Photodump for Labor Day

Between Productivity Logs and Art Experience Logs, I almost have no need to make personal entries around here anymore. Which is making it difficult to catch up on all these old photos I still need to post. So here’s a photodump. The first couple are from 2012, and the rest are from 2013. They’re mostly of my cat, but there is some human nudity with sideboob. Lots of photos!

Today I am wearing my first Halloween scrub top ^__^

I’ve been “””working on””” this post for, like, a week, which mostly means having nothing else to say and ignoring it. So here it is.

Guess what!! I have my first grey hairs!! OK, technically, I’ve been dying my hair black for so long that grey hairs might have come along any time in the last few years and I would not have noticed them. Lately I’ve been letting my natural color grow out, though, and these little grey ones have appear along with the rest. It is exciting and kindof awesome for no particular reason XD

GW fic coming soon!

I dreamed that we were at grandma’s house (mom’s mom), and she had a whole bunch of big dogs running happily around in a big back yard. I adopted two of thems: a pit bull and a great dane, both female and very sweet (sweet female dane ROFLOL).

The problem was that, in this dream-world, it required first a five-hour drive and then an airplane flight to get both to and from grandma’s house. The dream made it clear that the flight with these dogs wouldn’t be a problem, but the five-hour drive to the airport was going to be somewhat difficult. For one thing, I already had Beeks with me. For another, we’d bought a bunch of souvenirs, so our baggage was very large. Also we were already four adults (and one small dog) in a compact car. Cue another ‘woke up laughing’ moment.

Once Waybee decided to help me with homework:

You can tell I’m still in 2012 with these pictures I’m trying to catch up on posting. It is nice not to have homework anymore.

This was also back before we finished getting six-foot fences up all around the back yard, and the deer were in and out whenever they wanted:

And then one time ZG and I saw these amazing signs in a store:

I look pretty cute today

I always seem to feel that I can’t make a journal entry unless I’m willing to buckle down and type up everything that’s happened lately in detail. And, while I absolutely should be making those entries, there are plenty of casual moments (mostly involving photographs) that I could also post along the way as they occur. I mean, I take pictures and often put them on Facebook, where nobody I care about sees them (except occasionally my sisters), and then it’s literally years before they get posted here on my actual official archive that acts as my repository for photos and casual moments.

So. In an effort to correct this.

I look pretty cute today.

New Hair Adventure!

31 days until I turn 35! Here is a picture of my hairs:

It is a subtle coloration, and difficult to take a decent picture of, but I think you can still see what’s going on here. 35 points to anyone that can tell me why I’ve done this!

You’ll know it when you get here, if you haven’t lost your mind

On Monday my parents and brother and I will fly to Orlando, where we will meet Pookster and her husband and three kids (one of whom I have never met in person before). The purpose of this trip is to hang out with them and visit Disney World, but I felt I couldn’t bring myself to be in such close proximity to the Harry Potter items at Universal Studios Orlando and not go there as well. So on Tuesday, brother and I will do that (and report to my parents whether they would like it enough that they should drop Disney World for one day and go to Universal Studios instead), then hit Disney World on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I have never been to Disney World, but, as everyone knows, I love Disneyland to the extent where my subconscious obsessively presents it in my dreams on a regular basis. So the long and short of this is that I’m so damn excited and impatient for this trip that I can’t do anything else. Writing is not working; SBA is not working; nothing is working. I’m totally unproductive, so I’m finally getting around to posting some personal journal entry stuff that I’ve been too lazy to post for months or something.

I think I’ll put this all behind a link. Lots of pictures of me in here.

Visions flowing, slowly shedding light, memories swimming in the sea of time

Happy Densetsu no Saigo Hen day! I wish I had a story to post to celebrate this day, but it’s the middle of the month, so I’ll just make a personal entry instead. Stuff’s piling up, as usual, for me to post about in any case.

