Who the fuck shoots children. WHO THE FUCK SHOOTS TWENTY CHILDREN. I had things to say about other stuff, but I just don’t feel like saying it now.

A quick rant

Dear person in a position of privilege,

Do not look down from that height you’ve done nothing to earn and try to dictate the behavior of those that are suffering. You can’t declare, “I will only listen to your argument when you present it in a way that I like,” as if you were a stern parent chiding a toddler for not saying please when asking for some treat they don’t actually need. While I completely agree that rationality and politeness are more appropriate and definitely more effective in any debate, “the way some of you act” does not actually change the argument in the slightest, nor invalidate the right of the group to fair and humane treatment.

Maybe I’ll think of a real subject for this some other time

Lesta went up to Aurora to try to cockblock the Westboro Fuckers Cult in their protest of the memorial service. I would have gone with him, but when he called to see if I wanted to I wasn’t home from my excursion with Zombie Girl. ZG and I would have just gone up and met him there, but we had with us her mom, who needed to go home, which is about the same distance in the opposite direction.

You know, whenever I hear about those monsters popping up somewhere, I honestly wish I did believe in Hell, because it would be nice to think of them writhing in agony for all eternity. OK, well, no. Forever is too long even for disgusting things like them. But for a while, maybe…

Anyway, on a less wretched note, how about pairing meme. Day 4: Favorite crack pairing

My personal life is no more personal than a straight person’s. In using the word “girlfriend” I am not forcing too much information on anyone; saying “boyfriend” would not change the level of appropriateness of my statement. In some casual comment about the woman I’m dating I am not giving out intimate details nobody else needs to hear. And anyone that thinks it’s normal and acceptable to talk openly about her sex life with her boyfriend, but that my mentioning kissing my girlfriend is obscene, can FUCK RIGHT OFF. I’m no activist, god knows, lazy as I am, but there are some things I will not tolerate.

Edit: This has not helped with the depression I mentioned a few posts back; so far this is invariably the case after extern meetings with fucking Alexx. I was trying to work on SaS 5, but was too perturbed to think about it properly. But thanks for the nice thoughts, peoples! That does help. It’s also nice to look back on how productive I’ve been this weekend. Now I will go to bed and hope to sleep. AUGH FUCK EVERYTHING.


I go to ZG’s house and get charmingly bitten by an adorable snakie.

She comes to my house and gets her rear windshield smashed in by some dumbass kid hanging out of a car wis a baseball bat.

The fuck, people. Find something else to do.

Seeking opinions

All right, it’s really late, but I want to get this typed out before I go to bed. I’m seeking opinions on the current situation at work, which this evening changed from irritating to downright maddening. Lots of details under the cut, and it’s probably rather tedious, but I’d appreciate input from anyone that has the patience to read it all XD Cliccem

Foods of evil death

OK, rant: I am getting more and more irritated wis my allergies lately. It seems silly, when some people have so much worse (like my sister, who can’t eat bread products or milk products), but not being able to eat most fruits or vegetables is REALLY FREAKING ANNOYING. I know it’s not impossible to eat healthily wisout fruits and vegetables, but it sure as hell is harder. And I hate walking through the grocery store and seeing an entire third of the building full of delicious-looking item that I cannot eat. I want apples and oranges and freaking salads and broccoli and everything else in the world. ALSO WATERMELON. And carrots. Aargh. It makes me mad AND HUNGRY just thinking about it.


Somehow I’ve ended up sitting next to Tina Marie almost every fucking day this week, and I swear one of these days I really am going to stand up and hurl some heavy object at her as I scream a contradiction of whatever supremely retarded thing she just told a customer. I swear, she HAS NO BRAIN. I don’t understand how this woman can be alive. Aaaaaaaaargggghhh!!!!!

Still at my parents’ Haus

So there are four little open boxes with some dots inside themm. Underneath it says “Y M C K,” which I assume is different from YMCA. There is a little light on above the “K” box. I believe this is the reason I can’t print anything else. I printed one, but now it won’t print anything more for me. It is stupid and terrible.

I was going to be watching stuff wis Mostle at this point, but instead she is asleep. We were going to watch House, but could not get the files to work on our mother’s computer. I did watch some episodes of Trigun wis L, and then he went to sleep. Now Tokio and I are the only ones left awake around here, and I have none of my stories to work on. Plus I’m tired because I got up all early to go see Happy Feet wis family, and my mom didn’t even end up going. Mou.

Let’s try this printing thing again. Nope, still not working. IT PRINTED JUST FINE A FEW MINUTES AGO. Oh, I hate printers so much.

Now my darling cat is on my lap and it’s hard to type over her. She is warm and adorable, though. Next thing I draw really needs to be AAX. (Now cat has vacated) Hell, I could work on it right now if I were at home. I’m half-tempted to go home for a few hours, be productive, and then come back. Actually, I’ll probably just take a nap. After I waste time online for a while.

K, no mas entry.