Funeral report and whatnot

Sister P joined us from Georgia, and brought Malachi, her youngest (except for the one that’s incubating), along with. I shared a hotel room with them, and since Malachi is 23 months old and got sick for a while, there was a lot of Disney Jr. and not a lot of sleep.

Dad was the main speaker at the funeral, and, as he has always been an incredibly good speaker, that went well. There were a couple of poor musical numbers (we are a family of choir voices, not soloists), including the obligatory couldn’t-get-through-the-last-verse-because-crying-too-hard piece. Then we went to the cemetery for a short graveside service, including the military honors.

At least one of the Air Force Honor Guard members was a woman, which meant more to me than most other things that happened around these events. And I think I cried harder than at anything else when the bugler played Taps. Then, when they fired the salute, little Malachi very cheerfully said, “Uh-oh!” and that was the best possible touch.

Grandma did not attend any of the gatherings, because her Alzheimer’s is progressed so far that she would only have been miserable and paranoid at such things, but we did visit her afterward. A very kind and dedicated cousin has been living with and taking care of her; well done that cousin, and may she have a just reward.

Mostle and Jakebii also joined us from Utah, and it was the first time all six members of my immediate family had been together for several years. That was nice, but dealing with extended family is always a pain in the ass.

Extended family (unless you keep in close touch with them) is essentially a group of strangers, and your chances are just as good with them as with an actual group of strangers of finding common interests to discuss. But since they’re family, you’re forced to interact with them. Oh, and did I mention they probably have all of your personal flaws, too? Ugh.

In happier news, I did get to watch the Broncos game in the hotel room on Sunday. I seriously thought we had no chance against the Pats a second time, so I was very pleasantly surprised! We’re going to the Super Bowl!!!

In the Denver airport, I had to take a selfie with the signs I’d read about on the internet, because I love thems:

One night, as I slept imperfectly in a hotel bed, I dreamed about a zombie infestation in the mansion I was in. I was trying to find a sock for one of them. Then the paladins arrived, led by Deanna Troi, and I knew we were shifting genres from survival horror to action. That was a relief.

We got home from Washington late (by my standards) on Monday evening, and Beeks spent an hour jumping four feet in the air. Today I went back to work tired and with a super cold out of nowhere (seriously it sprang at me at precisely 11:30 this morning), but it’s been a decent day. Next week we’ll go to Disneyland for a more cheerful time out of town.

My grandfather always loved photography so much that I must not neglect to end this entry with the customary random assortment of pictures.

Seriously what does this look like.

Once I saw this squirrel as I was pulling out of the garage.

OK, you can’t even see her if you increase the brightness, but WAYBEE IS IN THAT BOX. A black box was around, and even though it was on the counter where she’s not supposed to be, she couldn’t resist getting into it and camouflaging. Ju can just see a bit of one little foot. ACH WAYBEE.

You are the queen of many faces; how you can move me with just one glance

Today is a day of possibly going to the zoo! My father suggested we go to a restaurant tonight to celebrate my graduation, but in pondering where I would like to go my thoughts kept moving to Denver restaurants… and if one is going to Denver, WHAT ABOUT THE ZOO. (Or the aquarium; I love the aquarium in Denver too.) Of course that means giving up the choice of restaurant, since there is a place up there my mom adores that we have to go to if we go to Denver at all… BUT THE ZOO. In a few hours we may do this thing.


(The zebras were all clustered over in one corner of their area, and this was the best angle I could get.)

(I look like I’m meditating or something XD)

(I had never seen a peacock in person doing this, and it was so interesting how he rattled his tail and how the females were deliberately and ostentatiously ignoring him.)

(“Crocodile a gift of Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado,” says the sign. Other contributors to the zoo get their names on benches and stuff. Badass Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado gets a GAY CROCODILE.)

And I am, in fact, graduated. I turned in all my final paperwork and signed everything on Thursday. It is a lovely thing to be finished and to have an associate degree. Interestingly, my sister finished her school at almost exactly the same time, only hers is a bachelor’s. She has far more patience for school than I do. Ugh. School.