I had a birthday! Despite being sick, I enjoyed it very much. We were going to go to Bishop Castle on the Monday, assuming I felt well enough, only then brother didn’t get out of bed until after noon and wasn’t showered and ready for life until 1400, so there wasn’t enough time. But then he made me a birthday dinner and a birthday cake and also bought me totally unnecessary presents, so I suppose he kinda redeemed himself XD

It was a spice cake with butterscotch pudding and whipped cream on top, and it was FREAKING DELICIOUS. It only had 32 candles because I fail at maths and for some reason thought that two packages of 16 would be sufficient. Seriously, though, I think it’s time to stop doing all the candles, because having to buy three packages just seems silly and they take an eternity to light and get wax all over the cake by the time they’re done. I’ll get some numbers or something next year.

We had snow yesterday. Just thought I’d mention.

Today I got a new tattoo. For some reason, I really love the way a new tattoo smells.

Now neither the angels in Heaven above, nor the demons down under the sea, can ever dissever my arm from the sign of the wonderful E.A.P..

I made the appointment to get that tattoo yesterday, and I was so excited about it that it caused me to dream about something else I’m excited about, which is our Disney World trip in December. Did I mention that several members of my family are going to Disney World in December, and ever since that plan was made I’ve been dreaming about it?

Anyone that follows my personal entries must be well aware, of course, that I dream about Disneyland all the freaking time. But I’ve actually been to Disneyland, and never to Disney World, so the Disney World dreams are even less accurate than my already weird Disneyland dreams. The same theme is often present, though: Oh, crap, I’ve been here three days and haven’t gone on any rides yet!! As I’ve mentioned before, I always wonder what my dream thinks I have found to do in Disneyplace for three days besides going on any rides XD

I also dreamed I was Luann DeGroot. I was on my way to a high school prom in a car full of people, two of whom were elves and one of whom was an adult man that I think was a co-worker of my father. This guy made an incredibly racist comment about elves, and I got so angry at him that I launched into this lengthy rant that ended by telling him to get out of my car and crying off all my carefully applied makeup.

When I mentioned this to my family, the predominant first response, besides incredulous laughter, was, “When was the last time you read Luann?” Because we haven’t gotten a newspaper around here for probably a decade XD

Also! I got bitten RIGHT IN THE FACE by a miniature pinscher. It’s probably going to turn into a pretty badass scar. That was not a dream; that was a work thing. I have yet to get a decent picture of it, though; the light’s always bad and you can’t see it clearly. It’s a line maybe 3/4 of an inch long on my chin.

Oh, speaking of work things… the other day, a co-worker and I were scrubbing/assembling packs, which is a thing we do facing this big ol’ window onto the parking lot. The parking lot on that side of the building is an alley between our building and the next businesses over. So this guy pulls into the space right in front of us, and we start joking about how he’s probably waiting there for a drug dealer because he has no license plate (only a super fake handwritten fakie temporary tag with just a date on it) and he backed into the space as if to facilitate a quick getaway if needed.

And then this other car with all tinted windows pulls up, a guy — a guy in a shirt that LITERALLY SAYS “Usually stoned” on it — gets out of the back seat, comes to the driver’s window of the first car, makes some kind of exchange with the first guy involving a baggie of something white, and then gets back into black-tinted-window-car and drives off.

I mean, we actually watched an entire drug deal from beginning to end standing about eight feet away from it behind a NON-TINTED WINDOW. Way to be freaking subtle, guys!!

How about some other photos, since this is a personal entry.

Look at this super adorable baby corn snake ZOMFG!!!!!! This was at my school at some point.

I’m not sure where I saw this. Home Depot or something? Anyway, I liked how… obvious… it was.

There is almost nothing interesting about this picture, but I’m pretty sure I took it because I’d just started watching Once Upon A Time the previous day and then I saw this in a grocery store.

And now I’ve forgotten all the other stuff I needed to post about. Happy Densetsu no Saigo Hen day, everyone!

Girl, that’s a lace-front, I can tell

I would begin this entry by telling all about my new job, but honestly I don’t have much to say about that. Doggie kisses! Yay! It’s going pretty well so far, and also it’s exhausting. I met a dog named Drama Llama. I get a long weekend every weekend, and that’s badass. Today I went to Goodwill and the Arc and found all sorts of discount scrubs and that was great.

Flashmob performances are the coolest damn thing in this entire world. I never get bored with them, and watch them so gleefully on YouTube. It is my dream someday to be present when one occurs.

