That’s enough yardage for a Falcon…

This week I have wrestled several dogs, worked my first solo nine-hour shift at EA, voted, rejoiced every day at school about the absence of cave-troll, and dreamed that Sim Gretina bought some store near my house (because that’s not even a little bit random). Oh! And that Broncos game was awesome ^__^

I’ve also talked to Zombie Girl on Skype! This is so nice! I am all updated about her situation, of which I can’t entirely approve but which isn’t entirely my business. We discussed not one but two new entries for my ever-lengthening list of story ideas about a certain four guys.

You know, I never did finish that pairing meme because I was too busy switching to WordPress. I forget who-all I had left to mention, but I know Thassarian and Koltira were in there. Ah, well.

So it’s been a good week. I probably had some moments of interest to document, but I forget them. This football game is distracting me GO AIR FORCE.

You fool, you wanderer, you challenged the gods and lost

Last call for guessing songs lyrics before I post the answers!

Yesterday I was doing that thing I do with Zombie Girl (running errands). We were walking along in the mall when all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, my neck started hurting like mad. It felt like a pulled muscle, but I hadn’t done anything. I couldn’t turn my head to the right without a burst of mad pains, and after a while it was kinda radiating down my right arm too. This was stupid and annoying. What’s worse, it hurt so much it kept me awake most of the night, so I ended up skipping school today. Now I’m sitting here with a hot-rice-sock on it wishing it would stop.

But while I was partially asleep and in pain last night, I had some dreams.

Koko de owaru hazu ga nai no ni

It’s taken to raining fairly regularly over the last few days, and our fire is almost completely contained. Good jobon those firefighters. The other day, for that Fourth, we were planning on going to a fundraiser concert thing that was being held out at the World Arena for fire victims and whatnot, but the tickets were all gone.

So instead we went to Denver to go to the zoo. These two activities being quite similar, you see. Somehow we always go out there and eat first and then go to the zoo, and between the languid car-ride up there, eating first, and the usual warmth of the weather on such days, I’m always drowsy and kinda blah at the zoo. Which is sad, because I love the zoo. Anyway, I took exactly two pictures there, and if you look closely at them you will see the brilliant appropriateness of combination that my gigantic brain came up with for picture-taking times. YEAH.

Livin’ the dream just like I should (ain’t no need to ask why)

Turns out we’re closed on Monday. This was unexpected, since we haven’t gotten much in the way of little holidays off since I started here just under a year ago. It’s pretty awesome, too, because it means I’ll have that day for this madness I’ve embarked upon.

As for an update on that… well, it’s still madness, but the story has doubled in length in the last week or so, meaning it’s almost halfway done. Still madness, but promising madness, I guess. I do have an art exchange piece to finish by the end of the month too, and so far that card I pulled and its interpretation seem fairly accurate… so I’m not counting on this working. But I’m trying anyway. Just in case.

There was a bee in the store when I got here, and I spent an hour trying to usher her outside. Why do they have to be so stupid. They come inside and then bump against the windows trying to get back out until they die. The moths I can just pick up and carry out, but bees I don’t dare.

So this lady came in with a couple of sweaters. One she wanted to dry clean, and she asked me if I knew of anyone that might want the other. I suggested Goodwill. “Well, it’s a Talbots silk sweater,” she sneered. “I wanted to give it to someone who would, you know, appreciate it.” And I was like -__- Lady, if you’re looking for snobs, you might want to go somewhere other than the $1.75 dry cleaner. But I guess neither Goodwill employees nor customers appreciate donations; what was I thinking?

I think that’s about all for now.

The stars aligned

So I’m working on the story that was supposed to be my MoR contest entry, just on the off chance that I can somehow, miraculously, get it finished in the next ten days. It seems highly unlikely, but it’s worth a try, right? The story is allowing me to work on it, and that’s a good sign.

Just out of curiosity, I pulled a card on the subject, and my interpretation of it is that it’s going to be a busy week at work and that will probably get in the way of this goal. I’m documenting this here so I can see if that interpretation turns out to be correct. I feel like I’m pretty good at tarot reading, but I’m also still pretty new at it. So we’ll see.

The life she always dreamed, if he had only let her

Aight, I grabbed an lj app for my phone so I don’t have to go aaaaallllll the way into the browser and wait for lj to load whenever I want to post or whatevs. This is my test post; we’ll see whether or not I like the way it works. If I do, I’ll probably post more frequently (and with even more pointless nonsense).

Yesterday I took Zombie Girl to the Denver airport so she could fly to England. Ah, mujou. Perhaps I can have some stuff she’ll want to read finished by the time she gets back; that would be a good jobon me.

Speaking of chapters ZG wants to read, I had a breakthrough in WNTD (which I’ve been calling “Wanted” lately on account of those initials). It came after watching the specific GW episode I was pretty sure would give me this specific breakthrough, so nice work on my powers of foresight. Anyway, that’s going to let me finish this chapter finally and move on to the next one. Yay! Maybe sometime this decade we’ll actually see that story.

A dream.

Clearly called for a topstitch, or maybe a traditional blanket stitch

I have been very grouchy today in a PMSy sort of way. I blame this on the contraceptive pills I resumed taking three days ago. It’s an unfortunate mood to be in when you work in customer service, especially when some woman comes in at two minutes before closing time with sixty-five dollars’ worth of dry cleaning. She didn’t even have the decency to be unpleasant, so I can’t even make fun of her. But seriously? Don’t do that, people; don’t walk into a place just as they’re closing and give them shit to do that will keep them late.

Fortunately, work was pretty slow for the first couple of hours, and I got some writing done on Wintercease (which, by the way, is going to overtake What Not To Do mightily if the latter doesn’t get off its ass). Then I’ve been playing Might and Magic since I got home, and reading, and I’m counting on a much better mood tomorrow. I bet it will be hella busy at work, but I can always read while I tag orders and that makes for a fairly pleasant day. So now to bed.

Oh, briefly. Snowflake thing had boring and/or not applicable prompts for its last three days, so I’m done with that now.