Is it safe Talib this to the defense?

Quote of the day, courtesy of Rick Riordan and pretty clearly intended for fans of Saitou and Sano: “You don’t call somebody an idiot that many times unless you’re really into them.”

Man, I am 54 parts into recording Confrérie, and of course then I would get a cold. Not like I can’t finish later, but, man, I was on such a roll.

This cold has gotten worse over the last couple of days, too, and almost completely ruined my weekend. I have accomplished nothing, which makes me very unhappy. But at least my Broncs won.

So I dreamed that Saitou had invited me and my family to this wedding, and my brother Sano was extremely upset because he thought Saitou was the one getting married — when in fact Saitou was just playing a lovely violin solo. So after the ceremony, I stormed off to give Saitou a piece of my mind for letting my brother be so unhappy. I would say I woke up giggling (mostly at Saitou playing a lovely violin solo), but I actually woke up coughing.

That’s really all I have to say.

There was this one time Waybee attacked a pinwheel that I had:

Also then why the crap did I take this picture I don’t even know:


Ima zenshin no saibou ga mizumizushiku sawagitateru

This latter half of the Vet Tech program is so much closer to real school, it’s astonishing. There is definitely one decent teacher and one obnoxious, repetitive, personal-space-invading, less decent teacher, but at least I’ve actually had to do some actual studying and deliberately set time aside for homework rather than getting straight A’s by generally ignoring everything. It’s a difficult life when you loathe college and simultaneously utterly disdain these fake schools that are your best alternative.

Friday’s cattle lab was pretty badass. We met a number of Brahman mixes and a very sweet little miniature Highland, and gave vaccines and physical exams. I have now shoved things into a rodeo bull that most people would never consider shoving into a rodeo bull. Don’t worry; we wore gloves.

Unrelated to cattle, I dreamed that I and a few friends (including Yahtzee, whom I encounter in my subconscious with unexpected frequency) were LARPing Dragon Age II. The story we were playing resembled the game in no particular, and I only know it was supposed to be DA2 because of some reference I made, while addressing someone apparently playing Bethany, to her character’s Deep Roads fate in the game.

Speaking of video games (and ceasing to speak of dreams since that’s all I had to say on that subject), I have canceled my WoW subscription. This causes me great sadness, and I will certainly pick it up again someday, but car payments have rendered me extremely poor lately and I enjoy eating food.

Writing projects have been going well. As I mentioned before, I can get some decent progress made at school during the more repetitive lectures, and Confrérie has been behaving quite well. Top Secret Project moves right along too; I’m 5.5/11 of the way through that. Oho, if anyone cared, they might use that number to figure out what this project is!! XD In any case, I am a bit more hopeful that both of these things may be ready for my birthday after all. This is terribly exciting.

So, speaking of posting things. I was waiting with some interest to see how many parts of Plastic at ff.n it would take before someone discovered that the entire story is posted elsewhere. The answer? 29.

And speaking of ff.n, look for some trolliness soon, because I’ve found my new Favorite Fic Evar.

OK, so, today on the way home from school, I saw this truck that was painted in a nice black and pink pattern, probably by some custom painter that got paid actual money to do this job. And on the back it said, in nice pink letters, “Silly Boy’s Truck’s Are For Girl’s.” I shit you not. I laughed so hard.

OH, SPEAKING OF LAUGHING SO HARD AND ALSO PLASTIC. So I’m rerecording Plastic, for various reasons, and yesterday I happened to have about twenty minutes free between school and work. I thought, Hey, this is a perfect amount of time to read one Plastic part! Only I forgot I was on part 49, which is Wufei’s first appearance and, in my humble opinion, possibly the funniest part of the entire story. I managed to come up with a Wufei voice without bursting out laughing, but when I got to the “live long and prosper” bit I seriously lost it. I’m really going to have to make an outtake track. This put me in such a good mood to go to work in XD

I think that’s all I have to say right now.

Ugh, I get so tired coming up with post subjects

In-person school starts again tomorrow, and the awareness of this has been weighing more and more heavily on me with every passing hour for the last several days. I’ve been taking the opportunity to sleep in as frequently as possible, especially when cat is willing to curl up with me. OH CAT.

I never reported on last week’s tiny vacation, but there isn’t really much to say. Some perverse ant bit me. I got a super cute necklace. The End.

I’ve made some good progress on Confrérie, but I still don’t know whether I will have enough of it done to start posting it on my birthday. The mystery continues! Meanwhile, a new surprise project appear and bite me! Much like a perverse ant! So that has taken up some of my time lately too. It’s something I’ll be very interested to see the response to (or, rather, whether there is any response to).

Recording has also still been happening a lot lately; in fact, it’s how I’ve started most of my days: I get up, read until my voice gives, go do other stuff, then come back later when I have a voice again and record some more until it goes away once again. I am 35 parts into re-recording Plastic, 15 parts into Seeing Red, and have read nearly all my Saitou/Sano vignettes. I wish my voice wouldn’t give out at all; I could happily spend all day recording this stuff XD We’ll see how much of that I have opportunity for during school, though.