OK, remember how last summer when we went to Moab and it was 102° I bought two pieces of swimwear to help me deal with those degrees? And then no swimming actually happened in Moab? And how then we went to Santa Fe for my birthday, and I took the swimwear with me there, and then no swimming occurred there either?

Well, today I was trying to decide which tank top to wear, and, in conjunction with this, which bra to wear… and there in the drawer next to my bras was this swimwear, still with tags on. And I was like, DUDE I’MA WEAR THAT SWIM TOP TODAY INSTEAD. So I pulled the tags off it and wore it! And I look damn sexay, so here is a picture of that mess:

Recently I had a dream wherein I was a member of a royal court. There were these two knights that were the type of rivals that really seriously hate each other but can only be courtly rivals and not actually openly deliberately try to kill each other lest they annoy the king. The nice one, my friend, somewhat resembled Carol Berg’s Ilario de Sylvae; the other was a bit like Brian de Bois-Guilbert.

So at some point these two knights were having a rather tense courtly conversation in which the subjects of combat and gathering food for the poor both came up. Then there was a sort of challenge issued (by the nice one to the mean one) referring not explicitly to the previous topic. The mean knight thought the nice knight had challenged him to a test of arms, but in actuality the nice knight had challenged him to help gather food for the poor.

So the nice knight is going around gathering up food for the poor, and the mean knight, thinking that after this is done they’re going to go have a joust, is more or less required to help gather food because he’ll come across as a total asshole if he doesn’t. And I, fully aware of the miscommunication (somewhat deliberate on the part of my friend), am laughing heartily at the whole thing.

Then there was some other stuff where I was trying to figure out how best to distribute this food, which was all gathered in the courtyard where only nobles like myself and the knights were allowed and the poor starving people never came. And something about a video game sequence of riding motorcycles through this capital city. I don’t know. Anyway, it was funny.

Here are today’s pictures. Besides that sexy one of me up there, of course.

So this one here is from a shirt I encountered back in the dry cleaning days. Seems very straightforward, right? It’s even kindof a nice-looking patch. Only then you see the inside of the shirt and what this patch looks like from the back…

…and then you’re like wot.

Next, once upon a time cat gave her stamp of approval to the books corpus_yaoi sent me from Japan. It is always reassuring to have cat’s approval.

And lastly… I used to spend a lot of time on the Wal-Mart Barbie aisle for reasons HoH readers may be able to guess. And once I saw this there. I love how there’s an arrow labeled “TRY ME!” pointing to Aurora’s crotch just above the motto, “Bedtime with Sleeping Beauty!”

Koushite iru to omoi dasu ano koro no koto omae no tame ni kaasan ga tsukutta kono uta

I’ve managed to survive another holiday week at Edible Arrangements! Perhaps it will be my last; who knows? As far as I’m aware, the spay/neuter clinic has not actually managed to have a conversation with either of the co-workers that are on my list of references… but during my interview, I did tell the clinic how hectic things are at EA during the week leading up to Mother’s Day (by way of explanation for when I would be able to start should they want to hire me), so it’s possible that, after failing to get hold of my co-workers last week, they decided to wait until after the holiday. I can only hope they talked to the doctor so my entire list of professional references doesn’t seem unreachable. Since this clinic is closed on Mondays, tomorrow is the earliest I could hope to hear from them or think to call them.

Ach, my poor hands and wrists. Normal EA work doesn’t bother them much, but the crush of holiday business leaves them in bad shape for a few days. My feet have mostly recovered, but my hands still ache. My brain’s reeling a bit too; writing is not working very well today.

Several weeks back, some kind of infection and swelling appeared in one of my upper ear piercings, so I didn’t wear anything in those holes for a while until it went away. Predictably, this allowed the holes to shrink down again to a 16 or 18. This irritates me more than I can say, but there is a silver lining. Once upon a time, you see, back when I worked at the dry cleaner, there was a little tray of small items that others working there had found in people’s pockets. And in this tray was a pair of the sweetest little earrings:

I snatched them right up and took them home (and named them Heero and Duo) despite my being all 6-gages and therefore having no practical prospect of wearing them. And they’ve sat around in my room ever since, adorable and unwearable. But now! Now I can wear thems. So these holes having shrunken doesn’t suck as badly as it could. I will probably want to gage them up again eventually, though, because the unending hassle that is earring backs — the reason I gaged in the first place — exists to this day. Still looking for some kind of adapting plug…

I can’t think what else I might have to say, so here are some more photos:

OK, I know this is the state fish of Hawaii, but for some reason it just cracks me up beyond reason to see the entire word all embroidered out on a shirt. (Obviously we’re still in the dry-cleaning era here.)

