Damn, girl! You so freaking sexy!

Colorado Springs:

Despite this, the roads were just fine as I headed for work today. Despite this, the car randomly died with no prior symptoms. Despite this, I was only about forty minutes late to work. Magic! (That picture’s of my back yard, actually.)

For THREE DAYS IN A ROW NOW I have done my exercise as planned! I walk the treadmill for the length of one episode (usually minus ending theme) and then stretch for the length of another. Lesta and I have been watching BSSM, but when he’s not around I use TNE so as not to watch episodes he needs to see. I am so pleased that I have started my new exercising so well! Now we shall see if I can keep it up.

I am also pleased that I got a renewal of my Facemagic Awesomestuff prescription that ran out, like, last December or so. Since that time, the acne I really shouldn’t have to put up with at the age of thirty-two has crept back up on my poor face like evil ninja on… some place evil ninja creep up on. Now, with Facemagic Awesomestuff, I can beat it back again!!!! Triumph!!

Tomorrow is a day off work, and I intend that it shall be productive. It shall be especially productive if I can actually get to sleep in a timely fashion tonight, unlike last night, so as to rise sometime before, like, noon. My back hurt so much last night I didn’t fall asleep until after three-thirty-ish. And even though I slept in, I am kinda tired now. Which I think has made this entry a little more silly than it needed to be. So I shall go to bed.


“`uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkjmmmmk,” writes cat. To start out with.

Tomorrow school resumes, so I’ve spent today getting the last things done that I needed to do and… and that’s about it. I was amusing myself, over break, by allowing my fingernails to grow really long and all my clean laundry to stay in a couple of heaps unfolded and wrinkling, but now I have cut the one and put away the other, so I’d say I’m about ready for school.

I also had to switch back to my smaller purse, because the bigger one doesn’t fit into my backpack with all my textbooks. Sadness. Not that I don’t like the smaller purse! Just, the bigger one has spiders on.

I finished my Texas longhorns paper and presentation yesterday; as in the previous sequence, it took pretty well all day because I had to force myself to work on it and may have started a new gnome rogue somewhere in the middle of it. But my PowerPoint presentation’s going to be pretty badass; I put all sorts of stupid pictures into it of things like a longhorn with twenty-foot horns decorated with Christmas tree ornaments, and John Wayne with longhorn horns. Important things like that.

So those of us that are planning on continuing into the full vet tech program instead of quitting after this first basic crap (which grants no official certification or licensure) have been working on this application packet for the full program, and there’s this “”””essay”””” we each have to write in response to the question, “Why are you applying for the vet tech program?” This can easily be answered in a single sentence — “Because I want a job that pays more than minimum wage but is not totally miserable to work every day” — but they demand at least three paragraphs.

So I just came up with the most bombastic way of saying “Because I want a job that pays more than minimum wage but is not totally miserable to work every day” that I could think of, and we’ll see how they like it. Come on, guys, you’re not a real school; it’s not like you’re going to turn someone away if they’re offering to pay you.

I really should have vacuumed my room today, but I didn’t feel like it.

Last night I dreamed there was a tiny monkey running around my house! He was a con artist, and I think he had a con artist partner elsewhere that was a female tiny monkey! I wanted waybee to catch him but not hurt him, but she got annoyed at me speaking to her in such a dictatorial fashion and eventually went into a different room. Eventually I caught the monkey myself and put him in a tree outside. It was good times.

I am happy because Once Upon a Time resumes in half an hour. We’ll see if Mulan and Aurora manage to make out yet.

Safeway doesn’t sell the color I dye my hair. I need to refresh it, and today would have been a perfect day for that, but I haven’t made it all the way to Wal-Mart since these facts occurred to me. Sometime this coming week, perhaps.

The End.

A small sterile sample is scraped from the inside of the eyelid for bacterial testing

Once upon a time, here is an entry. Oh, what a weird coincidence… I’m just about to watch Once Upon a Time. Really was a coincidence, though.

I’ve just finished up a dumbass school project that took all day not because it was difficult but because it was so stupid I kept getting distracted. The football game earlier did not technically classify as a distraction because I always planned on watching that, and I was working on stupid during the commercials and halftime. Speaking of which! My McGahee shirt appeared! I wore it! It’s awesome!

I spent most of this past week with all these bruises on my arms from the previous week’s many golden retriever bites, and one from a shopping trip too early in the morning. The problem with bruises is that they’re so damn distracting; they catch my eye and drag me away from whatever I’m supposed to be thinking about. Good thing they’d all faded by today, or I’d never have gotten that project done.

I know other things have happened this week that I wanted to report, but I kinda forget what they all are. I’m becoming such a weekend-updater…

Well, weekend, at least, I remember. First, Air Force embarrassed me again. Then, Lesta and I had a feast to celebrate MLPFiM times. Kinda dumb episodes, but whatevs; you can’t always kick off a season with Discord, and one shouldn’t hope for it. And today has been all dumbass project.

Um, what else. Can’t remember. The End. I’ll go study my vocab until show starts.

Shinku Naru Ryuutei

Five days in a row of successful exercising! Incidentally, when I say “exercising” I mean “walking at 3.3 MPH for half an hour and sometimes jogging for approximately two minutes.” Gotta start somewhere XD How many repetitions do they say it takes to form a habit? How much longer if you have no set time of day for doing it and kinda hate the activity in the first place? Well, the episodes definitely help. Relena is so damn hot in her riding habit; we only see her in it for, like, twenty seconds, but wow. If I went to her school, I’m afraid I would be among her cultists devoted followers too (though you wouldn’t catch me applauding the act of successfully handing over a party invitation).

GW blah blah.

