Day 2/8

Last night (or perhaps this morning while I was sleeping the hell in), I dreamed that I was a time-traveling secret agent of sorts, with a mission having something to do with swaying public opinion against the king by going to various parties attended by influential people and spreading dissension. At one such party, where was I wearing the sweetest little off-the-shoulder dress, I was approached at the same moment by a young man and a young woman that wanted to dance with me. The young man offered me a flower, which I took, made some remark about, and then handed back. Then I danced with the young woman, who was shy and very pleased to dance with me.

And then Saitou, my time-traveling secret agent partner, appeared, and we were doing this mission together. In one instance, the house that the party was in caught fire and we had to escape before it exploded or something, but we took this detour to the kitchen where Saitou, who could speak the language of mice, helped some mice become reunited with their mothers. BECAUSE SAITOU IS JUST THAT BADASS RIGHT. Um, yeah. Anyway, I was hoping there might be some romance between me and Saitou, and it’s interesting how many times I’ve dreamed of being a secret agent partner of Saitou with hopes of romance. He definitely remains #1 on the list of dudes I’d get with even though I’m gay as gay.

This second day of no school and no work has been wonderfully undemanding. I bought some art supplies with my Christmas bonus, and have been making a trial run prior to the painting I’ve been hoping to start during break. I need one more specific item before the actual painting can get going, and that I hope to order tomorrow once I’ve been paid my actual paycheck (which should be gratifyingly bigger than usual on account of holiday MADNESS).

For the last few years, my family has stopped buying each other Christmas presents and instead just gone fun places and done cool things together. It’s a way better method of dealing with this holiday, and I’ve liked it very much. This year, however, brother and I could not manage to get the same days off in order to go anywhere, so we didn’t manage to find anything cool to do. So my parents got me a Christmas present just now, which is a very nice faux leather jacket that I believe will be useful if I can get into large animal medicine. The problem, then, of course, is that I need to figure out something to get for my parents, and what the hell can I get for them???

I really should report some of the things that happened during the last few busy weeks besides being incredibly busy. I think I will start trying to do that in my next entry.

Aremdawo sarangseurowo geurae neo geurae baro neo

I may or may not have acquired a longhorn heifer to go with my longhorn bull and my shroppie. Actually I’m pretty sure the cow and the sheep are lesbians together, and the bull is just a friend. And speaking of little figures… every morning when I come over to this table to grab a thing I need, I knock over some of my pals that are standing here. And for some reason, it always seems to be Heero and Quatre. It’s like they’re asking me to write some off-pairing stuff or something. Weird.

On one test in my lab procedures class, it said, “True or false: serum is the liquid portion of blood.” Obviously this is true, but the teacher claimed it was false because “Serum is the liquid portion of blood that has coagulated.” This was a couple of weeks back now, but I am still not done being annoyed about it.

Less annoyingly, but on that same test, I was asked, “What does ELISA stand for?” I could not for the life of me remember “enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay,” but I suddenly realized a much more awesome and completely accurate thing it could stand for instead. So I put “Evil-Lyn is Skeletor’s ally.” It even had a hyphen in the right place. Some of my classmates believed I should have gotten credit for this answer, and I would definitely not argue with that.

Once upon a time, I drew a picture that I called Cannibal’s Herald. Then it sat around in my room on top of my DVD’s for a year and some months, and kept falling down and becoming in danger of being damaged. Well, I finally got it framed recently so it is no longer in this danger. And I am soOoOo happy I did. It’s sitting against my bookshelves now, since I don’t have a place on the wall to hang it at the moment, but I still get to look at it all the time, and it fills me with glee. I chose a lovely frame and mat that match the picture very well, if I do say so myself, and it’s finally flattened out completely with no warbles. Yay!

Oh, you should have seen me last week when the Broncos lost. I was almost in tears. It was especially upsetting at the very end when there were multiple chances to take the lead that just didn’t pan out. This week’s game was much more satisfying.

Here are some pictures of my cat:

Koko de owaru hazu ga nai no ni

It’s taken to raining fairly regularly over the last few days, and our fire is almost completely contained. Good jobon those firefighters. The other day, for that Fourth, we were planning on going to a fundraiser concert thing that was being held out at the World Arena for fire victims and whatnot, but the tickets were all gone.

So instead we went to Denver to go to the zoo. These two activities being quite similar, you see. Somehow we always go out there and eat first and then go to the zoo, and between the languid car-ride up there, eating first, and the usual warmth of the weather on such days, I’m always drowsy and kinda blah at the zoo. Which is sad, because I love the zoo. Anyway, I took exactly two pictures there, and if you look closely at them you will see the brilliant appropriateness of combination that my gigantic brain came up with for picture-taking times. YEAH.

Close to you, I saw places that I never knew

All these things I need to document are piling up, and I’d really better get on that before I start forgetting them. Hell, I’m already forgetting them now as I try to recall what-all I need to write about, mou. I’m kinda spacy and maybe a little grouchy? And blah blah. So let’s cut this. Cutta.