BMDSS. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a company named BMDSS, but not only does it look like “BADASS” at a glance (to me), then I see it properly and try to pronounce it phonetically, which sounds really funny. Also there are other incomprehensible letters and numbers after it, so the whole thing’s just a mess. That is all.

Cat reclines in stately elegance on the blanket.

MY FAVORITE BASS CLEF EVAR. It got tired of its boring job and sneaked into the MIDDLE OF THE ACTION YEAH!! This was in cantata music, I think, the year before last. When I pointed it out to mom, she just rolled her eyes. I love it.

Day 6/8

*does a little Sherlock dance* What a satisfying day I have had. Whilst waiting for my brother to drag his ass out of bed (and after making that entry earlier), I worked on Confy, and that was great. Then, when brother was finally up and about, we watched all the movies. THEN WE WATCHED SOME NEW SHERBII BECAUSE WOT!! Ah, Sherbii. So happy.

I’m almost done catching up on all the stuff I need to tell about from the busy time. The next story is the surgeries. One of the items last sequence was a clinical surgery lab in which we students took turns filling various assisting roles such as anesthetic monitoring. We didn’t all get a chance at every role, so we’ll be doing the same thing again in the second clinical surgery lab during the next set of classes.

The school dress code allows for a single set of non-dangly earrings, so I never worried about my upper pair that I never took out. Technically gages are against the rules, but I’m only gaged to a 6, which with pegs is difficult to distinguish from standard 20’s or whatever, so I never got called on that. But then for the surgeries, they wanted me to take them out.

The problem was that it had been years — longer than I can actually remember — since I’d last taken them out, and they’re the kind that flare at both ends so as not to fall out… meaning that my piercings had shrunken to the size of the smaller middle part. Meaning the damn earrings would not come out.

What’s funny about this is that I’m pretty sure the point of removing jewelry before surgery is to make sure it doesn’t fall out, like, into a body cavity and get sewn up in there. Earrings that won’t come out? Probably not a problem. Anyway, I pulled on one of them for a long time during class, and it hurt, but it never came out. My ear did get all swollen up, though, and I lost school points.

In the shower that night, I managed to get the other one out, but the one I’d pulled on so much at school was too swollen to remove until just two days ago. So I’ll be good for the next set of surgeries… but overall the experience was kindof annoying XD

Day 3/8

Well, today I have not worn a tie, and I suspect the same thing will happen next Sunday. I often don’t get dressed at all on Sundays, and I can’t even regret that XD

So I’m watching the Broncos defeat the embarrassing Raiders and playing Super Lesbian Horse RPG… it’s kinda weird to be watching football without doing homework at the same time, which has been the standard for the last several months.

This has been a fabulous break so far. I’ve gotten some good solid progress made on Confy, though I haven’t worked on any other story yet. I’ve been enjoying the hell right out of sleeping in, you may well believe. I should be relatively human by the time I have to go back to school a week from tomorrow.

All right, time to start catching up on stuff. First off, the story of Thanksgiving. Once upon a time, my mom’s redneck dad had a stroke, which left him in a state of no longer being able to collect redneck junk and fill his garage and yards with redneck junk and mess around with his redneck junk. So eventually, the family decided to get together and clean out the garage and the yards of all the redneck junk. One uncle was renting a big dumpster item to put stuff into, and many family members were traveling from their towns of residence to grandma and grandpa’s town to assist in this endeavor.

Brother and I, as I may have mentioned, were not able both to get the same days off in order to accompany my parents to grandparent land to help with this. Brother was chosen to go and I to stay since brother has muscles that could help with lifting and carrying things. Everything was set.

Only then, randomly and for no actual reason I ever heard, uncle called the whole thing off at the last minute. Canceled the dumpster and told everyone they’d just do it some other time. Despite the fact that PEOPLE WERE DRIVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY FOR THIS.