It’s not out of reach, just out of sight

Monday was one of those inexplicable, lovely days when I have plenty of energy all day. Usually I’m extremely low-energy, so it’s really nice when this happens. I’ve been meaning to start exercising more since the treadmill is fixed, but I keep forgetting. Perhaps I can remember today.

Dad brought home a box of chocolates last night and we all ate thems. Many of them were quite delicious, and two of them were soOoOo pink that I didn’t want anyone to eat them because they were too pretty. Anyway, there was a cute striped ribbon around the chocolates box, and ribbons are kinda-sorta a weakness of mine, and I was like I’MA WEAR THAT IN MY HAIR TOMORROW.

So today I am wearing this striped ribbon in my hair, and it looks absurd, especially with the lumpy ponytail I carelessly concocted. Customers keep coming in (da ha, posting from work) and looking all startled when they see me. Then they inevitably say something like, “Oh, you look cute!” or, “Oh, nice hair ribbon!” by which they mean, “That looks absurd!” And I’m like, “Hee hee hee, thanks.”

Now it’s getting a little busy, so I’d better have done with this.


Excerpt from an lj entry I stumbled upon whilst tagging older entries: “Vampires are awesome, but to me they equal angst more than sex. Mostly because of the lack of circulation. Took took took. Took bloods around. It’s very important to suck all the blood. What if you were in a coffin wis a door? What about that.” Gaiz, this made me laugh so hard. Why am I awesome.

I got up late today after having gone to bed fairly early last night, so at least I am well-rested today. Lately I have been working on getting various fics into ebook format because that’s cool to have, so I worked on that for a couple of hours while listening to YTP’s. MAH BOI. I’m having problems with 漸進的 な 会得 – Gradual Understanding because of the Japanese characters; I got them to work in the .pdf, but so far the .prc is being uncooperative.

Anyway, after that… My parents bought a ginormous new treadmill recently; it has all the settings in the world. So I played with that for an hour and started reading a Pratchett that I only have in hard-copy. Then I took a shower, and the idea after that was to work on ZG’s birthday present story. Well. Like, four hours later I have not even written one single word. I try to think about it and my mind goes blank. I am just not interested in writing for that fandom, and it doesn’t help that Rose Pale chapter 13 is caaalllliiiiiing meeeeeeee. Aaargh, but I promised her. Dammit.

What I ended up doing almost exclusively was tagging lj entries, which is one of those things that is technically productive on account of I really want to get it done but doesn’t feel at all productive and leaves me feeling bleak and empty inside.

I’m the hungriest person in the world right now, and I really want some manner of Asian food involving noodles. After I see about that, I’ll see about some real productivity for the rest of the evening. Wish me luck.

Stupid book rule, Rose Pale/Plastic, grocery shopping, doctor/weight, lunches

I suppose I will say some things.

At work they have now made books against the rules. Books were the one last final thing we were allowed to have around, so now between calls we literally get to sit there doing nothing. I hate that place so much. I hadn’t planned to look for dental jobs again until I had my finances in better order, but I’ve started keeping my eyes open again because seriously. No books? Really? Things are even more dead in denty right now than before, though, and it’s not like I’m terribly hopefully about it anyway. Stuck in no-book-land. I will throw things.

In other, way less shitty news, Rose Pale is made of win and love and unexpectedly pushing 60 pages already. What is it about Gundam Wing? Whatever it is, I hope it never stops. I worked mostly on that all day, listening to the king say “mah boi” forever (as usual anymore). There was some Plastic too, so that’s good ^__^

I also went grocery shopping. I’ve wanted to save money, since I need to purchase a new computer, but grocery shopping is one of those priorities on account of needing to eat sometimes. Incidentally, speaking of needing to eat sometimes…

I also went to the doctor today to get new prescription of birth control since I was almost out and I wanted them from a different place (the last ones were too expensive). Pretty well the only time I ever check my weight is when I go to the doctor, and I dunno the last time I was there, but it seems like I’ve lost, like, twenty pounds since then. I’m fat enough that twenty pounds isn’t much of a visual difference (I definitely had no idea I’d lost weight), so I was all surprised. It’s weird because I don’t feel like I’ve eaten any less McDonald’s or gotten any more exercise lately XD

OK, yeah, grocery shopping. I’ve gotten so tired of Hot Pockets in my work lunches that lately I haven’t even been able to bring myself to eat a whole one, let alone two. This is sad, because Hot Pockets are wonderful things. So at the grocery store I grabbed, like, one of everything from the crappy microwaveable lunch food frozen section. Then I went home and made up these lunch bags with one random thing each from among all this stuff and then the side items I chose. So I will grab one every day and have a surprise lunch that will not be the same as the day before!! Hopefully that will work.

Wow, I’m tired. I’m just rambling about pointless shit now. IN THE FUTURE I WILL LOOK BACK ON THIS DAY AND REMEMBER MY RANDOMIZED LUNCH BAGS. Mah boi, this randomized lunch bag is what all true warriors strive for! And why do I always typo “bag” as “back?” Yeah, I’m going to bed.

Meme (glasses), nothing really to say, PotD friend-finding

20. Do you wear glasses? If so, what are they for? I do. They are for vision. Once upon a time I tried contacts, but I only ever got them into my eyes once (in the doctor’s office), and therefore they were a phenomenal and frustrating waste of money. I don’t mind my glasses, though. I could use some new ones, but that has to wait for a far-off day when I have money to spend on myself.

I really have almost nothing to say today. Plastic is still progressing well. Pookster and such will appear tomorrow. I get paid at the end of next week. Yay!

Photo of the day:

Obviously this isn’t a photo, but a screenshot from Facebook. Recently I friended several GW characters on there on a whim, and it’s always amusing when they come up in real-people contexts… but this was particularly hilarious to me because it seemed so appropriate.