No right, no wrong, no rules for me

We were supposed to be in Disneyland this week, but then we got all the snow in the world and our flight was cancelled. You would have seen history’s whiniest post from me here complaining about this, but we were able to reschedule for next week with no problem.

Ever since we came back from Washington, in eager anticipation of Disneyland, I’ve had a Disneyland dream practically every night. I won’t bother giving any details of them, because they’re generally the same… but one thing has shifted slightly ever since we went to Disney World a couple of years back: now, instead of, “Oh, crap, I forgot to go on [some particular ride I like] and now we’re about to leave” (or sometimes even, “Oh, crap, I forgot to go on any rides at all and now we’re about to leave”), it’s, “Oh, crap, I forgot to visit [one particular area of the park] and now we’re about to leave.” Not a major difference, but one I think is somewhat interesting. You can bet I won’t forget anything that’s available next week!

So I was going to go to work all week, but I’ve had two days in a row off because of aforementioned snow. My clinic closes along with a certain school district in town (one that is, incidentally, notorious for never closing, but this storm was srs bsns). Paycheck is going to be a joke again, but whatevs. I like days off.

Brother and I watched the entire first arc of SKU yesterday, which of course was awesome. The new DVD’s (which I’ve finally gotten around to buying) have subtitles that can actually be turned off for the duel songs, which means I can make all those music videos I’ve had planned literally for a decade.

However, they still went with the incredibly bad subtitles from the previous release, because people are shit. In a series this complex, it seems like you would want to exercise greater care with the translation than usual, but what do I know?

Hey, I don’t think I ever mentioned Beeks in the snow since that first time in, like, October. Turns out he is a regular snowdog, and goes bouncing through drifts in the funniest way imaginable (since he’s only, like, a foot and a half tall).

At one point in November when we got our first real accumulation of the season, he went out and jumped around in the snow for so long that I started to get worried and called him back inside. Then he had these little snowbugs all stuck to his entire underside —

–and I had to give him a half-bath to get them off. He looooves the snow. Right now it’s deeper than he is tall in many places, so we’ve had to maintain a snow-shovel path through the yard so he can get to someplace where pooping is an option. He loves his path, and runs along it so adorably, but he also still goes plunging into the drifts where they’re not too deep for him. So so cute.

Here are some more pictures as well:

This tree is outside the vet building at my old school; I used to park in front of it every day. I kinda love it.

TWEEZERS THAT WORK! I adore this type of hilariously straightforward advertising.

And speaking of straightforward, how about, “Muscles?” Not, “Has built-in muscles!” or, “Includes ripped muscles!” or something… just… “Muscles.”

Finally he said, “I was a doll for a long time, you know.”

The sad part about weekends is on Sunday when you’ve been writing and writing and writing and it seems like the story isn’t going to want to stop being worked on any time soon, and it’s freaking awesome… and bedtime rolls around. So not only do you have to stop, you also have to try to get to sleep with all the writing you could be getting done, if only you didn’t have school in the morning, bouncing around in your head. Oh, for that recurring daydream of not needing sleep… Thank Poe, at least, for the distraction of recorded books.

The deep breath I took still poisons my lungs

As a sort of unfunny joke, it’s been pouring rain today -__- Actually it makes me a little sick thinking about it.

In better news, though, I’m very happy to be home, and so is cat. I unpacked all my stuff (though I haven’t actually put away all the clothes yet), and then after that I’ve been reading contest fic all day. Tomorrow I should really do things I’m supposed to do and not read contest fic all day, but we’ll see what actually happens.

Fucking pouring rain.

Close to you, I saw places that I never knew

All these things I need to document are piling up, and I’d really better get on that before I start forgetting them. Hell, I’m already forgetting them now as I try to recall what-all I need to write about, mou. I’m kinda spacy and maybe a little grouchy? And blah blah. So let’s cut this. Cutta.

Ramble ramble ramble

I dreamed that my sister Pookster was married to a woman. And, although apparently she had been for several years, it just struck me during the course of the dream that my mother was accepting and friendly toward them, and therefore unlikely to freak out when I told her I was also gay. Hah! What a nice and improbable dream.

Blah blah customers tattoos whine

Clearly called for a topstitch, or maybe a traditional blanket stitch

I have been very grouchy today in a PMSy sort of way. I blame this on the contraceptive pills I resumed taking three days ago. It’s an unfortunate mood to be in when you work in customer service, especially when some woman comes in at two minutes before closing time with sixty-five dollars’ worth of dry cleaning. She didn’t even have the decency to be unpleasant, so I can’t even make fun of her. But seriously? Don’t do that, people; don’t walk into a place just as they’re closing and give them shit to do that will keep them late.

Fortunately, work was pretty slow for the first couple of hours, and I got some writing done on Wintercease (which, by the way, is going to overtake What Not To Do mightily if the latter doesn’t get off its ass). Then I’ve been playing Might and Magic since I got home, and reading, and I’m counting on a much better mood tomorrow. I bet it will be hella busy at work, but I can always read while I tag orders and that makes for a fairly pleasant day. So now to bed.

Oh, briefly. Snowflake thing had boring and/or not applicable prompts for its last three days, so I’m done with that now.


Now I can’t even post from my dad’s computer. And since, as has already been painfully established, kuroiyousei is not set up for email posts like this, I’m just out of luck at the moment. Seriously, how on earth did this happen to happen just as I decided to do daily posts for a week??? Anyway, we’ll have to see whether or not it
will work when I get up in the morning.

Lj wot, WoW

Ah, livejournal is still annoying the hell out of me. I’ve got half a million things to answer and I can’t get at any of them. Well, I did manage to get some stuff to work on my dad’s computer earlier, but it’s a pain in the ass to do things on my dad’s computer, so I’m just going to wait until the diligent lj staff get things back up and running across the board. And in the meantime post like this, via email. Remind me, in the future, to set up kuroiyousei for email posting? I was almost frantic last night.

So I finally started a goblin in WoW, and WHOAH HEY THERE HETERONORMATIVITY. Would it really have been all that difficult to let the player choose? Wow. Anyway… my computer doesn’t much like running WoW on account of the video driver can barely handle it, and has a long history of freezing the game in the middle of important moments. This time, though, it froze the entire computer when my gobble was at about level 7… and every time I try to log in as that goblin now, it freezes all over again. I can access all my other characters, just not her. Either my computer is racist against goblins, or having a totally justified fit about the enforced heterosexual relationship in the starting

And now I shall go to work.

Rose Pale progress, paycheck/bills, IM’ing/voice chatting, errands

Finally finished Rose Pale chapter 9, and now I find that chapter 10 is cooperating all of a sudden. Go figure. I still haven’t decided what to draw for chapter 5 yet… I want it to involve Quatre, but he doesn’t really do anything terribly visually interesting in that chapter. Or maybe I’m just putting off drawing for it because I only have that one piece of paper left…

Oh, speaking of things I wish I could buy, I get my first paycheck from drycleany tomorrow! Then I suppose I will find out how much they’re paying me XD Will I be able to get some more watercolor paper with this check? Probably not. Oh, bills.

Randomly, about IM'ing and voice chat.