Since life is sweet here, we got the beat here, naturally

Since life is sweet here, we got the beat here, naturally

I had a pretty meta McDonald’s dream. Usually my McDonald’s dreams feature my return to the restaurant after all these years and being thrown into things without any training to catch me up on everything that’s changed. Usually I’m trying to run the entire drive-thru by myself and it’s not working very well.

This time, however, I was in the grill area with two other people, and I mentioned to the manager that I’m constantly dreaming about working at McDonald’s but never dream about working in the grill area. I also mentioned that my other job was at a spay/neuter clinic. Bizarrely self-aware!

Of course I’ve continued having Disneyland dreams, and in one of them there was the implication that I might hook up with Saitou at some point. Makes sense, right?

I’m so excited about going to Disneyland that it’s almost completely killed my productivity. Just about the only things I can work on are drawings or editing story recordings. Neither of those is unproductive, but some poor stories are crying out in sorrow. I’ll try to get a productivity log up before I go with some progress shots and such.

So the Super Bowl was, of course, awesome. I bought several snacks to enjoy whilst watching the game, and I painted my nails orange and blue and wore orange socks with my blue jeans and my Broncos shirt. I like to think that helped :D As someone on Facebook put it, it sounded like Independence Day outside after the game; I couldn’t actually see any fireworks, but could definitely hear them going off.

OK, a recent story from work: Dr. V. dropped a Brown-Adson, which fell soundlessly instead of ringing on the floor as a dropped metal instrument usually does. She was trying to figure out where it had gone, and since I’d just walked into surgery at that point I was helping her out (after opening her a new one, of course).

Dr. W. speculated that it had fallen into the drape bucket and landed on cloth, and said we should warn Marge (who does most of the laundry) so it didn’t end up going through the washer and dryer and breaking thems. We were still so curious about where it had gone, however, that we kept looking around for it avidly. And then I saw it:

It had somehow managed to fall just perfectly to catch one of the loose ties of her surgical gown, and had wedged on there so firmly as to not be shaken off during several minutes of looking around for it. We were all quite entertained by this. What are the chances?

OK, now I need to go get ready for Disneyland tomorrow. I will leave you with the usual set of random pictures.

A pair of slippers I bought one time. They were kids’ sized, so I always had to step on the heel part in order to wear them, but they had spiders on. Badass.

Ceiling rainbow!! That I decided to take a picture of, for some reason.


Being a basketbii this time.

You’ll know it when you get here, if you haven’t lost your mind

On Monday my parents and brother and I will fly to Orlando, where we will meet Pookster and her husband and three kids (one of whom I have never met in person before). The purpose of this trip is to hang out with them and visit Disney World, but I felt I couldn’t bring myself to be in such close proximity to the Harry Potter items at Universal Studios Orlando and not go there as well. So on Tuesday, brother and I will do that (and report to my parents whether they would like it enough that they should drop Disney World for one day and go to Universal Studios instead), then hit Disney World on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I have never been to Disney World, but, as everyone knows, I love Disneyland to the extent where my subconscious obsessively presents it in my dreams on a regular basis. So the long and short of this is that I’m so damn excited and impatient for this trip that I can’t do anything else. Writing is not working; SBA is not working; nothing is working. I’m totally unproductive, so I’m finally getting around to posting some personal journal entry stuff that I’ve been too lazy to post for months or something.

I think I’ll put this all behind a link. Lots of pictures of me in here.

Here’s what

I am pet-sitting for a co-worker, and I had no idea it would be so stressfully time-consuming. Though I’ve determined that there are four Confrérie parts remaining (unless any one of them grows so much that it has to be divided into two), they are not ready to post yet. My apologies to my reader on the delay of the end of this story.

Eventually I’m going to be really annoyed about this; I loathe breaking a great streak, especially so close to the end. But honestly, right now I’m hella indifferent about everything. So much damn going back and forth between my house and this other house; so much getting up early to come let these dogs out on days when I should be sleeping in. I could have just stayed here nights, but I miss my cat too much when I’m away. Seriously, though? No more pet-sitting.

Other stuff needs to be reported, but did I mention indifferent? I can’t work up the energy to mention anything else. Oh, but I will post a picture of one of these dogs, at least, to show how cute she can be. I mean, it’s not like this is all bad.

Today I was not very productive at work. Then after work I have been… still not very productive. Notwithstanding I posted a vignette yesterday, methinks this is going to be an unproductive week. I haven’t even put away all the stuff I dumped everywhere when I came back from my parents’ house last Saturday. But whatever.

I did mend my coat, though. The pockets had mad pulled seams and two of the buttons were missing. One is still missing since there was only one extra, but whatever. The pockets are so lovely now like *__* Coat is necessary on days like this, for, while it was actually pretty warm, the wind was excessively strong… and there’s nothing that makes you feel like the coolest person in the entire world like wearing a trench coat in heavy wind. Of course, heavy wind generally means snow, which will make me feel like the coldest person in the world on the way to and from work, but whatever. I will enjoy my fwoosh whilst I can.

