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My Gundam Wing fanart is not quite a big enough collection to have its own gallery. Some of my original art is of characters you won’t recognize from old stories. There is probably more Rurouni Kenshin fanart around the site that isn’t yet tagged correctly to appear in the galleries here.

2020/04 - Experimental Utena

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2020/03 Red Onion

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I think onions are gorgeous, and I'd been longing to draw some for a while, but this was mostly an attempt to get to know Autodesk SketchBook on my phone better.

2017/09 - Heretic's Reward Shikijou

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A second-wash devoted of Misao.


Yup, it’s a lotus. I like the way the colors on the leaves turned out, back then when I had no greens. I drew this at school (denty style).

Blue and Pink Hairs

I drew this at school (denty style school). Well, and partially after school in front of the used book store waiting for a friend. I’m not entirely sure how much I like it anymore.

Eidra, Ién, and Jouae

For a while I was on this kick of drawing potential pairings, and thought I’d throw this hypothetical threesome in there as well. I was drawing this at work (call center), and I guess I got so carried away with the ladies making out that I forgot Eidra is not nearly that tall. Ah, well.

Cloth Faery

Sometimes I look back and think that my only criterion for calling something a faery was that it seemed vaguely female. I drew this at work (call center); one big clue that this was the case is the graph paper… I think I had three pads of it that I wanted to get rid of.

Her hair looks rather like Hiko’s.