Hi! How are you?

Hi! How are you? I am fine. I like the Map a lot. I also like the comp.. I also love reading. I also like Erica. If she were my sister, I don’t think we could be better friends! Well, I guess I’d better say Goodbye!

The sparkling, dancing, orange and green fire.

The sparkling, dancing, orange and green fire.
Striving to gain perfection.
Loseing hope.
Giveing up.
Subsiding into low embers.
Going out.


Like the fire, we strive for something. When we meet obstacles, we turn back, instead of trying to overcome them. Test your streinghth, and leave the fire dieing behind.


I love Robin Hood!

I love Robin Hood!
I think he’s neat.
I like the movie too. I hope they put it in the theatures! This is my opinion: It’s better that the Mermaid and the Beast. I love it! Well, I had better say Goodbye!

I like neadlepoint

I like neadlepoint,
I like neadlepoint!
Iiiiiiiiey like it.
I like Uncle Mike,
I like Uncle Mike!
Yeeeees I doo!
I hope you know what that was.
Here’s a clue!
Sing sweet nightengale.
Goodbye for now!

Hello! I am so exited!

Hello! I am so exited! If I can acually get the $200, I will sent my game in, and then if they like it and take it, I might get money! I’ll pay my tithing, and take out $200 for my next game, and put the rest for collage.

I am very sad today.

I am very sad today. It seems like I was haveing lots of fun, and doing a project that took a long time and some effort, and then when it was done, i twas all great. Then I had to go back to the same old rutiene. No matter what I do, it seems boring. I feel sort of dazed about everything, and even this jurnal entry is boring. I wish I could go back to bed and just listen to Robin Hood. Goodbye.