Maybe I’ll think of a real subject for this some other time

Lesta went up to Aurora to try to cockblock the Westboro Fuckers Cult in their protest of the memorial service. I would have gone with him, but when he called to see if I wanted to I wasn’t home from my excursion with Zombie Girl. ZG and I would have just gone up and met him there, but we had with us her mom, who needed to go home, which is about the same distance in the opposite direction.

You know, whenever I hear about those monsters popping up somewhere, I honestly wish I did believe in Hell, because it would be nice to think of them writhing in agony for all eternity. OK, well, no. Forever is too long even for disgusting things like them. But for a while, maybe…

Anyway, on a less wretched note, how about pairing meme. Day 4: Favorite crack pairing

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So I spent four or five hours this morning reading all the short Heero/Duo stories at the Moments of Rapture contest, of which I am also an entrant ^__^ Then I played King’s Quest for the rest of the day. That actually started a week or so ago when I was struck with a sudden desire to play IV, which has led to me going through the rest of them mostly out of order. Not good for productivity, but what can you do? I am working on Plastic at the moment, and in a good way for finishing the current part before bed, but tomorrow I’ma read more contest fics and probably play more KQ, so it may turn into a very unproductive weekend too XD

I suppose I should tell about my working interview, but I don’t really have the energy to put the weird impressions I got into words. It went pretty well, I thought, but… weird. Weird place. I still hope they hire me, though.

BTW, the peectures I drawed for ZG’s birthday are as follows: Trowa’s super-long clarinet, Hakkai and Gojyo, Randomsnake, Moll Yumi, Mafiosi Sano and Saitou, and Hiko and Megumi.

P.S. This new chapstick I’m using is super bitter under its initial pleasant taste >_<

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On Wednesday ZG and my parents and I went out for a birthday dinner for me at a Nepali restaurant ZG and I are excessively fond of. (I ate her leftovers last night, since she forgot them at my house thereafter and I dunno when I will see her next.) Then we had cake and played a board game ^__^ We did this on Wednesday evening because I had to drive parents to the airport at 5AM on Friday and therefore needed to go to bed early on Thursday my actual birthday.

On Thursday I called my siblings and talked to ALL OF THEMS. Also I talked to Deedle, and he even talked back a tiny bit. I couldn’t understand what he said, mostly, though I did catch a “happy birsday,” but it was still adorable. “He” gave me an Amazon gift card, and so did my grandparents, so I bought two nerdy WoW shirts. My mom ordered me a whole box of watercolor pencils on ebay *____*

Now it is a weekend. Yay long weekend!! Yesterday I worked on ASZz, whose chapter is creeping along slowly but surely, and then drew gangster Saitou. ZG was teasing me on Wednesday with talk of a mafia Saitou/Sano story that I’m sure she’ll never write, so I drew that for her. You know, when my mom asked what she could get me for my birthday, I almost had her get me more marker colors. If I only had a couple of reds or even just more than one brown I could have drawn gangster Sano too… But watercolor pencils are way more exciting.

Last night I dreamed that I was running a dungeon (DPS) and the mobs were talking to me. I was apologizing for having to kill them, and sorting through my eight bazillion swords (you know it’s no wonder I constantly hook up with Chou in my dreams) trying to find the ones (dual-wield) that would kill the most painlessly. This process was time-consuming, and my party was getting far ahead of me, but I didn’t seem to care.

Today I plan to work on Plastic and perhaps my MV and I dunno what else. But first: CORNDOGS.

Wot. Nonner.

The usual insomnia combined with a come-and-go massive congestion/sore throat thing has been wreaking havoc on me lately, and I didn’t go to work today. Instead I sat around earning a Noble title for Brynariath and working somewhat dully and sparsely on various fics. I have plenty to report of the last week other than this, but I’ma have to wait until I’m a little less dull to do so.

The good news is that I have three parts done on the new GW fic (Plastic) and SaS 7 is about 2/3 done. Also I drawed a picture of Saitou wis my new markers. It… doesn’t look very good. I only have three colors (because the damn things are so damn expensive), and I’m not very good wis them yet. Now bed.