Well, my little vacation was decent. My opinion of my extended family is much as it has ever been, but I did get to see Mostle and Jakebii and that was great.

Also, obviously, I finished my music video. I had it mostly done by the time we got back on Sunday night, and then I spent the bulk of Monday doing the rest. The majority of the people to whom I’ve shown it so far have responded with, “Holy fuck I need to see this movie.” Which wasn’t my precise intention, but being a sort of Rurouni Kenshin missionary is no sad destiny.

ASZz chapter is at about 5/6 completion. Cross-Cancellation has reached linear completion and editing progresses apace. Confrérie crawls along, but I hope it will hasten once Cross-Cancellation is up and my entire HoH care and energy falls onto Confrérie.

Classes continue to be fairly stupid, but this set can’t possibly last much longer. If I weren’t so lazy, I would look up when they should be ending and comfort myself with that date.

Oh, crap, speaking of dates, it’s coming up the end of the month, isn’t it. Why do I never do my art exchange until the end of the month.

So on the way up to grandma’s house we stopped in Rawlins for lunch. And in the Taco Bell we visited for this purpose I saw this sign:

The commas are what really amuse me, but I also like the idea of feeling the need to advertise that there are things to do in your town. It’s not just there so people can stop at Taco Bell on their way to real places! We promise!!

(Referring to Farr West as a real place is almost as hilarious as anything else, actually.)

Forecast to be falling yesterday; only in the past is what they say

My long break has ended, and I have started four online classes. So far they’re all pretty stupid, but as soon as we get into real assignments that should change for at least some of them; I have little hope for the “Communications” course that literally has an assignment later called “Parts of Speech,” but the bio/chem class shouldn’t be too bad, I think.

Did I get everything done that I wanted to over the break? Let’s take a look at the list I made near the beginning of my time off and see what kind of productivity I have achieved.

Fast Decisions — Yep. And even taking this to mean HoH as a whole, I have made good progress. Cross-Cancellation still isn’t done, ’tis true, but it’s gotten really close. I will take a look at it after this entry, in fact.

TLY — oops. I haven’t actually opened this at all. Maybe this is what I should take a look at after this entry. It’s true, you know… what they say about art in a vacuum…

Lellom Srab — haven’t touched this either.

All the recordings in the world — Since I started out the break with worse-than-usual congestion, this (and Lellom Srab) kinda got shuffled into the background. I edited all my shorter one-shots about Saitou and Sano (and I will get to the longer ones pretty soon), and recorded a few of those, though.

A big picture — I actually started this, but I haven’t quite finished the line art. Once the weather gets warmer and I am more inclined to sit outside, this will become a more interesting thing. It has grown quite lovely even lately, but not quite hot enough yet. It’s alllmmoost tank top time, and I’m excited, since nobody has yet seen the tattoo I got in December.

Vacuum my room — one time! It surely would have been more than that (she said with forlorn dishonesty) if Enishi hadn’t died. And by that I am referring to my vacuum named Enishi, not Seeing Red.

OK, so I feel like I’ve been fairly productive over the break. Other stuff I have accomplished that wasn’t on the list was getting half an ASZz chapter written and, as of last night, two minutes of an awesome music video put together.

Last week was another Doom Week at EA on account of Mother’s Day. Sunday itself wasn’t as order-heavy as Valentine’s Day, and I wasn’t at an internship at the same time, so the whole week wasn’t as horrible as Valentine’s Day week, but it was still pretty intense. I have two more shifts before my ten work days in a row will end and I will have a day off.

So I dreamed at one point that I was romantically involved with Mr. Gold. He had to disguise himself for some purpose or other, but instead of using magic he went into this place and came back with an actual disguise. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but it was so painfully dorky that I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep rather than acknowledge him.

I also dreamed that Zombie Girl came to visit! That was great.

OK, have some pictures of my cat. The guest bed had to be moved upstairs for a recent guest time, and for a while the mattress was leaning against the kitchen counter. This is what cat invariably does with vertical mattresses.

