Ahh! I told you, He-Man, I know this jungle too well! Ah ha ha ha ha!

Oh, man, I’m hungry. Maybe I will have some delicious brats for lunch *__*

This past week at school has been this really stupid “office management” thing, and the most boring of aaallll. Fortunately it’s over now. Once upon a time, though, something really funny happened. Beware! because I am a jerk.

So for our “major project” this six-week sequence, we have to choose a breed (of any animal) and do a paper on it. Since the teacher, very understandably, doesn’t want to read thirty-two papers on GSD’s or whatever, she declared that there shall be no duplicates. On the sign-up sheet next to the one we use to sign in every day, everyone wrote what breed they chose; of course there was a lot of “Crap, somebody took the one I wanted” involved.

Since I wasn’t terribly worried about anyone else wanting my choice, the Romney pig, I signed up later than most and therefore got to see most of the others’ choices. And I noted that this one really, really stupid girl had written next to her name, “birds.” I had to work pretty hard not to laugh out loud. She eventually erased it and (presumably) put something rational, but just the thought of it still makes me laugh.

OK, so. I dreamed that I revisited a house in which I had formerly lived. Living there now was a group of college-age guys, and they had allowed the house to become the most amazing, disgusting mess you can imagine. Probably because I had such fond memories of the place, I wanted to rectify this situation, and went to the one guy that was home at that moment to offer to clean the house for them for a small fee. He refused my services, so I was going to leave.

On the way out, however (and how I hadn’t discovered this on the way in I haven’t the faintest idea), I found that these guys kept all their pets in the front room. Many of these pets should have been in cages, but none of them were. There were, like, twenty snakes and some rodents, and several cats that just attacked whatever they wanted whenever they wanted to. The snakes started getting all over me, and some of them were biting me. This apparently wasn’t a problem, but it was a problem that I wasn’t going to be able to leave without taking some of these snakes with me because they were wrapped all around me. So I was calling for the guy to come put his pets away when the dream ended.

In a different dream, there was an evil dog that kept appearing and dragging people off to do horrible things to them where nobody could see. The evil dog scared me a bit, but I decided to deal with it anyway. It was behind a thing doing something horrible to a person, and I started to call out to it tauntingly. It came out in a rage, and I awesomely faked not being afraid of it and continued taunting it. It tried to bite me, but I totally bit it instead XD I love my dreams.

I have an internship coming up in January, and in preparation for that I have to make sure I have all these different vaccinations. Yesterday I got a tetanus shot, and ZOMFG YOU GUYS this thing cost ninety dollars. My arm’s a little sore, but the price hurt way more. I have to get a rabies vaccine too, but that’ll have to wait for another paycheck :/

Things I’ve learned from He-Man today:

1. Krackens have bird beaks and wings.
2. Giant crude robotic rhinos on tank treads make admirable gods.
3. Eternians can hold their breaths underwater indefinitely.
4. Sherlock Holmes was awesome.


What’s a pomegranate?

Unemployment is sometimes good for some creative things, but one very bad effect it has on me is giving me far too much time to sit at a computer. I’m normally sitting at the computer during most of my spare time, but at this point that’s essentially all my time… and my carpal tunnels do not appreciate this.

So the other day, aching madly, I decided to ban myself from the computer for as long as I can stand it. Fortunately, I happen to be working on a large picture that I’m extremely pleased with (the one I spent those ten dollars on the other day), so I’ve done a lot on that. It’s still the hottest summer we’ve ever had, and watercolor dries really fast outside, which means I can work on this piece almost continually with none of that tedious waiting-around-for-it-to-dry nonsense that usually accompanies Aqua Monolith pictures.

The problem with this activity is that Tokio, who is not allowed outside, wants to come outside — or at least wants me to come back in and do what I normally do so she can do what she normally does (doze nearby ignoring me). She’ll sit at the patio door where I, seated on the porch, can easily see her, and meow piteously every time I look in that direction. And sometimes she’ll scrabble at the door with her sweet little paws, and it’s just too much for me; I have to come inside and sunngle her.

