I only have one grandparent left

My mom’s dad died this morning. I don’t need sympathy; I’m just documenting the event. He was an abusive husband and father and one of the most annoying people I’ve ever met. He was never worse than incredibly obnoxious to me, but I didn’t like him. I often have to try to fight off personal traits he passed down to me; thanks a lot, grandpa. I’ll probably type up some memories of him at some point, if I can bring myself to care that much XD

Day 3/8

Well, today I have not worn a tie, and I suspect the same thing will happen next Sunday. I often don’t get dressed at all on Sundays, and I can’t even regret that XD

So I’m watching the Broncos defeat the embarrassing Raiders and playing Super Lesbian Horse RPG… it’s kinda weird to be watching football without doing homework at the same time, which has been the standard for the last several months.

This has been a fabulous break so far. I’ve gotten some good solid progress made on Confy, though I haven’t worked on any other story yet. I’ve been enjoying the hell right out of sleeping in, you may well believe. I should be relatively human by the time I have to go back to school a week from tomorrow.

All right, time to start catching up on stuff. First off, the story of Thanksgiving. Once upon a time, my mom’s redneck dad had a stroke, which left him in a state of no longer being able to collect redneck junk and fill his garage and yards with redneck junk and mess around with his redneck junk. So eventually, the family decided to get together and clean out the garage and the yards of all the redneck junk. One uncle was renting a big dumpster item to put stuff into, and many family members were traveling from their towns of residence to grandma and grandpa’s town to assist in this endeavor.

Brother and I, as I may have mentioned, were not able both to get the same days off in order to accompany my parents to grandparent land to help with this. Brother was chosen to go and I to stay since brother has muscles that could help with lifting and carrying things. Everything was set.

Only then, randomly and for no actual reason I ever heard, uncle called the whole thing off at the last minute. Canceled the dumpster and told everyone they’d just do it some other time. Despite the fact that PEOPLE WERE DRIVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY FOR THIS.

Mom and dad couldn’t very well cancel going at that point (this was, like, the day before Thanksgiving) since grandma was counting on feeding them Thanksgiving dinner and would have cried if they’d not shown up. But since brother’s muscles were no longer needed for what had previously been the entire point of the trip, he decided to stay home with me.

As I said before, I worked on Thanksgiving, sat around writing fanfiction and getting paid overtime for it. Then I went home, and brother and I ate junk food and watched movies (and some BSSM episodes) for literally twelve hours straight. And I had homework to do on Thanksgiving; did I mention that? It was extremely irritating. I was so not into it that the assignment took me seven hours.

Saturday after Thanksgiving, I got my hair cut. It’s longer now than it’s ever been in my life, and the gal trimming the ends actually asked me to stand up out of the chair so she could get at them; that’s never happened before :D I had her shave the horrible little bits off the bottom in back because they’re such a pain to tuck under a surgical cap in preparation for surgery. I intended then to go home and touch up my dye and take a shower, but this was not to be.

My parents texted me on my way home from the haircut, saying that they’d run over some random piece of metal that had fallen off a truck or something, damaged the engine of their car, and were sitting at the side of the road waiting for a tow into the nearest town. I might, they informed me, need to drive up to that town and rescue them. So I sat around for the next few hours waiting for word on that. Eventually they let me know that they were staying in a hotel that night, but by then it was too late to take a shower, so I went to bed with little shavey bits of hair all over my neck and back.

I was awakened next morning by my mother calling to request I go rescue them, since Silverthorne, where they were, has pretty well nothing at all open on Sundays so there was no chance of a rental car just yet. So, gross from having put off showering and still covered in little shavey bits, I drove the two and a half hours it takes to get up there, picked up my parents, and drove two and a half hours back.

The interesting thing about this is that if brother and I had, as originally planned, both gone with them to grandparent land to help with the stupid cleanup that got canceled anyway, there would have been nobody to rescue us; we’d all have been stuck in Silverthorne until Monday, and I would have missed my Monday class and lost all sorts of points at school because of it. So there is destiny for you.

