Akabane Again

GetBackers‘ Akabane again, full-length this time. I’m not sure why there’s no Mugenjou in the background; I thought that was required by law in any GB cityscape. Ah, well. At some point I also made this version because I thought it looked cool:


Yae was my main character in The Downside of Paradise RP. For all he was taciturn, tough, and good at surviving the horrors of Downside life, he was really quite soft-hearted. I miss playing him.


Aree is a character belonging to Farstrider, from a story I highly doubt she will ever actually write. I’m still rather fond of his hair here, and his eyes almost look really good. I’ve always had a problem with noses, though…

Cai and Kaz

Cai (played by Aletsan) was just about the only person that could ever get Kaz (played by Halcyon Star) to relax a bit. Well, “relax” isn’t exactly the right term, but he did at least get him to enjoy himself every now and again.

Alain and Yae

Alain (played by Farstrider) and Yae (played by me), while they did technically hook up within the course of the game, still had lots of issues to work through when the game died its untimely death. Poor ‘lain was an Upsider, and they don’t do teh gay up there… and I won’t even get into Yae’s guilt and obsession problems. Ah, well.


Here we have Aletsan’s grouchy blue-haired genius Caiman from The Downside of Paradise RP.


Aziza of Quest for Glory. As I recall, the model was looking upward, so we were seeing her face from a low angle… but I have never, never, never been able to draw that angle properly, no matter how often or how hard I try… so it just looks like she has an overly long neck and a weird nose. Ah, well.