Then one day I went to Zombie Girl’s house and spent the night. Cat was soOoOo unhappy. When I came home, I sat on my bed so she could sit next to me and reestablish her ownership, and she did — for, like, four hours, while I alternately dozed and played Quest for Glory.

Speaking of Quest for Glory, let’s talk about Quest for Glory. Under a cut.


Aight, it is time to tell about some things. Where shall I start. Mostle and Jakebii appeared, and that was awesome, but then they went away again. I am annoyed because I wanted to get a reference pose out of them whilst they were here and I completely forgot. It’s important because I haven’t been able to find anything even remotely close to what I need online. Usually I can find something that will work even if it’s not specifically what I’d envisioned, but for this one I’ve got something precisely in mind that I just haven’t been able to find. Mou.

Anyway, Pookster etc. are still here for a little longer. On Saturday night after work there was a Halloween party. Baby Wywic was the world’s most adorable Skelet, but the best part was watching Deedle try to play the grab-a-donut-on-a-string-with-your-mouth game. He threw himself on the floor on his stomach in front of the donut and made mouthing movements at it, but almost never actually touched it. It was like he was just pretending to play the same, so we gave him XP for roleplaying.

When he went to trick-or-treat at the party, he wouldn’t actually say “Trick or treat!” Instead he walked up to each person and said, “Please?” Which was freaking adorable and hilarious. He was a pirate, incidentally, and so was P, and because of that I dug out my old pirate costume and made it sortof work. I modified my old high boots, and that worked really well.

Then on Sunday I dyed my hair pink. I was originally intending to do Gojyo hair, but the color came out all wrong so instead it was just… pink hair. The biggest problem was that I hadn’t realized how much damn hair I have. It’s at the second-longest it’s ever been, and I’ve never dyed it when it was anywhere near this long. Turns out the contents of one bleach bottle or one bottle of dye do not cover all of it. So I’ve got some interesting stripes and gradients that I didn’t intend. But whatevs. It’s definitely pink. Incidentally, during the dyeing process, at one point I was blonde, and, wow, I should never be blonde. The hair itself looked quite nice, but against my face it was something of a nightmare XD

Then Zombie Girl and I went to Chili’s and then we got the pumpkin Blizzard from Dairy Queen and HOLY CRAP THAT THING IS SO FREAKING GOOD. Then she came over to my house and we watched the first two eps of Sherlock because Lesta hadn’t seen them and ZG was going through withdrawal. Lester appropriately appreciated their majesty, so good jobon that.

At work yesterday, some people commented on my pink hairs. One old guy (who apparently needs a new prescription) greeted me with, “Well, hey, Blondie!” And I was like, “I don’t think ‘blonde’ is an appropriate description.” He totally ignored this statement.

After work we took Deedle trick-or-treating through the neighborhood. Once again he wouldn’t say “Trick or treat!” but this time he just stared in silence at whoever opened each door. He would answer select questions, such as “Are you a pirate?” and would say “Thank you” when prompted, but mostly he was entirely silent. This was pretty hilarious.

Then we came back and watched the third episode of Sherlock, so now Lester has seen all of it. That is good. Now he can pine along with us. Then we all went to Wal-Mart, which was important.

Why do I still see shooting stars every time I’m with her at night? She thinks we wouldn’t be happy together. Mou.

Recent dreams.

Photo meme day 17

17. A drunk photo of you. A photo that is drunk and features me? Or a photo that features me drunk? Well, I’ve never been drunk, and I’m not sure how a photo could get drunk. So instead (because I don’t want to waste time photo-editing today), look at this picture of the awesome mohawk I once had:

Probably 95% of the pictures I have of myself exist only to document some haircut or new outfit or clever makeup job, and this is no exception.