My interview on Friday felt like it went pretty well too. They’re very laid-back there, and thus it’s difficult to judge how the interview went by the usual standards of how an interview goes. But I got a much more detailed tour of the place, including what’s in which cupboard and such, and that’s pretty hopeful, I think.

An attractive lesbian, whom I had not seen before on my previous tour, works there. She was quite friendly and winning. That certainly didn’t lessen my desire to work there. Damn how straight I look right now.

An event of interest took place during the interview that I report in part because it seems like a promising thing and in part because it amused me. During my tour, the gal that was showing me around got stuck in the lab for a minute because someone asked her to put in an order for something. At this time, two of the doctors came in with a slide. Looking at it under the microscope, one of them says, “I think it’s a louse. Look at it; do you think it’s a louse?” The other doctor looks and says uncertainly that it’s probably a louse. “You guys can look at this and see if you think it’s a louse,” says the first doctor as they both go to look it up in a book of Things One Might See On A Microscope In A Vet Clinic.

I glance into the microscope as well, and immediately recognize the little guy (who is totally not dead and still waving his legs around, by the way). Say I, “That’s anoplura, the sucking louse.” And just then, they find him in the book, and confirm what I have just said. “Wow,” one of the doctors remarks, “she knew that right away.”

So possibly I impressed a couple of doctors because they happened to be looking at one of the things I can 100% positively identify. There are about thirty billion trillion things that might appear under a microscope, and it was pure luck that this was one I remembered. Maybe that luck will win me a job! Who knows? I will find out sometime this week.

Lately I’ve been having a lovely time sleeping in. I’ve been slowly getting a few other things on my to-do list done, too. However, if I get hired at this place that interviewed me and my free time is over, I won’t complain.

Cantata went well. I was especially impressed with the women’s unison last night. Sometimes during rehearsal, our attempts at unison make me wince, but last night I thought we sounded pretty good. The soloists managed not to embarrass us, which is really all you can ask of a volunteer choir. Yesterday I had the most amazing headache, and some of the high notes did not help, but I survived.

Now to talk about some dreams.

I often have dreams wherein I find a nerdstore full of merchandising and manga and CD’s and stuff. Usually, a lot of time spent in the store eventually tells me that there’s nothing there I’m interested in, and it’s very disappointing. This dream was a little different.

In it, my siblings and I had all, apparently, been adopted at a young age (though if we were all children of the same biological parents, I must have been at least 10 when the adoption took place, since that was my age when my brother was born; the dream seemed to gloss over this detail), but none of us had ever known our biological parents. They had died, and we were looking through their house at all the stuff they’d left behind, and what should we discover in the basement but half a world’s worth of nerdy stuff *__*

There were shelves and shelves and shelves of audiobooks, and while I was looking through them seeing which ones I wanted, I noticed a corner dedicated to Rurouni Kenshin stuff. The only things I remember clearly were some stamps (like this sort of stamp, not the kind you put on letters) and some doujinshi. Of one doujinshi title, which was about Sayo and therefore not terribly interesting, there were about eight copies.

This seems like a really insensitive dream XD “Oh, our biological parents have died? I GET ALL THE AUDIOBOOKS.” But I do sometimes dream about discovering a cache of RK merchandising that I’m allowed to have. At some point during my internship, brother and I escaped some bad situation by getting into a spaceship and flying to an alien planet. The aliens welcomed us with this ritual they had where we crawled around these circular shelves high above a room, and on the shelves I discovered a bunch of Kenshin stuff that slowed me up quite a bit.

Another type of dream I have sometimes is one in which I’m dating a dude. It’s always very awkward and uncomfortable, especially if he’s one of the actual guys I dated in real life before I realized I’m gay. The one exception to this is Saitou; if Saitou’s in my dream, I have no issue whatsoever with the fact that he’s male. Usually I’m head-over-heels in love with him, and he either doesn’t recognize my feelings or pretends not to (either just to mess with me or because he’s not interested). Sometimes we’re even pretty good friends (or partners in some badass pursuit), and he still doesn’t appear to notice what I want. On very rare occasions, we actually hook up.