We had a real family Thanksgiving the following Sunday, put up our Christmas decorations and watched the traditional movies, so everything was good. Oh, and I did eventually get to take a shower, too :D

Incredible how you can see right through me

I am in Utah on a sort of vacation. This is the first time I’ve traveled since acquiring a laptop, and that changes the experience much for the better. Actually I couldn’t have managed it without the laptop this time, on account of these excessively idiotic online classes. I can’t even express how dumb they are, and I don’t have the energy to try.

Here is my new favorite line from a review: I don’t know the exact dates or anything, but plastic wasn’t around until after the 50s, maybe even 60s.

My grandma is a fan of clocks that make noise on the hour. Well, she seems to be more a fan of clocks that make noise about three minutes from the hour in either direction. There are at least four of them, and I don’t remember the last time I slept so badly. But at least I have online classes to distract me from being tired, right? Ugh.

You know I thought I would have more to say here?

Bookly meme day 21, Fable II, planned productivity

Day 21 – Favorite romantic/sexual relationship. Off the top of my head, Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth have awesome romantic tension and I love them. They’re probably not my favorite, but I’m getting tired of having to try to decide on favorites of everything.

Yesterday I did indeed play Fable II for most of the day. Yes, it was everything Yahtzee said it was, but large women and teh gay made it all worth it. The heroine’s ass alone kept me entranced for eleven hours. I will probably play more of it at some point, but probably not today. Today I feel like working on GW fic. It is very uncomfortable to sit here on this bed working on this laptop for long hours, but if I go out to the living room and sit at the table, my grandpa harasses me all day. Not that the chairs in there are really all that much more comfortable.

I dreamed about my cat T__T

Bookly meme day 18, insomnia/tired, grandpa bookshelf

Day 18 – Favorite beginning scene in a book. Off the top of my head, I’d probably have to go with Gandalf dissecting Bilbo’s “Good morning.” That shit is hilarious. Can you imagine some (apparent) total stranger walking up and responding to your polite greeting like that? “All of them at once!” is just proof of how very good-natured Bilbo is… I mean, I’m a rather passive person myself, and I think even I would turn it into a debate. Some might respond with something along the lines of, “Who the fuck are you and what are you on about?”

So in an unfamiliar bed, my insomnia is really in her element. Last night it only took me a couple of hours to fall asleep, but the night before it was almost six. I keep waking up exhausted and having the hardest time getting any sort of energy worked up. Fortunately, HTML is the absolutely perfect pastime when I am feeling dull and tired, and then if I do manage to wake up eventually I can work on story at that point.

There is a bookshelf at the foot of the bed in this guest room, about the same size as mine at home only a little more woodly-looking. A few of the books on it: Ingenious Mechanisms volumes 1-4, The Home Depot: Built From Scratch, Handbook of Electric Power Calculations, The Ultimate Encyclopedia of American Cars, The Great Tool Emporium, Machinery’s Handbook (21st Edition), Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Auto Repair Manual 1975. I think it’s safe to say that there has never been a more interesting bookshelf in all of life.

P.S. My interview is today. Still not entirely sure about how I hope it will go.

Bookly meme day 16, yesterday’s productivity, today’s plans, missing cat

Day 16 – Favorite poem or collection of poetry. As usual, I fail. I don’t know that I can choose a favorite. I love every damn thing Poe ever wrote, and mean one of these days when I’m not painfully broke and unemployed to get a tattoo reflecting that. I also like Emily Dickenson and some random others. I always loved Fire and Ice by Robert Frost, but ever since the Eclipse movie opened with that I wouldn’t feel quite right citing that as one of my ultimate favorites XD And I do have to mention that some of my own poems are actually some of my favorites because I’m Hiko like that. (BUY MY BOOK) So there you go.

