Once forgotten, twice removed love will be the death of you

I have been so freaking productive over the last few days. I love being unemployed really wish that clinic would call already and let me know whether they want to hire me or not. In the meantime, I have been so freaking productive over the last few days.

For anyone looking forward to Guest Room Soap Opera (nobody is looking forward to Guest Room Soap Opera), plans have changed a little bit. I decided I felt better about the story with numbered parts ala longer HoH stories than with starred scenes as in the shorter ones, even though this is a shorter one and only has four parts. And because of that, I will spread out the posting rather than putting it all on one day as I was originally planning. That will start Wednesday! This is a source of great excitement to me.

OK, I need to get back to my attempt at getting rid of all these pictures I always take of things that amuse me and then never do anything with. If I ruthlessly start at the beginning and just post all of the damn things a few at a time, that should work, right?

Look at these super freaking adorable cute chocolates!! They didn’t taste very good, but that was fine because I get to keep the memory of their visual sweetness far longer than their flavor in any case.

Obviously this is from my dry-cleaning days. It might even be from two phones ago. Seriously what is wrong with me. Anyway, this is really only funny to YTP aficionados, and possibly not even to most of them. “I’m Dr. Rabbit, the world’s only rabbit rabbit rabbit designs.”

That’s enough picturage for now. I will post more tomorrow SOMEBODY HOLD ME TO POSTING MORE TOMORROW.

Last night my mother had a gathering of LDS people (who attend a class she teaches) to eat ice cream and play games. And since they were playing my two favorite games of all (and freaking eating ice cream, obviously), I joined them despite being the black sheep.

One of the games was Telestrations, though mom had put together booklets with LDS-themed phrases rather than using the cards from the game. I mention this only because I need to make a lasting note of a couple of them: “Earth with her ten thousand flowers” turned into “grandma’s playing poker with her invisible friends again,” and “2,000 stripling warriors” became “clap if you believe in fairies to save Tinker Bell’s life.”

Nando kimi ni ketsu mazuitemo modottekichau aijou ni

I was looking forward to this day for several reasons. First, today was presentation day at school, which meant not only would I be able to give my amazing badass presentation on Texas longhorns, I would also get to see what “birds” girl had been able to come up with (which was bound to be amusing). Then later I would go to Texas Roadhouse, where I’ve never been before but whose rolls with some kind of astonishingly good spready stuff I have tasted. Also, today is the day of my interview at my proposed internship site. All these things in one day!

Well, my Texas Roadhouse connection cancelled, so that’s put off for some other time. “birds” girl’s presentation was a good deal more pathetic than funny. And then this dumbass incoherent faculty member at school came in and wasted the last half hour of class, so I wasn’t able to present today at all. Which left only my interview, which is not nearly so exciting in itself as it was as part of a longer list.



It was waiting for me when I got home from that rather disappointing school day; mom had signed for it for me. The projected arrival time wasn’t until at least next Monday, so I wasn’t even a little bit expecting it today. BUT IT IS HERE. And I will watch it the very instant I get home from this interview that I’m going to have to work really hard to be interested in when I have something like this waiting for me. I may watch it twice in a row.





She was a young pig on a leash, and she trotted so delicately and sweetly on her little hooves! And her nose-wiggle was so cute! And she made little squeals! It was so wonderful to meet a sweet young pig! Also, when I petted her, she wagged her tail!!!

I did my new-hire paperwork and watched some 80’s orientation videos at Researchy today, and tomorrow I start at EA. Meanwhile, study for test.


Laugh to make them disappear

When cat wants me to get up in the morning, she nuzzles my hands. If my hands are hidden, she places a delicate paw on my nose. It’s pretty well the cutest thing that ever happens in life.

ASZz chapter will be up at some point today. I’m glad I have it to distract me, because FUCKING SHERLOCK OMFG there are still, like, four more hours before I can hope to see it. Actually I think I’ll finish getting this chapter ready to post and then go take a shower and then go work on the puzzle and eat food. Or maybe I’ll just play MM6. Probably puzzle, since that needs to get done.

Well, I’ve officially caught up to all the Rose Pale art I had stockpiled. I finally started my picture for chapter 13 yesterday, and so far it’s a mixture of awesome and kinda suck. We’ll see how it turns out. Unfortunately, I won’t really have time to redo it if I don’t like it XD Gotta get back ahead!

Love love love love love love love

It turns out Mostle and Jakebii can appear after all! Though to do so I guess they’re driving through the night, which is worrisome for worried people like me and my mom. Hopefully they will make it just fine.

So I was playing with Deedle whenever, and he had a toy of Metroman and a toy of an airplane. He kept making it so that the airplane was going to crash, at which point Metroman would rescue it. Then he started switching it up at times so that Metroman was falling and the airplane would rescue him. But then suddenly they were both falling! And I said, “Oh, no! Who’s going to rescue them now?” Very placidly he replied, “Grandpa.” When my dad came home, I had to inform him that he is a superhero even when not actually present.

We all went to Chili’s the other day, and Deedle decided he was tired and went to sleep under the table. Thus.

Kuroshitsuji 57 (spoilers)

“Behold,” she manages out of her awesome mouth: “Your fiancee is also a badass.”

I mean, seriously, that was fucking awesome. I really thought for a second that Lizzie was going to die, and I was like, “Wow, you guys, that’s a serious step…” BUT INSTEAD. Oh, man. I am so pleased.

12/12, recent productivity, WoW thoughts, plans for today

Happy 12/12. It’s so awesome that my longtime favorite number took on even more significance to me when I discovered the joy of Heero and Duo ^__^

I have been goodly productive lately. I have written some on my Christmas story every single day since I started it, and things are looking promising for having at least one if not both of my music videos done for Christmas as well. If things keep progressing this nicely, maybe I can has fanart too. That would be pleasant.