The other night, I had such a dream. Saitou was a policeman or security guard (go figure) and wore as part of his uniform a checkered hat that should have looked very silly but, because it was a dream, only made him more handsome. And he was a fan of musicals, but he’d seen many more than I had, so my attempts to bond with him over this were something of a failure. Too bad for me.

Going Home

Today we are driving home. Yay home! I will see my cat ^__^ We had fun at Mostle’s house, though; she has the best house ever. I got to meet her cat and her fish and her frog, but I was already tolerably familiar with the rats. I wish we could have stayed longer. This vacation has been five days long, but it feels like nearly all of it has been spent driving. I don’t mind long drives at all, but that did mean a lot less time with relatives.

So I will be in the car all day. Anyone that wants to email me something interesting is certainly welcome to!

Medical concerns revisited, Sixx A.M., Duoface, vacating

So that weird lump in the back of my neck? It seems to have diminished, and the pain is entirely gone. I haven’t had the crampy whatevers for the last couple of nights. So that seems hopeful.

My brother sent me Sixx A.M.’s new album today, and this song Live Forever makes me think Heero/Duo. Evidently I’ve reached that stage. What am I talking about… I hit that stage, like, a year ago. Speaking of Duo, I am drawing the most epic picture. It was probably unwise to start a tablet drawing so soon after a bad wrist episode, but it gripped me all vicey. I just hope I can get it done before we go… and then I’ll have several days of no large amounts of computing. Because did I mention? We’re going to Utah this week. I finally get to see Mostle’s house and her cat. Good jobon that!!

I had more to say, but now I don’t feel like it. So I shall work on my picture fora bit longer and then go to bed.

Meme (siblings), Doom Snow/NYE, PotD giraffe

14. Do you have siblings? Talk about them, or talk about what it’s like to be an only child. I have three blood siblings: Pookster, Mostle, and Lester (not their real names, but close enough). They are the best. I am very sad today because Mostle and her husband Jakebii were supposed to come see us and do New Year’s Eve things with us tonight, but Doom Snow has prevented this T__T

Mostle is the only one of my siblings so far that has read Discworld. Jakebii is a good jobon being for Mostle. Pookster also has one of those husband things, who is also a good job, and a child named Deedle. Soon she will have another child!!! They live in Georgia, and that is far away. They will come visit here after not too long, though! That is awesome.

Lesta is around right now, and that is why I play Zeld: because he is in the rec. room and I want to hang out with him while he is here. He was supposed to go back to school with Mostle and Jakebii when they returned home, but now I dunno how he will get home. MAYBE WE WILL JUST KEEP HIM FOREVER.

“98oo0oppppppp,” says cat. She went through a long period of not walking over the keyboard to get places, but lately she’s been doing it again.

So there was Doom Snow yesterday. They actually shut down the call center because of it, so I got to come home early and that was kinda nice. I played Zeld and worked on Plastic all day ^__^ Today’s work is only to be four hours long so that New Year’s Eveing can occur thereafter! I love New Year’s Eve, so I am very glad about this.

Photo of the day — one day I was in Wal-Mart and I turned around and saw this!!

Zombie Girl says, “Does this giraffe make me look washed-out?”

Who goes to Wal-Mart and puts a giraffe into a shirt? Sometimes I love people even though I hate thems.

Photo meme day 25, siblings!, yesterday, QfG4, story/ZG

25. A photo of a night you loved.

I’m not a huge fan of Kenshin/Kaoru (not that I dislike it, but I think Kaoru is boring and sometimes obnoxious, and I’m not even the biggest fan of Kenshin personally either), but I think this is totally sweet because they’re actually holding hands onscreen. We see so little of their romantic relationship in canon, and then because of the foolishness of the anime we see even less… so moments like this are kindof awesome. And this is a night I loved, because I thought it was utterly hilarious how everyone ended up on the roof.

No, it’s not a photo. Shut up.