Ramble ramble ramble

I dreamed that my sister Pookster was married to a woman. And, although apparently she had been for several years, it just struck me during the course of the dream that my mother was accepting and friendly toward them, and therefore unlikely to freak out when I told her I was also gay. Hah! What a nice and improbable dream.

Blah blah customers tattoos whine

A oilor din fluier

Zombie Girl sent me a postcard while she was away; it arrived two days after she did. It is a Niagara Falls postcard that she found in a vintage shop in England, so of course there was no way she could resist buying it and sending it to me. My favorite part is one of the lines in the printed description of the venue: “The voyagers are swathed in oilskins as a defense from the saturating spray and the spectacle of the mighty volume of water, passing over the precipice 160 feet above, to fall in thunder on the rocks below is as magnificent as it is impressive.” Seriously, this is my new favorite sentence evar.

Pookster et al are here briefly. This morning, Deedle and his cousin (who is also five-ish) were around, and cousin took all my blindbag ponies to play with. Since I got home from work, I’ve found two of them; we’ll see if I ever lay eyes on the others again XD

I so hate it when I’m on a roll writing and it becomes time to do something else. I haven’t walked the treadmill for the last three days (and am pretty well guaranteed to miss it again tomorrow); do I skip it tonight in favor of this chapter, or be a good walker and leave the excellent progress I’m making in order to get some exercise? Mou.

In any case, I’m done with this entry.

But if I shot the herder, they’d holler bloody murder

Ach, I’ve gotten into one of those not-writing-in-journal ruts again, haven’t I? Fail. Well, let’s have an entry.

Working on ASZz, I keep smarting for lack of the RK volume 2 tankoubon, so I went to ebay (again) in case someone might happen to have it up. And I found someone selling all the volumes for about $100. This is money I should not have spent, especially since I have more than half the series, but I’m just so damn tired of searching for the one volume I need and coming back to do it all over again when I need another one I don’t have. This will allow me just not to think about it anymore, so yay. Oh, and I suppose I can sell off my duplicates.

Anyway, ASZz chapter is progressing well. Extremely well. Like, 3/4 finished well. Except guess what. I need freaking volume 2.

Yesterday at work was the Slowest Day Evar; there were at least two 40-minute periods during which not one single person came in, even to pick up. Of course as soon as I tried to eat my lunch five dropping-off customers appeared out of nowhere like magic, but I think that was the biggest rush of the day. I wrote a bunch of TLY and then a bunch of ASZz and then some of little Plastic-world story, and at that point I still had two hours left of my shift XD

Today I’m kindof expecting a backlash; it’s certainly already been a lot busier, but usually if it’s going to pick up it does so at around noon. Still, probably best to get to my other points and get this posted before I’m forced to wait until after work.

Has anything in the world, ever, been more meta than The Pirate King? Every time I think about it, it makes me giggle drunkenly.

I keep forgetting to mention this. Not too long ago, Zombie Girl and I were driving along running her errands as usual when her grandma called. Says grandma, “I was just held hostage by a gunman at the doctor’s office.” Says we, “O___O” It was on the news later, and all over the internet (e.g.). Unexpected.

ZG was over until all hours last night. We watched ponies and read hilarious badfic and it was awesome.

Aight, I think that’s it for now.


So the results of my little test at work are as follows: out of the ten people that wished me a happy birthday, one asked how old I am. Nearly all the rest asked me if I was planning on partying tonight. It seems that the one instinct really is quite a bit stronger than the other XD Also at work, instead of working on Rose Pale as I’d anticipated, I kinda sorta started writing the sequel to Plastic. Soon I shall go to bed, and birthday will be over. Tomorrow is Megamind day!!

Record of WIN

Today I worked on TPoI, ASZz, and SaS and made good progress on each. Also I leveled my sparkling blood elf hunter, like, four times or something. And I got to see my lovely love. Therefore WIN.

Mostly complaining about Flower of Life

Sister P gave me an Amazon gift certificate for my birthday last week, with which I ordered two DVD’s and two manga volumes. They all arrived today, and, since I’ve seriously abused my wrists over the last several days, I decided to leave the hurtful computer and reread the two series whose fourth volumes I’d received. And since I have nobody to complain about Flower of Life to, it’s going here in the lj. Under this cut.