Yesterday I was productive (including the most badass QfG3 desktop wallpaper evar). Today I get to see Zombie Girl. The End.

EDIT: Today’s offering from the Craigslist guy:

in all honesty i have been bashing the hell out of this school. why? personal reason with the night dental assisting teacher, ALEXX WOODS. however! dispite my conflict with her, and the un-fairness that i was handed. the school does have some real quality people working there that do care. EXCEPT, the meatball teaching the night class. (sorry i coundnt refuse) i was moving forward an learning alot. with that being said, this is my last posting. and i thank everyone who sent me numerous e-mails on alexx woods, now i know it wasn’t just me.

thanks again

So apparently I wasn’t the only one that emailed him to express strong agreement about that evil woman. Good. Anyway, I’m sad he only lasted three days at this (though it’s really for the best that he stop), but I’m glad for the time we had XD

Photo meme day 16, parents’ anniversary, yesterday and such

16. A photo of you at the last party you went to. Well, I’m not much of a party person… as a matter of fact, I can’t even begin to recall the last time I went to a party… it was probably about fifteen years ago or something, back when I was approximately Gundam pilot age. So, in the spirit of that, how about this instead:

Check it out; I’m a Mary-Sue!! Also, what the hell is Trowa wearing?? Quatre had better get that horrible outfit off of him as soon as possible. Wait, let me rephrase that. I told Quatre, while I was there, actually really hanging out with him for reals, that he’d better get that horrible outfit off of Trowa as soon as possible. Then everyone fell in love with me and I piloted a Gundam to save the Earth Sphere single-handedly. And my eyes were totally like liquid emeralds.

(That picture of me is actually from January of this year.)

OK, the thing I keep forgetting to mention. My parents’ anniversary was last week, and, as usual, they went out. They were gone for three days to some surprise location my dad had planned, and then when they came back my mom wouldn’t tell me where they’d gone. But my dad, not knowing she was cherishing this as a special secret, let it slip a few days later: they went to freaking Disneyland. DISNEYLAND. My dad took my mom to DISNEYLAND as a surprise for their anniversary. Why is that the cutest and most awesomest thing anyone has ever done??????

So I got mom’s site stuff all finished up yesterday, and then I worked on Plastic some, so good jobon me. Also I bugged link_worshiper, like, all day XD And went to Red Robin with my mom MMMMREDROBIN. I have discovered their fish and chips, and, oh, god. I am telve million hungy right now, since I didn’t eat all that much after that yesterday and I haven’t had anything today. I bet we will go out to lunch again when my mom has her haircut, though. She dropped her driver’s license in the airport in California, and they’ve mailed it back to her, but it’s not arrived yet, so that means I drive her places.

EDIT: Craigslist dude from yesterday is at it again:

i just wanna thank everest college for helping me decide, what i wanna be next holloween. after attending the dental assisting class and meeting the instructor (ALEXX WOODS) i wanna be her next year, because she is the scariest, ugliest bitch i ever did see!!! yikes

I want to make it clear that only the vilest part of me approves of this, and I kinda wish it didn’t. Alexx is probably the most horrible person I’ve ever actually met in person, and I’m not going to deny the sick pleasure I get out of seeing these posts, but I don’t think it’s right to be posting this kind of thing where she might be able to see it.

Photo meme day 15, awesome Craigslist posting (Alexx)

15. A photo of you and someone you love.

This picture is six years old (I just typo’d that as “this picture is sex,” a Freudian slip hailing not all that far from the surface of my thoughts OH SAITOU), and I’m unsure as to what I’m doing in it. About to smack the photographer over my shoulder for some reason, perhaps? I dunno. Anyway, it fits the bill: a photo of me and Saitou, whom I love.

So I finished the scene I was working on yesterday, and that was awesome. Then I dreamed I was Agnes Nitt. Definitely Agnes, not Perdita.