Mom and dad couldn’t very well cancel going at that point (this was, like, the day before Thanksgiving) since grandma was counting on feeding them Thanksgiving dinner and would have cried if they’d not shown up. But since brother’s muscles were no longer needed for what had previously been the entire point of the trip, he decided to stay home with me.

As I said before, I worked on Thanksgiving, sat around writing fanfiction and getting paid overtime for it. Then I went home, and brother and I ate junk food and watched movies (and some BSSM episodes) for literally twelve hours straight. And I had homework to do on Thanksgiving; did I mention that? It was extremely irritating. I was so not into it that the assignment took me seven hours.

Saturday after Thanksgiving, I got my hair cut. It’s longer now than it’s ever been in my life, and the gal trimming the ends actually asked me to stand up out of the chair so she could get at them; that’s never happened before :D I had her shave the horrible little bits off the bottom in back because they’re such a pain to tuck under a surgical cap in preparation for surgery. I intended then to go home and touch up my dye and take a shower, but this was not to be.

My parents texted me on my way home from the haircut, saying that they’d run over some random piece of metal that had fallen off a truck or something, damaged the engine of their car, and were sitting at the side of the road waiting for a tow into the nearest town. I might, they informed me, need to drive up to that town and rescue them. So I sat around for the next few hours waiting for word on that. Eventually they let me know that they were staying in a hotel that night, but by then it was too late to take a shower, so I went to bed with little shavey bits of hair all over my neck and back.

I was awakened next morning by my mother calling to request I go rescue them, since Silverthorne, where they were, has pretty well nothing at all open on Sundays so there was no chance of a rental car just yet. So, gross from having put off showering and still covered in little shavey bits, I drove the two and a half hours it takes to get up there, picked up my parents, and drove two and a half hours back.

The interesting thing about this is that if brother and I had, as originally planned, both gone with them to grandparent land to help with the stupid cleanup that got canceled anyway, there would have been nobody to rescue us; we’d all have been stuck in Silverthorne until Monday, and I would have missed my Monday class and lost all sorts of points at school because of it. So there is destiny for you.

We had a real family Thanksgiving the following Sunday, put up our Christmas decorations and watched the traditional movies, so everything was good. Oh, and I did eventually get to take a shower, too :D

Only one day left until I turn 33

In a few hours we will drive away to go to Santa Fe! Have I mentioned how FREAKING EXCITED I am about this?? And because I will be away for my entire birthday, I have decided to post things I’m posting today rather than tomorrow.

I had that trying-to-shave-the-backs-of-my-thighs experience again yesterday, since I anticipate a swimming pool in New Mexico this evening. The shaving process was easier this time, but we’ll see if any swimming actually happens. If not, the tags will probably remain on my swimwear until next summer XD

So the other day there was a final exam, and after we’d taken it a classmate of mine commented, “I had the hardest time remembering the lay term for canine parturition… I kept thinking ‘bitching,’ but I knew that wasn’t right.” This tickled the hell out of me, and from now on I will consider that any dog having puppies is “bitching.”

On the same day, at work, a fun thing happened. Someone ordered two dozen chocolate strawberry roses, but requested that we not deliver them until she brought in some stuff that she wanted delivered along with the order. And what she brought in turned out to be a FOUR-FOOT-TALL TEDDY BEAR on which she’d put a backpack stuffed with candy. There were also about a million balloons, one of which was, like, three feet in diameter.

Excess often amuses me hugely, and I was filled with giggles in relation to all of this. I was also very pleased with the vibe I was getting that this extravagant offering was a sign of lesbian affection. Unfortunately, though, the purchaser evaded my subtle questions along those lines. It was still pretty awesome, though; the driver reported that the recipient was almost in shock when he appeared with all this crap.

I was thinking of reporting on my concert experience, but my feelings are so mixed I don’t know if I can do them justice. Seeing Three Days Grace three days before my thirty-third birthday was not only awesome but also terribly numerically appropriate… but I was not aware until I was actually at the concert that Adam Gontier has left the band. (Yes, I am very bad at paying attention to things.) This is literally enough to make me cry, but I don’t want to undervalue the concert experience even without him. So I think I will say no more on that topic. Still, there’s this: