Howl, BSSM-video dream

Yesterday I finally read Howl’s Moving Castle after having owned the book for, like, two years. Supa cute. Mayhap today I shall sally forth to seek the sequels.

Last night I had the funniest dream. My family lived on the second or third floor in some huge, luxurious apartment complex, and Mostle and I were, like, switching rooms or something. During the process of moving furniture and stuff we were engaged in nostalgic contemplation of some old toys — specifically Wish World Kids. We were trying to remember all their names and having a rather difficult time doing so. We noticed suddenly that one of the dolls looked so excessively like Aino Minako that it was actually rather suspicious. I discovered that you could pull the doll’s face off, and found beneath the face of Minako!!! So apparently Kenner had bought a load of Minako dolls and put new faces on them to make this blonde Wish World Kid. Even in the dream we were amused.

The random BSSM references didn’t stop there, though. We were looking out the window next, watching some people down below filming a BSSM fanvideo… but at times it was more like we were watching the finished product than watching them film it (I’m certain this was inspired by Howl’s bedroom window). These people had truly awful costumes that resembled BSSM characters only in one or two minor points and made their whole video look like a satire (which it wasn’t) — for instance, when Usagi transformed, she went from one dress to a much fancier, green-velvet dress and cape XD What was even more hilarious about all this was that our dad, apparently on his way to the parking lot or some other unrelated thing, got dragged into this video and convinced to play the part of a confused normal person marveling at the powers of Sailor Moon. This he did affably and adorably like he does everything. Once again, even in the dream we were amused. When I woke up I was a good deal more amused.

Music fangirling, stuff I forgot to mention, work stuff, dreams, randomness

My brother copied Apocalyptica’s Worlds Collide for me since he bought it recently. What he failed to tell me was that it was something like the most awesome CD of all time. There I was, listening along, thinking that it was really cool, despite that obnoxious guy from obnoxious Slipknot, and that I should buy it myself, when all of a sudden TILL FUCKING LINDEMANN starts singing A DAVID BOWIE SONG. Absolutely floored me. And just as I was recovering from that heart attack, three tracks later, on comes ADAM IWANTTOEATHIM GONTIER. I was like, HOW DID MY TWO FAVORITE BANDS IN THE FUCKING WORLD DONATE LEAD SINGERS TO THIS CD AND I NEVER KNEW????????? L claims he told me Adam was on there, but I don’t remember it. He certainly didn’t mention TILL SINGING BOWIE. Anyway, it was a very, very awesome experience.

So in response to this CD, I grabbed Lacuna Coil’s latest album (since their lead singer did a song on Worlds Collide), and I have to say… OMG boring. Not bad, just boring. Like, if there were ever hard rock designed to play in an elevator, this would be it. My first time through the CD, the music faded into the background to the point where I had to restart it and force myself to pay attention. My opinion may change if/when I get to know some of the individual songs better, but for now I don’t think I’m going to be getting any more of their stuff.

So I’ve switched to morning shifts mostly. They’re good shifts, but adjusting one’s sleep schedule is always such a pain. Especially because every day after work I’ve just been too tired to be productive. Yesterday I wasn’t, but I spent the last bit of work yesterday putting away a load of heavy boxes, which aggravated my carpal tunnel to the point where I couldn’t mouse, type, or draw after work. So I watched Shrek the Third (which my mom gave me for my birthday ^__^), hung around doing nothing for a while, and then went to bed. I got up twelve hours later and that was squee. You know, I never noticed before that when Lillian gets all dazed from bashing through the two brick walls wis her head, she’s humming My Favorite Things XD XD Oh, also I caught up on a webcomic.

Today is my day off, and I am working on HR finally. I freaking love HR.

Sometimes when Tokio is bored, she turns on my scanner.

Oh, I forgot to mention that at the zoo gift shop I got a big stuffed spider that is soOoOo cute. I named him Kuroudo, and right now he is sitting on top of my globe devouring the North Pole. Also, lions at the zoo will forever make me think of The Happening.

For some reason my neck keeps itching madly. It’s driving me crazy. Another annoying thing is that the sun is right in my face when I sit at the computer in this room at this time of day. I’ve never actually sat at the computer in this room at this time of day before, so this is my first experience wis this.

“So, Womsal Sti, what have you been up to lately?” “Well, yesterday I spent the day alternating between wearing myself out against Uhura and taking naps… after dark I picked my nose for a while and then went to bed.”

The other day at work, some stupid guy came up and said, “Do you have a bakery here?” To understand how stupid this is, you would have to be in my store and see how the deli and bakery are situated. Anyway, as I was trying to figure out how to tell this guy politely that he was an idiot, the fire alarm suddenly went off. Then the fire suppression system above out fryers and ovens went off, spraying this vinegar-smelling green liquid stuff all over the place. There was no fire; it happened because the construction crews that are remodeling our store had done stuff to the set-the-fire-alarm-off box and not reattached it properly. It took Joy, like, an hour and a half to clean up all the green stuff, and then after that the fryers and the oven refused to work. Ironically, the pizza oven, which we don’t use and which apparently hasn’t been used for, like, four years and which we’re getting rid of wis the remodel, worked fine.

My cat is a fuzzy jelly bean.

I dreamed that my parents had a lakehouse like my great-uncle’s, except it was a gigangtenormous mansion, and that on the top floor was a huge music area wis recording booths and all sorts of instruments. After that there was something about running from gunmen wis Michael Jackson through a mall.

I am Kenshin’s age. And I have no more to say right now.

Media-influenced dreams

I’ve gotten so bad at recording my dreams. I do, like, one out of twenty or something. But I had to mention these two. In the first one, my mom was going to divorce my dad and get wis this other guy who was a horrible person. I was so incredibly distraught about this that I was crying uncontrollably. Seems like, if not realistic, at least something that happens in the normal world, right? That was until my good friend Akabane showed up to comfort me, and I started trying to figure out how I could use this to get him to sleep wis me ^__^;;;;;;;

Next, my family and some other people and I were making our way through a Mugenjou-like place that was sometimes an evil mansion (there are a lot of evil mansions in my dreams). Sometimes there were elements of Beauty and the Beast involved, sometimes that godawful Pathfinder movie, and a little bit of Riddick thrown in; but by the time we got out (via elevator) we were discussing the entire experience, what we’d liked about it and what we hadn’t, as if it had been the last Harry Potter book. There were also children (cousins?) there that we had to take care of, and the one for whom I was primarily responsible wanted to go swimming so much that she jumped into some water in her clothes. I got mad.

Why the recurring GetBackers themes? I don’t know. But I got hugged by Akabane, so I definitely win.