Dear pesky plumbers…

I neglected the treadmill for two days in a row, and then walked yesterday, and now my left leg is all sore, mou. But since I’m cramping anyway (because it’s that week), what’s a little more pain killer? Whatevs.

Has anyone else watched the leaked first episode of The Legend of Korra? Because asdfghjklruwieduhewh SO MUCH LOVE. It reminded me of Cowboy Bebop, which I did not expect. Now I have to wait a freaking month for more WHAT WILL I DOOOOO.

Yesterday was freakishly busy at work, on account of the machine is back up (knock on wood) and all the customers came in to pick up their delayed orders and drop off telve billion more. I’m expecting another day like that today, but this place is impossible to predict. If we turn out to be slow, I shall work on ASZz.

Speaking of writing… expect a small Plastic-world story later this week, and brace for pop culture reference. I’d like to have a picture to go with it, but I’m having the damndest time finding decent photo refs to work from for the moment I want to draw. Ah, if only Mostle and Jakebii were around…

OK, I’d better wrap this up before the very act of composing a journal entry jinxes me and it gets miserably busy again.


Aight, it is time to tell about some things. Where shall I start. Mostle and Jakebii appeared, and that was awesome, but then they went away again. I am annoyed because I wanted to get a reference pose out of them whilst they were here and I completely forgot. It’s important because I haven’t been able to find anything even remotely close to what I need online. Usually I can find something that will work even if it’s not specifically what I’d envisioned, but for this one I’ve got something precisely in mind that I just haven’t been able to find. Mou.

Anyway, Pookster etc. are still here for a little longer. On Saturday night after work there was a Halloween party. Baby Wywic was the world’s most adorable Skelet, but the best part was watching Deedle try to play the grab-a-donut-on-a-string-with-your-mouth game. He threw himself on the floor on his stomach in front of the donut and made mouthing movements at it, but almost never actually touched it. It was like he was just pretending to play the same, so we gave him XP for roleplaying.

When he went to trick-or-treat at the party, he wouldn’t actually say “Trick or treat!” Instead he walked up to each person and said, “Please?” Which was freaking adorable and hilarious. He was a pirate, incidentally, and so was P, and because of that I dug out my old pirate costume and made it sortof work. I modified my old high boots, and that worked really well.

Then on Sunday I dyed my hair pink. I was originally intending to do Gojyo hair, but the color came out all wrong so instead it was just… pink hair. The biggest problem was that I hadn’t realized how much damn hair I have. It’s at the second-longest it’s ever been, and I’ve never dyed it when it was anywhere near this long. Turns out the contents of one bleach bottle or one bottle of dye do not cover all of it. So I’ve got some interesting stripes and gradients that I didn’t intend. But whatevs. It’s definitely pink. Incidentally, during the dyeing process, at one point I was blonde, and, wow, I should never be blonde. The hair itself looked quite nice, but against my face it was something of a nightmare XD

Then Zombie Girl and I went to Chili’s and then we got the pumpkin Blizzard from Dairy Queen and HOLY CRAP THAT THING IS SO FREAKING GOOD. Then she came over to my house and we watched the first two eps of Sherlock because Lesta hadn’t seen them and ZG was going through withdrawal. Lester appropriately appreciated their majesty, so good jobon that.

At work yesterday, some people commented on my pink hairs. One old guy (who apparently needs a new prescription) greeted me with, “Well, hey, Blondie!” And I was like, “I don’t think ‘blonde’ is an appropriate description.” He totally ignored this statement.

After work we took Deedle trick-or-treating through the neighborhood. Once again he wouldn’t say “Trick or treat!” but this time he just stared in silence at whoever opened each door. He would answer select questions, such as “Are you a pirate?” and would say “Thank you” when prompted, but mostly he was entirely silent. This was pretty hilarious.

Then we came back and watched the third episode of Sherlock, so now Lester has seen all of it. That is good. Now he can pine along with us. Then we all went to Wal-Mart, which was important.

Why do I still see shooting stars every time I’m with her at night? She thinks we wouldn’t be happy together. Mou.

Recent dreams.

Rose Pale progress, paycheck/bills, IM’ing/voice chatting, errands

Finally finished Rose Pale chapter 9, and now I find that chapter 10 is cooperating all of a sudden. Go figure. I still haven’t decided what to draw for chapter 5 yet… I want it to involve Quatre, but he doesn’t really do anything terribly visually interesting in that chapter. Or maybe I’m just putting off drawing for it because I only have that one piece of paper left…

Oh, speaking of things I wish I could buy, I get my first paycheck from drycleany tomorrow! Then I suppose I will find out how much they’re paying me XD Will I be able to get some more watercolor paper with this check? Probably not. Oh, bills.

Randomly, about IM'ing and voice chat.