A favorable sign in pink heels

I was leaving Wal-Mart yesterday, and there on the ground, unattended and apparently unnoticed by anyone else walking by, was Draculaura! Of course I picked her up immediately, and took her to my car, and brushed her hair. Then I brought her home to be a mascot beside my computer.

Now, this is a Monster High ghoul, but there’s an undeniable, intense significance to my finding a plastic doll on the ground and bringing it home. Additionally, as soon as I set her down inside the house and went to put groceries away, Little Cat started dragging her around by the hair. It doesn’t get much more appropriate than that, eh?

I consider this an auspice. This past Monday, just at the end of the day (in other words, just at the end of the weekend), I thought of a HoH idea (the 60’s story in Nine Decades, in case anyone’s curious) that had me so excited I was doing a sort of pee-dance all week in anticipation of working on it this weekend. And what kicks off that very weekend? A clear HoH symbol, as if specifically to bless my endeavor.

This is just ridiculously awesome.

Recently I was doing vaccines, and the next animal in line was a miniature schnauzer named Puff. So of course, as I’m drawing up the vaccine, I’m singing, “Puff the mini schnauzer came in my room,” and thinking of the owner as Little Jackie Paper. I did at least manage to refrain from using that name when I went to call dog and owner in.

So here comes Puff the mini schnauzer, who is (like every mini schnauzer) one of the cutest dogs that ever lived with his tininess and adorable schnauzer shave and the printed flannel blanket his owner has him wrapped in and his itty bitty wagging tail and pink tongue. And Little Jackie Paper?

Little Jackie Paper is the most gangsta-looking guy I have ever seen. Seriously. I can’t name every aspect of the stereotype in retrospect, but he had them all. There were chains and… yeah, I forget what else.

And he so clearly adored this dog, and had the paperwork and the puppy vaccine booklet and everything; he was the epitome of a caring and conscientious owner. He even listened attentively to everything I had to say about vaccine schedule signs of bad reaction.

I like to think I don’t have a lot of blindly preconceived notions about people of other lifestyles, but the fact that I was enough struck to want to write about this in my journal is evidence that there’s something going on in my head. But at this point, any prejudices I may have had about that type of person must have been thoroughly shaken.

Also at work recently, I was trying to put a cat back into her kennel after surgery. Our cats (understandably) often wake up really crazy, and this was not one of the rare exceptions. She had all her legs splayed out madly, and her whole body was really stiff, so her entire angle was bad for getting her into a square opening.

Then all of a sudden she kicked off the edge of the kennel, did a back-flip over my arm, and caught me right in the mouth with one clawy paw. She cut my cheek, my upper lip in two spots and lower in one, and two gum locations, then fell on the floor. It happened so quickly and unexpectedly that both I and the co-worker in the room (our cat lady) were stunned and disbelieving, and today my lip still hurts.

Watch this video, if you want:

Coheed and Cambria has been one of my favorite bands for several years, and I don’t remember whether I mentioned my great happiness or how excellently they performed when I saw them in concert last summer. I really love them.

And not long ago I watched the above video for the first time, and found another, huge reason to love them.

No matter how society is changing, I still feel, most of the time, as if the bulk of it is ranged against me as a lesbian. I feel as if just being open about who I am — being myself — in public is an act of defiance, which is sometimes a bit wearing for a shy and non-confrontational person. I assume on a subconscious level that homophobia is the default. I especially make this assumption about male-fronted nerd culture.

It is not fair and it is not kind to make such assumptions about people, but it is, sadly, what I have been conditioned to assume. Even while actively enjoying the artistic products of those outside the immediate circle I consider relatively safe, I’m still very wary of the people involved, and that’s a tragic way to have to interact with other human beings.

Which is one of the reasons it means so damn much to me when I find an ally in an unexpected place.

And maybe CoCam has been a group of allies all along and I just never noticed. I’ve mentioned before how bad I am about actually paying attention to the bands I follow; I rarely even know the names of the members… or, to be honest, how many members there are (unless I have a poster of them on my ceiling or a desktop wallpaper on my computer or something. Which is rare, because looking at a musician is hardly the point, is it?)

But this inattention may have been doing CoCam — or at least Claudio Sanchez — dishonor all this time. Because if they’ve had the wonderful attitude all along that envisions a music video about the formation of a gay relationship portrayed in a positive and totally normal light, I have not appreciated them as much or as well as I should have. I’ve always adored their music and their storytelling, but from now on there’s going to be an extra layer to my appreciation that, perhaps, should have been there all along.

So I’ve cleared 3/15 bookshelf compartments by now, and with great joy and exultation I pulled out all my figures and set them up in one newly empty compartment. They really need two or three to spread out across (or at least another shelf inside the one compartment they’re in), and they’re hilariously cramped and in each other’s faces where they are, but it still makes me really happy to look up and see them there.

OK, let’s have some photos.

One time I was waiting on a tire replacement, and there was a Fascinations across the parking lot. As I walked toward Fascinations, I noticed something on a window sill in front of a model display:

When I got close enough to see exactly what it was, I had to take pictures.

