Resty hand: movies, reading; Red Robin and sex dreams, ripping CD’s, s’mores adventure

So yesterday, in an attempt to rest my hand/wrist, I refrained from computer use (or, generally, use of my right hand) all day, which always sucks. I watched Hairspray, which, as I’ve mentioned before, is possibly my favorite movie evar… the problem is that sometimes I cry through the entire thing. I did yesterday, and came out of it with a raging headache. By then cat was on my lap, and I always try not to disturb her when she’s actually willing to sit on my lap, so I looked for something else to watch.

My dad just bought a new DVD player, you see, and, as an advertising feature for its wi-fi connectivity, it comes with a month of free Netflix or something. So I was looking through Netflix to see if they had Minority Report available to watch. I have long wanted to see this movie, but not fervently enough actually ever to rent it, and I thought it would be a good choice while my cat was on my lap.

The problem was that I was drawing a complete blank on the title. You know how sometimes when you’re trying to think of a word, some other word will jump into the space and refuse to get down? Yeah. I just could not remember it. (Today I find that Netflix doesn’t have it for watching anyway, so whatevs.) So I was just scrolling through the dramas, and I came across the version of Macbeth starring Patrick Stewart from not too long ago. I figured I’d at least start watching that.

Eventually cat got annoyed when I shifted or something, but I watched all the way through because, you know, Patrick Stewart (♥♥♥). But then the audio cut out eleven minutes before the end, and I couldn’t figure out why. Even if I backed up and made it play again, it still went silent at the same spot; I assumed at the time it must be a problem with the file on Netflix, but I find today that I can hear those bits just fine. Anyway, I was really annoyed, because I really wanted to know how Fleance was going to become king (not having read the play in a bazillion years). Of course then when I looked it up afterwards, I found that he didn’t become king anyway, so I would have come out disappointed in any case XD

Last night I dreamed they put a Red Robin in diagonally across the street from my house *___* Then after that I had this hilariously over-the-top sexual dream that I won’t describe.

Today I sat at my dad’s computer ripping CD’s (which I can’t do at mine anymore because my disc drive won’t read audio CD’s; aaauuugh, I need a new computer) and reading Pratchett for five hours.

Eventually, after dinner, my mother sent me to buy stuff to make s’mores. This is a thing we do sometimes in our little standy-fire-pit item that I’m certain has a better name than that, and we thought it would be a fun thing to do with our guests. Well, I’m not sure what-all my dad put in there to make a fire, but at one point there was this opaque pillar of smoke, like, four feet wide pouring into the air. Then the next thing we know, up shows the fire department (just, naturally, after we’d been joking about someone calling them). They brought the full red ladder truck and everything.

There were four of them, and the leader was a very attractive lady (which is totally redundant, since little in the world is hotter than lady firefighters) that lectured my dad about the size of fires one can have in one’s standy-fire-pit items in one’s back yard and how best to manage them. I think my mom was really extremely embarrassed, but she played it off pretty well. (Later she was all muttering to us how glad she was that the fire lady had told my dad all the things my mom’s been telling him for years, which is probably completely true.)

Our guests, meanwhile, tried to smooth thing over by being like, “Oh, we’re visiting from England, and we wanted to do a good old-fashioned s’mores roast in the back yard, y’see?” And then they had a total Twoflower moment and requested pictures with the fire peoples. The fire leader lady was a little leery about this, but the guys thought it was hilarious, and they all let us have a picture with them. It’s just too bad we didn’t get a picture of the fire truck. Overall it was really, really funny.


Meme (junk food), Plastic, sex dream, family stuff, desktop

15. Tell us your favorite junk food. I don’t really think I can. Being allergic to everything healthy, pretty well, I like any and all junk food. I love pizza and donuts and MC DONALD’S and pizza and candy bars and pizza. And all sorts of stuff. Mmmmfoods. Oh, oh, I love stuff that comes out of vending machines. And junk you buy at convenience stores. YEAH.

Aargh, cramps. Aaarggghh *dies*

I am all over Plastic right now, by the way. Maybe it was the act of posting it, but I suddenly wish I had twelve arms and the ultimate multi-tasking brain (and possibly a few more computers) so I could work on half a dozen parts at once. You know the end’s in sight, from where I’m sitting? What a strange thought.

OK, so sexually explicit dream.


I feel like I haven’t existed for a while now. Overtime leaves me little time between work and sleep, and if I happen to go out to lunch wis my mom or shopping or something, I don’t even get online… but when I saw my paycheck yesterday I almost cried, so the overtime is not going to stop just yet. I will get all the monies!!!

Tokio is sitting on my lap. She rarely does this anymore, so I am hyeppe that she is doing so.

Oh! M comes home to visit on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I dreamed that some incoherent stuff happened, and then I was in a house/boxcar/castle wis my two allies who were BSSM-esque girls… then chaos ensued outside… I watched through a hole in the wall as lots of stuff exploded and things crashed and a train came racing down the tracks and then FLEW off the tracks and wriggled through the air like a snake and barely missed the building we were in… then the evil magic woman who was responsible for the chaos appeared and started gloating. Evidently she didn’t know that I kick ass in most of my dreams… I got tired of her and bored of the scenario, so I fixed everything, killed her, and, to celebrate, conjured up lovers for my two allies and Chou for myself. Then we all had sex.

I am working on a Top Secret Project to celebrate the fifth anniversary of my site (and therefore essentially the fifth anniversary of my RKWriting/SaitouSanoNess), and it is coming along nicely. It will be awesome if I manage to get it completed.

Yesterday I bought twenty-four liters of root beer. I win.

Today I am going to do laundry, maybe clean, eat hot dogs (*__*), draw, write, and generally be weekendly. La la la.