Hi! How are you?

Hi! How are you? I am fine. I like the Map a lot. I also like the comp.. I also love reading. I also like Erica. If she were my sister, I don’t think we could be better friends! Well, I guess I’d better say Goodbye!

I love Robin Hood!

I love Robin Hood! I think he’s neat. I like the movie too. I hope they put it in the theatures! This is my opinion: It’s better that the Mermaid and the Beast. I love it! Well, I had better say Goodbye!

I like neadlepoint

I like neadlepoint, I like neadlepoint! Iiiiiiiiey like it. I like Uncle Mike, I like Uncle Mike! Yeeeees I doo! I hope you know what that was. Here’s a clue! Sing sweet nightengale. Goodbye for now!

Hello! I am so exited!

Hello! I am so exited! If I can acually get the $200, I will sent my game in, and then if they like it and take it, I might get money! I’ll pay my tithing, and take out $200 for my next game, and put the rest for collage.

I am very sad today.

I am very sad today. It seems like I was haveing lots of fun, and doing a project that took a long time and some effort, and then when it was done, i twas all great. Then I had to go back to the same old rutiene. No matter what I do, it seems boring. I feel sort of...