So here I am at my grandma’s house. Mou. Yesterday I watched some Gundam Wing, woke up a bit, worked on Plastic, watched some of The 10th Kingdom (which I brought because this branch of the family has not seen it!!!!!!!!!!!), talked to ZG (thank god), and worked on my mom’s site, which she is paying me real money to help her update REAL MONEY HELL YEAH. Also, thanks to ZG being awesome, I finally have gotten my hands on Yahtzee’s awesome book, which I have started reading and loving.

I miss my cat so much. As I was lying in bed half-asleep I kept having half-asleep hallucinations that she was there T___T There is a cat here, named Zeke, which will get on your lap and cuddle you for a few minutes, wander away, then come back and do it again. It’s a little inconvenient, and his fur is extremely rough and very sheddy — unlike my wonderful cat, whose fur is extremely soft and only a little sheddy — but I guess a cat is better than no cat. BUT I MISS MINE. When will I see her again? T____T

Well, today the plan is about the same as yesterday: work on Plastic, work on website(s), watch Gundam Wing perhaps, expose family to more The 10th Kingdom, cry about cat, and so on. Also I should probably grab the bathroom while it’s available. Ugh.

Some stuff that has happened

So. Last week. We began drivings and went long time. In the car, I finished Angles before we were halfway there, and then started working on Plastic and SaS. It was a good drive.

At faraway place, I played World of Warcraft almost nonstop all week. You see, there is nothing to do at my grandma’s house but play video games, watch TV, or play more video games. Lester and I did play some Rock Band, which I’d never played before and which was soOoOoOo fun. But mostly I just played WoW. I started a tauren druid and gave him skinning and mining so he could make moneys selling all that crap at the AH and then give all the monies to the guild. Da ha.

Day before the wedding was a dinner of everyone, and I met my new brother-in-law’s parents. OMG SKEEVY. The dad is so creepsome and slimy and shuddersome. The mom is just stupid. The restaurant had horchata on tap, though. That was freaking awesome.

The weather was warm and pleasant every day I was there except Thursday, the day of the wedding, on which it snowed. Pookster and Lester and D and I stuck around for maybe three pictures after the wedd and then left, because we weren’t prepared for freaking snow and were ready to die. We did not die. Instead we went back to grandma’s house, where I played WoW some more.

We came back home eventually. This past week has, as I’ve mentioned, been my last of internship and thereby school. So I’ve been busy with paperwork for school all week and getting my final hours at the offices. Which made my mom really annoyed wis me all week because I wasn’t helping her wis the preparations for the reception yesterday.

Yesterday, my last day at the general office and my last day of all, I got to assist on my very first extraction. DUDE IT WAS SO COOL. Then I came home and tried to wring some kind of congratulations out of my mom for being graduated, which everyone knows is a lesser achievement than being married. Then I finally got to talk to Zombie Girl, and that was great. Then there was a deathly boring reception.

Other things of interest have happened in the last two weeks, but I don’t feel like writing any more entry at the moment.

Oh, yeah. I’ve decided to get rid of my website and live off a livejournal.

Family, productivity

So uncle, aunt, two cousins, and grandma are all gone now. Having them around was a window into that type of situation to which you have a number of strong reactions and only remind yourself as a weak afterthought that 1) you can’t really judge wisout living wis them a good deal longer and 2) isn’t your business in the first place. The long and short of it is that my uncle is in constant pain because of back injuries, but seems to take it out very unpleasantly on his family a good deal more than he should… and my aunt, though having a lot to put up wis, doesn’t seem to make much of an effort to work things out. Anyway, like I said, not my business.

So now that that visit is over and the program is finished and the guest room is done, I am back to normalish life and the opportunity to be productive. I wrote a couple of ficlets yesterday (and would be glad to write more if anyone else feels like prompting me), and feel myself quite back in writing mode. I also got my room nicely cleaned yesterday, so good jobon me. Now what shall I work on today?