Oh, creepy Christians. Bless your bigoted, unsubtle little hearts. Anyway, instead of becoming a praying wife, I went into Fascinations and bought the greatest purse anyone has ever made:

It appears I never managed to get a less blurry picture of it. But seriously, you guys, this was my favorite purse I’ve ever, ever, ever had. I loved it so damn much. It wore out and broke about a year ago, but for a while it was just pure, spidery heaven to carry around.

And the last picture is, of course, of Seet Bean:

Since life is sweet here, we got the beat here, naturally

Since life is sweet here, we got the beat here, naturally

I had a pretty meta McDonald’s dream. Usually my McDonald’s dreams feature my return to the restaurant after all these years and being thrown into things without any training to catch me up on everything that’s changed. Usually I’m trying to run the entire drive-thru by myself and it’s not working very well.

This time, however, I was in the grill area with two other people, and I mentioned to the manager that I’m constantly dreaming about working at McDonald’s but never dream about working in the grill area. I also mentioned that my other job was at a spay/neuter clinic. Bizarrely self-aware!

Of course I’ve continued having Disneyland dreams, and in one of them there was the implication that I might hook up with Saitou at some point. Makes sense, right?

I’m so excited about going to Disneyland that it’s almost completely killed my productivity. Just about the only things I can work on are drawings or editing story recordings. Neither of those is unproductive, but some poor stories are crying out in sorrow. I’ll try to get a productivity log up before I go with some progress shots and such.

So the Super Bowl was, of course, awesome. I bought several snacks to enjoy whilst watching the game, and I painted my nails orange and blue and wore orange socks with my blue jeans and my Broncos shirt. I like to think that helped :D As someone on Facebook put it, it sounded like Independence Day outside after the game; I couldn’t actually see any fireworks, but could definitely hear them going off.

OK, a recent story from work: Dr. V. dropped a Brown-Adson, which fell soundlessly instead of ringing on the floor as a dropped metal instrument usually does. She was trying to figure out where it had gone, and since I’d just walked into surgery at that point I was helping her out (after opening her a new one, of course).

Dr. W. speculated that it had fallen into the drape bucket and landed on cloth, and said we should warn Marge (who does most of the laundry) so it didn’t end up going through the washer and dryer and breaking thems. We were still so curious about where it had gone, however, that we kept looking around for it avidly. And then I saw it:

It had somehow managed to fall just perfectly to catch one of the loose ties of her surgical gown, and had wedged on there so firmly as to not be shaken off during several minutes of looking around for it. We were all quite entertained by this. What are the chances?

OK, now I need to go get ready for Disneyland tomorrow. I will leave you with the usual set of random pictures.

A pair of slippers I bought one time. They were kids’ sized, so I always had to step on the heel part in order to wear them, but they had spiders on. Badass.

Ceiling rainbow!! That I decided to take a picture of, for some reason.


Being a basketbii this time.

No right, no wrong, no rules for me

We were supposed to be in Disneyland this week, but then we got all the snow in the world and our flight was cancelled. You would have seen history’s whiniest post from me here complaining about this, but we were able to reschedule for next week with no problem.

Ever since we came back from Washington, in eager anticipation of Disneyland, I’ve had a Disneyland dream practically every night. I won’t bother giving any details of them, because they’re generally the same… but one thing has shifted slightly ever since we went to Disney World a couple of years back: now, instead of, “Oh, crap, I forgot to go on [some particular ride I like] and now we’re about to leave” (or sometimes even, “Oh, crap, I forgot to go on any rides at all and now we’re about to leave”), it’s, “Oh, crap, I forgot to visit [one particular area of the park] and now we’re about to leave.” Not a major difference, but one I think is somewhat interesting. You can bet I won’t forget anything that’s available next week!

So I was going to go to work all week, but I’ve had two days in a row off because of aforementioned snow. My clinic closes along with a certain school district in town (one that is, incidentally, notorious for never closing, but this storm was srs bsns). Paycheck is going to be a joke again, but whatevs. I like days off.

Brother and I watched the entire first arc of SKU yesterday, which of course was awesome. The new DVD’s (which I’ve finally gotten around to buying) have subtitles that can actually be turned off for the duel songs, which means I can make all those music videos I’ve had planned literally for a decade.

However, they still went with the incredibly bad subtitles from the previous release, because people are shit. In a series this complex, it seems like you would want to exercise greater care with the translation than usual, but what do I know?

Hey, I don’t think I ever mentioned Beeks in the snow since that first time in, like, October. Turns out he is a regular snowdog, and goes bouncing through drifts in the funniest way imaginable (since he’s only, like, a foot and a half tall).

At one point in November when we got our first real accumulation of the season, he went out and jumped around in the snow for so long that I started to get worried and called him back inside. Then he had these little snowbugs all stuck to his entire underside —

–and I had to give him a half-bath to get them off. He looooves the snow. Right now it’s deeper than he is tall in many places, so we’ve had to maintain a snow-shovel path through the yard so he can get to someplace where pooping is an option. He loves his path, and runs along it so adorably, but he also still goes plunging into the drifts where they’re not too deep for him. So so cute.

Here are some more pictures as well:

This tree is outside the vet building at my old school; I used to park in front of it every day. I kinda love it.

TWEEZERS THAT WORK! I adore this type of hilariously straightforward advertising.

And speaking of straightforward, how about, “Muscles?” Not, “Has built-in muscles!” or, “Includes ripped muscles!” or something… just… “Muscles.”