I dreamed that I and a couple other people (one of whom may have been my brother) worked at McDonald’s (of course) and were being sent by our manager (who was my cool manager from EA) to help out at another store. This other store happened to be on another planet, or perhaps a moon.

When we got there, the first thing we needed to do was order some food for ourselves to eat before we clocked on. It was obviously very busy, and I was sympathetic toward the gal that took my order. I got my food right away somehow, and took it outside to eat it.

Outside, there was a pavilion with tables, and also a swimming pool. There were two orcas in the swimming pool, which I thought was really awesome. I ate my Big Mac and chatted with some people, noticing that they had the accent of this planet or moon and figuring they could tell right away from my accent that I was from Earth.

But about twenty minutes passed and I had yet to be joined by my two companions. In the dream it never occurred to me that they might simply have gone to eat in a different spot, so I went back inside to look for them. They were still waiting for their food on account of the slowness of the existing staff.

Then I had this other somewhat mixed-up dream wherein I was supposed to go on a little vacation via Greyhound with my dad’s parents. But we were all cleaning something in some place, and this took up so much time I wasn’t going to make it to where the Greyhound would pick me up. Also I didn’t have any of the stuff I needed, nor even my cell phone, and had to dig dimes out of my pocket to make a short call on a pay phone to my parents.

Also there was another confused dream in which I was at my first day of school (tomorrow), and one of three or four people in the class that hadn’t come in scrubs. This was apparently OK on the first day, though there was no logical reason for it.

The teacher started lecturing, but then he stopped halfway and left the room. The program director, who was sitting beside me, explained that sometimes this teacher got frustrated because his lecture wasn’t going exactly as he’d planned, so he would leave to rework the lecture and come back after while. To pass the time, she showed me her super cool new dual-screen smartphone.

The teacher had decorated his classroom with a bunch of objects I recognized; after not too long I realized that they’d all come from this one restaurant I’d been to several times many years before. It had been a Chuck E. Cheese’s sort of place, with rides and games and stuff, only a lot quirkier. Given that some of the cartoons that played there were unafraid to touch on adult subjects, I wasn’t surprised that the place had gone out of business — but I was sad.

Scene change, and suddenly I was at that restaurant; no clue as to whether this was a flashback or if the place was suddenly back in business. I looked around at stuff, watched a bit of a cartoon that featured a golem discussing different things (including semen) one could eat on toast, and then found my way to the area where the prizes were.

Some of these prizes were a bunch of a BSSM merchandising. There was a package of pens and pencils with the characters on them, and a couple other things. There were several manga volumes, only they’d been translated from the French for some reason. I desperately wanted all of this stuff, but of course this was the section where everything cost eighteen bazillion tickets, and I had no tickets. In a place like that, you can always just pay money to buy the prizes (at absurd prices), but I had no money either.

Now I will do things.

Dee dee dee dee dee dee dee

I get lots and lots of spam email in Russian, and that’s pretty cool. Does anyone know how I can get spam in other languages too? I have no idea how the Russian spam got started, so I don’t know how to go about getting a bunch of people to start spamming me in Chinese and Arabic too. Somebody help!

I dreamed that some cats with a bunch of kittins appeared outside my home! (In this dream, my home was a hotel or something; whatevs). I didn’t see how Tokio would react to them, but I did get to give them food and pet them and stuff. KITTINS.

Yesterday was recording day from beginning to end. I read a bunch, and then edited a bunch, and eventually put up five new recordings, short though they were. This is, of course, not nearly as productive as actually writing stories, but still pretty productive. I like having recordings done. Today (at least for now) I am resting my voice.

Confrérie had been making good progress, and in fact has graduated into its second file; that is always an exciting moment. I’d like to start posting it as a birthday present to myself, but we’ll see how far into it I am by then. I think I was about 40 parts into Plastic before I started posting that one, so that’s been my sort of tentative goal. We’ll see, we’ll see. I was right about one thing, though: getting Cross-Cancellation out of the way has really allowed me to concentrate on Confrérie. So good jobon that.

There’s this pair of bluejays that has come to my yard and declared war on EVERYTHING. They harass the squirrels and the dog and my dad and all the birds. BUT. I do not allow them to harass my little sweet black-capped chickadee friends that live in the birdhouse that hangs from the porch. MY CHICKADEES. BLUEJAYS CAN FUCK OFF.

Also, a deer jumped the six-foot fence. How about that.

I love summer.

But you gotta love ’em anyway. I don’t care what they say anymore.

The big fire should be fully contained by the end of today. Over 500 homes have been destroyed in this one, which is so many more than last year it boggles the mind. Yesterday the entire city was buried in a smoky haze that turned the sun blood-red and hid half the mountains. Fortunately, there’s been more rain earlier than last year, which is part of the reason (despite much more destruction) this fire has been more quickly contained than last year’s was.