Well, my siblings will be here in an hour or two!!!!!!!!!! They had to stay the night at a hotel because of snow and such LAME. But they will appear and we will rejoice!!! ^_____^

Yesterday I started that story I mentioned, cleaned all the things, and played a lot of QfG4. For some reason, I can either play it normally and get sound (including voices) but no music, or play it in DosBox and get music but no sound (and a really small screen). I’m going with the former because I love the narrator so much, and I find myself singing the musical themes for each room. I was aware that I knew the music fairly well, but I wouldn’t have thought I knew it quite that well XD

Anyway, I have another new idea for a Heero/Duo story, which I want to tell to Zombie Girl, but she’s not answering her phone (probably because she’s not awake yet). I’m hoping to get her over here after the orgyfood to watch a movie with us, and I will tell her then. For now, I think I will go put on orange makeup.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Photo meme day 24, sibling mystery, shopping, ZG, writing, thoughts on Haruhi

24. A photo of you that your hair looks nice in.

Oh, wait, did that say “nice?” I thought it said “the most spectacular bedhead evar.” Ah, well. Back when I had a mohawk and eartails, my hair used to do the most amazing things in the morning. And this one time I got up and went out to grab the mail and locked myself out of my apartment… I was in these absurd checkered pajamas you can see a little of up there, which have actual checkers on thems and also foots. I had to walk out all the way across the complex (including two streets) to the office to get them to give me an extra key. When I walked into the office and said, “I locked myself out,” they took one look at me and actually burst out laughing out loud.

Because of stupid weather in stupid places, I dunno whether my siblings are on their way here or not T____T And because of this, no cleaning of all the things went on yesterday. It may go on today, but we’ll see. I hope my peoples can appear!!! I will be so very sad if they cannot!!!!! Anyway, yesterday I got sent Thanksgiving shopping at Wal-Mart in the middle of the day, and it was absolutely exhausting. It sapped my energy for the rest of the day and left me somewhat scarred. Then in the evening I hung out with Zombie Girl and we watched Bride and Prejudice (which I’ve been trying to get her to watch for a year and which I’m soOoOoOo happy she liked ^__^)

Today, as I mentioned, there may be cleaning, but otherwise I think I’ma work on a Heero/Duo story that wants to be written. It’s an idea I got last week and set aside, but now maybe it can come out. Yaaa. ALSO I HOPE MY PEOPLES APPEAR.

Another thing I did yesterday in my tiredness was finish that Haruhi show, and, really? It all boils down to “the utterly unlikeable Haruhi subconsciously has a crush on Kyon?” REALLY? Good lord. Sorry, I am unimpressed by this series, and have no interest in seeing any more of it.

Haruhi is an abusive psychopath that is amusing to watch at first, in a dark comedy sort of way where social horrors are played for humor, but eventually just becomes tiresome — especially given that she doesn’t change significantly throughout the chronological timeline, especially especially when she’s having these Wufei moments of “questioning the direction her life is going” that don’t actually lead anywhere.

Kyon’s narration is very interesting, and I really liked that particular style of story-telling, but I can’t really like him since he’s the kind of person that sits by and does next to nothing while someone else is abused right in front of him. He gives up pretty much without a fight trying to keep Haruhi from walking all over everyone. And then I guess we’re just supposed to accept that everything’s actually fine the way it is because underneath it all he really secretly likes her.

Mikuru is that type of debilitatingly shy and subservient character that I see sometimes in anime… I’ve never actually met anyone like that (at least no one that was older than about five), so I have to assume either that this type of person exists in Japan as a product of Japanese society, or that this type of character is a result of the desires of certain Japanese people; either option makes me sick. I mean, I feel bad for her since she goes through a lot of shit, but I’d feel a lot better about her personally if she weren’t such an insufferable doormat.

Yuki and Itsuki are OK characters — I could take or leave them — that do nothing whatsoever to improve the story. I’m sorry; I didn’t even see the Itsuki/Kyon stuff people keep talking about — not that I have anything against slashing them, of course, but they had one tiny little ambiguous moment and that was it.

The story itself wasn’t too bad… I kinda liked the way they arranged the episodes… but it does leave me with the feeling of absolutely no progress having been made, particularly with Haruhi herself (as I mentioned), and therefore of great and irritating pointlessness. Presumably I could watch more to see if something actually happens in the second season or the movie, but I don’t think I could handle it.