Work (earrings), productivity, WoW, site

Yesterday and today I am scheduled at 5. Yesterday it went OK, though I never got chicken salad made, but it’s a crunch. 4 is really the latest I think I should ever come in. Hopefully there won’t be too many samiches to make today. Incidentally, the hammer fell yesterday… Kristin told me I’d have to take my earrings out -__-

After work yesterday I wrote some ASZz and some Worst Possible, but mostly ran all around Azeroth wis my uncle. I fail at the social aspect of WoW, which is fine wis me. I don’t usually quest wis people since it forces me to pay too much attention to the game and not enough to whatever else I’m doing, but I agreed to hang out wis him because he was going to run me through Scarlet Monastery. We actually never got there before I had to sign off, though, and I was a little annoyed. But he did give me money to buy a mount and learn to ride, so whatever. I just hope he won’t want to make a habit of this random wandering; I have slow-paced, inattentive playing on my own to do.

Oh, I finally got tired of my tagboard being down and got a new one through a new service. I’ve missed Eden :D

There, I’ve taken my earrings out -__- Time to go to work


OK, time to make an entry about item.

My nephew Damien is a week old today. He was almost 11 pounds when he was born. He is the biggest baby ever; he looks like he’s a month old, not a week. Also he is the most adorably cutest baby ever. Ngyee. He has a round head. I shall post peectures of him eventually when I am less lazy.

My grandparents are in town, which is why I’m still at my family’s house. I’m not sure how that’s logical, since my grandparents are incredibly annoying, but whatever. Spirit of festivity, I suppose. And free food. Though my mom’s cooking is often distasteful and always unfilling. I am starving right now.

M was around for a while, and that was awesome. We went to the mall. She drawed item. We finished watching GetBackers finally. Now L just has to finish it.

You know what I wonder about Claire and Adam? If they get fat, can they just cut off the flab and heal? Or would the fat grow back?

I had lots of stuff to say, but for once (instead of forgetting it) I just don’t feel like typing it all out. So haiku meme instead

My uncle’s thoughts on Firefly

My uncle is irritating, but I emailed him at some point for something (asking about a computer program he’d had once or something), and happened to mention Firefly. He’d just bought the series himself, and proceeded to tell me what he thought of it:

Good show, definitely sad that it was not continued. But, I can understand why it was cancelled. The writer definitely tried too hard to push the moral boundaries of the characters.

Inara immediately comes to mind. She was easily the worst character in the show, simply because they tried too hard to make her “profession” a legitimate and respectable one. Then they double slapped her character’s character when she cries over the captain sleeping with the slut lady. ????? Yeah, go figure. Her character could have been great, as she was a good actress and extremely beautiful, which was the only thing that saved her.

The mechanic, Kaylee, was a way cool character, who I really liked, until the episode where the captain is having the flashbacks and it shows how she got on the ship. Then they add the line, “I’ll have to ask my parents”? She’s having sex on a ship with the mechanic, but has to go ask mommy if she can go on a space ride? Ouch! Major blow to her character and I really had to put that episode out of my mind to still like her character.

The rest of the characters were pretty cool, and I loved Jayne. He was hilarious! But, like I said, I can understand why the show didn’t get continued. It tried to push too many moral boundaries at once, and the bottom line is that the majority of this country, whether people choose to believe it or not, is still moral and has standards. If they would have toned the show down just a tad, I believe it wouldn’t have been canceled.

The movie, Serenity, was what the television show should have been like. It was 10X better than the series (which I really liked the series, so you can see I REALLY liked the movie). I loved how it tied everything together and gave you some closure on the series.

I figured I’d share this, since I know a large portion of my flist is into that lovely universe; is anybody else as annoyed (on various levels) by this ‘critique’ as I am? I try to avoid asking my uncle’s opinion on anything, and this is pretty much why.

In case anyone is curious, yes, this is the same uncle whose comment on Mononoke-Hime was, “I liked it until it turned into Ferngully,” and whose comment on Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door was, “I liked the Ferngully one better.”