Today I got up and checked Craigslist as usual for dental assisting positions, and I found something wonderful. You remember the horrible woman Alexx that I mentioned a few times while I was attending the horrible school where she horribly taught?

In actuality, my worst experience with Alexx was so bad it got LODITEE’d and never written down; one of these days I really do need to record it before I forget the details. Anyway, recently I heard that she’d been fired from Intellitec. I didn’t hear why she was fired, but she was so bad at everything that it wasn’t any sort of surprise. Well, today on Craigslist someone has posted this about some other dental assisting program elsewhere:

Not a good school at all! Especially in the night dental asst class. The porker teaching the class was fired from intella-tech for verbal abuse on multiple students. Plus she ate a student. Yep! Is true, dipped her in hot sauce, and. Ate her to the bone. Alexx woods, ate a student.

* Location: jet wing
* Compensation: 14000

This is totally inappropriate for Craigslist, and… in fact is already gone. I am so glad I grabbed it in time; I wish I could connect with this anonymous poster. I’m not a huge fan of the “ZOMG she’s so fat how horrible” slant of the message, but at the same time, Alexx is so evil that I can’t muster a huge amount of disapprobation.

EDIT: This person continues to make more and more random, inappropriate posts about Alexx. They are wonderful. I shall quote them here as I find them:

have you ever been on a tour of everest? its easy to get enrolled, but the education you receive is the same as if you just picked up a book and read the material youself. yes that bad. besides if you attend everest for dental assisting you have to wait 2 years to take the state exam, intella tech is certified by the dental board so you can go right away. everest has all racist people employed there. discrimination is very notorious there, just ask ALEXX WOODS.

interesting story while attending everest college, the original instructor at night was fired for trying to sell illegal dental documents. then came ALEX WOODS, who was fired from intella-tech due to extreme verbal abuse on the students. since she assumed the role at everset, 5 people have just dropped out, why would someone just drop out? well if you met her, you would understand why. then there were two other students, a male and a female, who had an impeccable grades, always studious, great attitudes. well ALEXX WOODS had it in for these two people, and had there dreams of a new career destroyed! all because she is a bitter women, who use to smoke, and has gained about 500 lbs. so she hates the world. what a terrible shame that one person can destroy another humans hopes and dreams in an instant. why? because she hates her self and life. i assure you shes not finished ruining lives yet. when you hear her tell storys of past jobs, you can see shes had mulitple problems in the field, but what keeps her in demand is her credentials. her personality is horrible. im plan on posting ever single day until the public gets the message about this women. she is not a teacher, she belongs in a hot dog eating contest instead.

its amazing how a group of negitive misable little 20 year olds, and a nasty ass instructor can kill ones moral. an everest is the college to provide you with just that. i had high hopes of doing well in class and make a huge career change. all the way up until i met the instructor at everest college. (ALEXX WOODS) THIS WOMEN IS VERY OUT SPOKEN. and she’ll tell you to your face that she is.

all you have to do is, mind your business, show up everyday, get a’s and b’s pay attention, be nice to your fellow students, dont miss anytime. oh and dont be attractive at all.

are you excited to enroll as a dental assistant??? yeah!! so was i. are you friendly too? so was i. do you care about others? so do i. how funny. well if you wanna become the worst dental assistant possible and learn how to stereo type people, talk behind peoples backs, team up on good students. ENROLL NOW AT EVEREST COLLEGE.. they have an instructor there that will teach you all those qualitys. have fun

get ready folks, to watch the dental assisting teacher (ALEXX WOODS) defend her title at the hot dog eating contest tonight at the college. my money is on ALEXX, after seeing her in training at the local mexican joints should be a land slide. just dont stand to close once she starts the contest, cause she might mistake one of your fingers for a hot dog!! GO ALEXX GO YOU CAN DO IT PORKY.

Maybe sometime today I will write out that fabulous experience I had with her once… Right I need to work on mom’s site, because she really needs it done. Also apply for some job I don’t want but that will presumably pay me. *sigh*