Some bees have built a nest inside the seat of my bicycle. This is so strange to me.

I dreamed I was a seemingly all-powerful magician. I lived in a house full of roommates, and was making my way back to it across a neighborhood. I encountered someone’s overgrown back yard and decided to cause a million flowers to grow throughout all the overgrowth. My roommates made fun of me for this. Next I encountered the neighborhood’s emergency food storage area. Everyone always donated food regularly, but the place was very badly organized. So I used magic to organize it, despite being able to see trouble arising from this in future: the new organization packed everything in much more tightly, which made it look as if there was less food there, and people were going to think I’d stolen some. But I didn’t care. Then there was… Pac-Man…

I also dreamed that I was at a Michael Jackson concert, and my mom was directing his orchestra ^__^

Hey, have you guys ever had chicken and waffles? I didn’t even know this was a thing until some chips flavored thus appeared recently. Then I discovered chicken and waffles on a menu at a restaurant and had to try them. So. Delicious.

Bees. Bees. Bees inside my bike. Wot.

I’ve been playing Dragon Age II a lot recently, and it is awesome. I hear very little praise of this game from anyone else, and everyone assures me the previous game was way better, so I’m actually really glad I randomly picked up the second in the series first. Because I loOoOove it, and if Origins is even better, then that is amazing.

The thing is, I’m not very good at video games, and I encountered a battle I couldn’t win no matter how I tried. Seriously, I think I went through it, like, twenty times and finally just decided to start the game over and try to be better prepared for that battle the next time I came to it XD But last night I also called in an expert (i.e. my brother, who is better at video games than I am and probably more patient in general), and he won the battle on his first try, never having played the game at all before. So now I can keep making out with Merrill all day playing with that character. Yay brother!

Lately I have made some decent progress on both HR and Confrérie, and more than a little of that has been at work during slow hours. What a lovely job I have XD Also, I’ve been doing a lot of recording again because sometimes that bug bites me. I’ve started re-recording Plastic, though I fear that any long story will never actually get a finished recording because there will always be an new edit of the story to make the existing recording outdated before it’s even finished.


Forecast to be falling yesterday; only in the past is what they say

My long break has ended, and I have started four online classes. So far they’re all pretty stupid, but as soon as we get into real assignments that should change for at least some of them; I have little hope for the “Communications” course that literally has an assignment later called “Parts of Speech,” but the bio/chem class shouldn’t be too bad, I think.

Did I get everything done that I wanted to over the break? Let’s take a look at the list I made near the beginning of my time off and see what kind of productivity I have achieved.

Fast Decisions — Yep. And even taking this to mean HoH as a whole, I have made good progress. Cross-Cancellation still isn’t done, ’tis true, but it’s gotten really close. I will take a look at it after this entry, in fact.

TLY — oops. I haven’t actually opened this at all. Maybe this is what I should take a look at after this entry. It’s true, you know… what they say about art in a vacuum…

Lellom Srab — haven’t touched this either.

All the recordings in the world — Since I started out the break with worse-than-usual congestion, this (and Lellom Srab) kinda got shuffled into the background. I edited all my shorter one-shots about Saitou and Sano (and I will get to the longer ones pretty soon), and recorded a few of those, though.

A big picture — I actually started this, but I haven’t quite finished the line art. Once the weather gets warmer and I am more inclined to sit outside, this will become a more interesting thing. It has grown quite lovely even lately, but not quite hot enough yet. It’s alllmmoost tank top time, and I’m excited, since nobody has yet seen the tattoo I got in December.

Vacuum my room — one time! It surely would have been more than that (she said with forlorn dishonesty) if Enishi hadn’t died. And by that I am referring to my vacuum named Enishi, not Seeing Red.

OK, so I feel like I’ve been fairly productive over the break. Other stuff I have accomplished that wasn’t on the list was getting half an ASZz chapter written and, as of last night, two minutes of an awesome music video put together.

Last week was another Doom Week at EA on account of Mother’s Day. Sunday itself wasn’t as order-heavy as Valentine’s Day, and I wasn’t at an internship at the same time, so the whole week wasn’t as horrible as Valentine’s Day week, but it was still pretty intense. I have two more shifts before my ten work days in a row will end and I will have a day off.

So I dreamed at one point that I was romantically involved with Mr. Gold. He had to disguise himself for some purpose or other, but instead of using magic he went into this place and came back with an actual disguise. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but it was so painfully dorky that I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep rather than acknowledge him.

I also dreamed that Zombie Girl came to visit! That was great.

OK, have some pictures of my cat. The guest bed had to be moved upstairs for a recent guest time, and for a while the mattress was leaning against the kitchen counter. This is what cat invariably does with vertical mattresses.