Now I think I will go through every item and see what wants to be worked upon. Half the time when I’m not productive at work it’s because I’ve forgotten where I am in half the stories I’m working on and therefore don’t know what to write next.


Edit: I think this post may have set a record for but whatever‘s.

Being stupid and stuuuuuuuuuuuupid

For some reason I am the hungriest person ever today. I’m generally hungry, but not usually this early in the morning. But whatever. I have foods for lunch. What is more annoying is that I’m dull and not feeling like writing anything. If only they’d let us have full access to our computers here… I could bring files to work and be much more productive.

I have about twelve dreams that I’ve neglected to record. I will probably not remember their more amusing details, and that is annoying. But I never learn. I will probably not get around to typing up half of them at all, actually. Stupid faery.

OK, I’ma try to be mas productive now.

Spirit of Christmas Procrastination

I have just realized that Christmas is a lot closer than I think it is. I’m afraid it’s already too late for any present that has to be mailed to get there on time. Mou. Well, one of these years I’ll manage things in a timely fashion. This year I must abstain from mas Zelda, non-present drawing, and writing that isn’t related to the Top Secret Project until present drawings and Top Secret Project are finished. Also, I really must find some wrapping paper, whether or not I can locate some incredibly tacky stuff, and get the far-off presents mailed already. Why do I suck. Yaaaaaaaaaa.


What a wasted day this feels like. Well, whatever. I have half-assed the cleaning of my apartment and washed my dishes, and that must be enough. I’m an hour late getting to bed, which makes me apprehensive for the morrow, but, again, whatever. I got a leetle Christmas tree at Wal-Mart for $10 and that makes me happy. And now no mas entry or day.


I am magically stupid today. I’m so dull it’s… dull. It’s like having all the effects of exhaustion without actually feeling tired. Perhaps all this overtime is catching up to me on some sub… something… level. It is stupid. Mayhap I will take a bath or something. I dunno that I can do anything productive.

Still at my parents’ Haus

So there are four little open boxes with some dots inside themm. Underneath it says “Y M C K,” which I assume is different from YMCA. There is a little light on above the “K” box. I believe this is the reason I can’t print anything else. I printed one, but now it won’t print anything more for me. It is stupid and terrible.

I was going to be watching stuff wis Mostle at this point, but instead she is asleep. We were going to watch House, but could not get the files to work on our mother’s computer. I did watch some episodes of Trigun wis L, and then he went to sleep. Now Tokio and I are the only ones left awake around here, and I have none of my stories to work on. Plus I’m tired because I got up all early to go see Happy Feet wis family, and my mom didn’t even end up going. Mou.

Let’s try this printing thing again. Nope, still not working. IT PRINTED JUST FINE A FEW MINUTES AGO. Oh, I hate printers so much.

Now my darling cat is on my lap and it’s hard to type over her. She is warm and adorable, though. Next thing I draw really needs to be AAX. (Now cat has vacated) Hell, I could work on it right now if I were at home. I’m half-tempted to go home for a few hours, be productive, and then come back. Actually, I’ll probably just take a nap. After I waste time online for a while.

K, no mas entry.

Now discover

I had a really terrible sleep, but when I woke up my throat was less sore than it’s been upon awakening previous days. Now I am eating leftovers and it is time to find out what I have been wondering all this crappy, unproductive weekend: whether or not there will be any GEF today. Wish me luck.

EDIT: Unsurprisingly, the answer seems to be no. My thoughts simply will not become organized enough. Looks like another day of anime and Puzzle Pirates. Have I ever mentioned my mad love for Zechs?


I am still sick, and it’s making me a little unhappy. I pillaged for a couple of hours, but we lost it all when the server rebooted. I worked on a couple of things, but they became uninteresting after not too long. I’m not going to draw anything today to preserve my hand/wrist for GEF tomorrow. I’m thinking about making a little nest and watching stuff for a long time…. but I need food and carbonated beverage like nothing else!!!! Should I spend money I ought not to spend on it, or try to brave existence without it? I don’t know. I am dull and stupid.

Distraction James

So I’ve entirely cleaned up my apartment and done all my laundry, and everything is lovely. I’m a bit hungry, but what I really want is pizza and hot wings from Domino’s, and I’m struggling to keep myself from that. I’ve been trying to work on stories for the last couple of hours, and being marvelously distracted. I have gotten some work done, but I keep suddenly finding myself reading stuff — like other fics and Paradise threads — and realize I’ve been doing so for ten minutes already. And now I’m writing an lj entry. Woo! I am just a big ball of productivity.