Gold Eyes False

Gold Eyes False

It might not be so bad if we weren’t outside in the rain, and he wasn’t such a complete bastard.

When Sano is forced to live a day as Saitou and Saitou is forced to observe, the resulting realizations are nothing like what they expect.

Unique to this comic: astonishingly ugly art.


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Oh, what can I say about this comic? I went through phases of trying to make it look decent, and others of not caring at all about the visuals because I just wanted to tell the story. In fact, it was originally a prose story, but there were some moments that just screamed for visual representation (like all the nonsense Sano does when he first finds himself inside Saitou’s body). The whole thing took me forever to complete, and, as you can see in the comments, I had some amazing support all the way through despite the visuals. In fact, when it was finished, evidently not having learned my lesson, I immediately started in on another comic. Fortunately I eventually got tired of spending so many hours on pages that never looked any good, and turned that one (Heretic’s Reward) into a much better prose story.

I’ve been told that my commentary on the GEF pages is as much fun as the comic itself, so I kept that available to read beneath the pages. However, I don’t know if anyone has read the comic at all since a year or two after its completion XD Anyway, in full spite of the ugly drawings and often confusing page layouts, I think the story is pretty damn brilliant, and I’ve rated this comic .

Things to do, GEF, WPWoDT/drawing, work notes, laundry/cleaning, doujinshi, drawing, whatever

Yay being off early ^__^ I have so much to do!! I need to finish ironing out the GEF site pages in preparation for posting ALL THE REST OF GEF; I need to type up what I’ve written at work and see about that one; I need to send a long, important email; I need to draw or at least start drawing my MRCAeX item; I need to put away all my clean laundry; and I need to clean up my apartment… and I think that’s all.

So, as I just implied, I have finished Gold Eyes False. This is so terribly exciting on me that sometimes I start bouncing around for no other reason. Looking back, I discover that I started it on April 13 (or possibly 11 or 12), 2003. THAT MEANS FOUR YEARS. YEAH. And now it is finished. What what! ^____^ Half of it still needs to be redrawn, but whatever. Linear completion is a beautiful thing. Now I shall work on the site pages for a bit before I continue this entry.

OK, now I am finally done wis that… what was next? Yeth, typings. I have worked a lot on The Worst Possible Way of Doing Things lately, mostly because I got all excited by a peecture of the two main characters that somebody drawed for me. So, I shall dew that typings and then return to this entry upon their completion.

Izumi You is so fucking annoying.

Ah, work notes are always amongst whatever I’ve written at work. Somebody called and said, “I wanted to top-up my cell phone or whatever it is.” I’m not certain how you can be uncertain about what your cell phone is when you have one, but whatever. This same person didn’t even bother giving a title or description to the hourglass when it appeared, just said, “It’s got a little… yeah.”

Having typed out those many pages of stuff I wrote at work, I shall move on to the next item: long, important email. OK, wow, that took freaking forever. But now I am finally finished wis it. There is an attendant item I need to take care of that I forgot to mention in the list, so I will do that now. OK, well, actually, I got distracted by other stuff and wasted some time and now I think I will do that other item another moment. What next?

Hmm, MRCAeX. What day is it? The 27th? It won’t kill me if I don’t get to that today, so I think I’ll come back to it if I have time after the next two items.

Laundry time!

Ah, now all my laundries are put away. What a nice thing that is. I wish I had one larger closet instead of two smaller closets, though. Well, whatever. On to cleaning up this place. Oops, I got distracted looking at stuff online. Now back to cleaning up this place. Oops, now I’m distracted again. But I’m almost done, so it’s OK. Now back to back to cleaning up this place. Oops, I forgot an important thing I need to do. Gotta dew it quicka-like. Now that is done, so back to back to back to cleaning this place up. Waa-haa, finally done wis that! Yay me!

Time for some refreshing Izz. IZZE-ESQUE. And what am I dewing next? Oh, art exchange. I chose which character I’m drawing the day I got the email, but then got distracted by other projects until now. So, time to really get going on that. Also, I am eating pickles. SWEET SWEET PICKLES OF LOVE. No, not that kind of sweet sweet pickles of love. Ah, what a perfect dinner… sweet pickles and bitter Izze. Delightful.

Speaking of that kind of sweet sweet pickles of love… Dear ladyames, I got the package!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA excitement!!!

OK, I think that may be all I have to say in this entry. It’s only been, like, all day since I started it. So I suppose I will stop now.

Laundry, weight, cat, GEF

Ah, my laundry is nearly all clean. This is a good jobon me and my laundry. I have lots of laundry. Laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry. I have discovered that this is a fun word to type repeatedly.

My cat weighs eight pounds! Awww. (I found a scale here at my family’s house) Why is she so soft and lovey. She is bathing on the carpet beside me here. I, on the other hand, weight one hundred and eighty-five pounds. I’m pretty soft and lovey too. But I bathed last night instead.

Yesterday I finished GEF page 95, and today I’m hoping to start page 96. I don’t want to wait six weeks to get the thing entirely done, especially since the next three pages are… Well, anyway, I need more people to vote in my poll. I lean first toward one option and then another; if I end up having to decide entirely for myself, it will be difficult and annoying.

I yuff weekendies, yeth I dew. La la la la la la. I think I have no more to say at the moment

Unreal entry?

I went to bed at, like, 330 this morning… I would definitely not be up again yet, except a certain cat would not stop shoving her whiskers in my face and biting my foots and screaming at me to get up. So I am up and she is contentedly curled up on the printer. Time for GEF. Real entry later.

La la la lazy

Having taken an inordinately long time to finish and post GEF and switch out the musics, now I find I don’t feel at all like being productive for the next two hours. Therefore I will eat and probably play Twilight Princess. Or maybe read. I will clean up a tiny tiny bit, but I probably won’t even vacuum. Such is teh lazy. Tomorrow I will write twelve stories.

Cat is helping again

Tokio suggested the following dialogue for GEF: ““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`544444444444444444444444444446789999999999999999999888888888888887688888.” Then she drank my water and buried her food.

The story of mysticism

Well, not all mysticism, but some of it. Yesterday I played Twilight Princess for thirteen hours straight. It snowed all day and now we have some foots of snow on the outside, which is the reason I’m not at work this very moment. Which gives me a four-day weekend. The only drawback is that I’m stuck at my parents’ house. M is here, so that is really OK, but it probably means no GEF on Sunday. We’ll see. I need to get home Sunday to pay rent and because I’ve been here too long.

What else was I going to say? Probably nothing. I was probably just going to go downstairs and play LoZTP some more. Ah, love. Anyway, hallo on everiun. I do still exist. I’ll be back on Y!M someday, whenever I make it home.

Now it is magically Sunday

I can feel the weekend’s end approaching wis creepsome stealth. It is stupid to be creepsomely stealthy when you are fully visible. Anyway, at least I got enough sleep and am finally not tired. Also, as they didn’t have overtime signup available on Friday, I may be forced to work an eight-hour shift tomorrow.

My main purpose in writing this entry is to mention something I failed to take into consideration before I came to my parents’ house: GEF. I definitely don’t have my tablet wis me, and I don’t know whether I’ll be getting home in time to think about it. So, despite the fact that this is a crucial and exciting page, it may not be drawn until next week.

Now I’ma go see what leftovers are left.


I woke up at 2 wis a really bad headache for some reason, and decided more sleep was in order. But then I got up at 430 and it was still there, so whatever. Now I draw GEF and ignore teh headache.