, to celebrate, conjured up lovers for my two allies and Chou for myself. Then we all had sex.

I am working on a Top Secret Project to celebrate the fifth anniversary of my site (and therefore essentially the fifth anniversary of my RKWriting/SaitouSanoNess), and it is coming along nicely. It will be awesome if I manage to get it completed.

Yesterday I bought twenty-four liters of root beer. I win.

Today I am going to do laundry, maybe clean, eat hot dogs (*__*), draw, write, and generally be weekendly. La la la.