Plastic progress has also been good. The other day was Zombie Girl’s last final of the semester (and now she has an insanely long break), so to celebrate I worked on the Quatre/Trowa sex scene that she’s been waiting so patiently for all this time (she being more of a fan of that pairing than of Heero and Duo, shame on her). After her final, she arrived at my house at a particularly bad place to cut off in the middle of a sex scene, and then we went to Denver to go to the Cheesecake Factory and read all that I’d written on the way. It was awesome ^__^

Also I finished that Silent Hill fic that I’ve had kicking around forever, because scacao inspired me with her awesome awesome awesome H/D horror story. So that’s pretty great too.

Here are some thoughts I wrote down the other day while playing WoW. I don’t actually have Cataclysm yet (and, to be honest, really shouldn’t be subscribed to the game at all) because of being unemployed, but there are still plenty of changes we unfortunates can enjoy, and I comment at random upon thems.

OH GOD KOLTIRA AND THASSARIAN. They were already wonderful in Wrath, but now it’s like Sylvanas says, “KOL STOP BEING SO GAY WITH THAT HUMAN I WILL FIX YOU.” It won’t take, Lady, I promise. Those two are SO DESTINY.

Terenar Sunstrike is my fabulous new best friend. We were killing zombiestyle items together and he kept laughing like a maniac, and it made me giggle my ass off. Plus he’s totally gay, though that is probably the most redundant thing you can say about a blood elf. But seriously, his thing with Gidwin?? ZOMG. Also, I am tickled to death that these two are following me around for quests at the moment. I don’t know how long it will last, but I LOVE IT. I play this game almost exclusively solo, and I wish there were a lot more opportunities to team up with NPC’s for stuff. Admittedly these guys are the WEAKEST PALADINS EVAR, but I still love them.

Amylya has this super badass helmet thing that I do not remember getting even in the slightest bit. Seriously, check her out.

Is it just me, or are Elites tougher now? I mean, the rule of thumb used to be “three or four levels above their declared level,” but now they all just seem to kick my ass XD

I’ve already made decent progress on my Christmas story, and I worked on a music video all day yesterday, so my plan for the rest of today is to work on Plastic. Actually that will probably turn into MV workings again later, because I can’t stay away from that, but at least I will try to get some good stuff done on Plastic first. Oh, but isn’t there a Christmas party or something tonight… hmmm… Well, whatever. Plastic.

Photo meme day 14, productivity, QfG, football (Cosmo)

14. A photo of one of your favorite family members. OK, well, if you’re going to play favorites with family members, there are certain rules. I have no grandchildren, which is always the first choice in family favoritism, but I do have the cutest nephew in the world:

Deedle is the son of the older of my two sisters, who has not appeared yet in this meme, and this picture of him is from earlier this year. He’ll be three in a couple of weeks ^__^ He is soOoOoOoOoOo cute, as you can kinda start to see above. Definitely my favorite nephew. EDIT: OH YEAH I FORGOT TO MENTION that those adorable shoes in this picture are in the trunk of my mom’s car even now, and every time I see them I’m like ngyeeeeeee.

I’ve had this entry open all day and I’m only now finishing it. I was working on Plastic earlier, and then I talked to ZG about another new story idea on the phone. Then I summarized new story idea, which took, like, two hours. Now I’m done with that and looking to get back at Plastic, but not until I’ve finished this entry.

So I’ve been re-playing Quest for Glory lately, and it’s still definitely right up there in my top three favorite game(serie)s of all time. “Now there be no more talk of beating the prisoner. Now there be talk of marrying the prisoner.” I love the way Uhura talks about the men in her village. I’m playing this particular Hero as incredibly gay (possibly because I named him Quatre Winner), and I’m imagining the conversation with Johari explaining this after he’s “bought” her as his “wife.” He definitely won’t be kissing her.

Now that I’m not as exhausted as I was yesterday, I can go into more detail about football stuff. This is college football, of course; I have, sadly, never been to an NFL game. If I were a rich person, I would go to aaaaalllll of thems. When I had money I could go to Air Force games, but these days I can only go to the games my parents feel like buying me a ticket to.

I’m a BYU fan by osmosis, having a number of family members that attend(ed) the school and some that are therefore still huge fans of the sports teams. Not that I mind being a casual BYU fan, but if I had to fix upon a team and follow it faithfully, it would be Air Force. My reasons for that are no more valid than my reasons for supporting BYU… but at least they’re local :D

BYU’s mascot, Cosmo the cougar, is awesome. Yesterday he was doing the best things ever. At one point some people sitting in front of me noticed that the opposing team’s mascot, the CSU ram (named Cam), was not far off, and they called Cosmo’s attention to him. Cosmo went over, and he and Cam had an amusing exaggerated gesture conversation during which Cam challenged Cosmo to a push-up contest.

Cosmo was pretty good at push-ups, but Cam could do that clapping thing and therefore essentially won. But then Cosmo dragged Cam over to our side of the stadium and got us all cheering for him while he did a backflip because COSMO IS AN AWESOME ACROBAT. Cam couldn’t do that, so COSMO WON EVERYTHING. Then Cosmo and Cam hugged each other ^__________^ After that, I felt a great need to get a picture with Cosmo. Thus:

Check me out there; I look like… something hilarious…

It was 39° when the game started at noon; I have no idea how cold it was by the time it was over. Then on the way home I thought of a great Gundam Wing story, which I mentioned above, and was simultaneously falling asleep, which I mentioned yesterday. It was a great day.


Very Small Classmate: Does anyone want to carry me down to the computer lab?

I: Well, you can’t possibly be all that heavy…

Very Small Classmate (pulling out a handful of change): Look how many quarters I have, though.